Cumberland Roots

Bromfield Parish Burials

1654 to 1813

These transcripts were prepared by Ann Johnstone whom I would like to thank very much. They were compiled from the original Parish Records and checked aginst the Bishops Transcripts and , as ever, there are anomalies between the two.

Where an entry is indicated with a *, it was not entered in the Parish Register and with a # , it was not entered in the Bishops Transcripts. The note " bts=" indicates that the Bishops Transcripts showed information different to the Parish Registers.

Please note also that neither started giving the age of the person until about 1770


16/01/1655 Elinor ? of Langrigge

06/04/1734 Anne wife of John ADAMSON of Thornby

25/02/1728 Jane ADAMSON of Crookdake

02/06/1734 John ADAMSON of Thornby

01/07/1709 Joseph ADAMSON of Thornby

31/03/1733 Joseph of William ADAMSON of Crookdake

22/10/1726 Julian wife of William ADAMSON of Crookdake

21/08/1726 Martha of William ADAMSON of Crookdake

28/12/1724 William ADAMSON of Crookdake

15/05/1733 William ADAMSON of Crookdake

20/03/1800 Mary ADAMSON of Thornby End 67

15/04/1755 Mary wife of William ADAMSON of Crookdake

25/04/1804 William ADAMSON of Crookdake 55

04/01/1789 Elizabeth ADAMSON Widow of Thornby-end 80

30/11/1774 John ADAMSON Yeoman of Thornby-end 77

19/02/1802 John ADAMSON Yeoman of Thornby End 61

19/01/1792 William ADAMSON Yeoman of Crookdake 77

18/12/1783 Thomas ADAMSON Bachelor & Weaver of Crookdake 37

14/02/1706 William of John ADAMSON# of Thornby

07/01/1700 Jane AKET bts=Aykett of Blencogo

21/04/1796 Betty dau of Joseph ALCOCK of Bell Stile 3

29/07/1769 Catherine of John & Catherine ALCOCK of Wheyrigg

26/12/1773 Jane of John & Catherine ALCOCK of Wheyrigg 20

10/12/1773 Letty of John & Catherine ALCOCK of Wheyrigg 13

29/10/1782 Lotitia ALCOCK Widow of Wheyrigg 88

13/01/1774 John ALCOCK Jnr Carpenter of Wheyrigg 22

31/03/1771 John ALCOCK Senior of Wheyrigg

11/09/1754 Willian of John ALCOCK* of Whayrigg

02/04/1742 Elizabeth of Joseph ALDERSEY of Crookdake

11/07/1746 Elizabeth of Joseph ALDERSEY of Crookdake

22/05/1743 Joseph ALDERSY Householder of Crookdake

22/10/1691 Ann ALLANBY of Langrigge

25/04/1701 John ALLANBY of Langrigg

27/11/1709 Mabel ALLANBY of Langrigg

25/02/1705 Mary the wife of William ALLANBY of Langrigg

02/05/1703 Peter ALLANBY of Bromfield

31/01/1681 Thomas ALLANBY of Langrigge

17/07/1719 William ALLANBY of Langrigg

06/11/1703 William ALLANBY Junior of Langrigg

27/09/1718 Anne ALLASON of Newton

29/06/1695 Andrew ALLASON bt=Allisonof Newton

01/12/1687 Mary ALLASON bt=Allisonof Newton

26/03/1688 Sarah of John ALLASON bt=Allisonof Newton

13/06/1714 Mary Child of a Traveller ALLEN

12/03/1741 Thomasin ALLEN of Crookdake

18/01/1656 Elinor ALLISON of Newton

11/01/1664 James ALLISON of Newton

05/09/1691 Jane ALLISON of Newton

28/01/1658 William ALLISON of Newton

23/06/1707 Janet ANDREW of Crookdake

27/02/1686 Janet ANDREWS of Crookdake

20/02/1685 William ANDREWS of Crookdake

20/03/1711 Eleanor bts=Ellen ARDALE of Newton

01/08/1704 Robert ARDEL of Newton

20/04/1697 John ARDELL of Newton

15/03/1691 Margaret ARDELL of Newton

05/09/1657 Margrett ARKELBY of Crookdaike

20/01/1656 Thomas ARKELBY of Kelsike

14/04/1689 Jane ARKLEBY of Kelsike

26/04/1674 John ARKLEBY of Kelsike

11/06/1718 Elizabeth ARMSTRANG of Crookdake

06/06/1671 Ann ARMSTRONG of Crookdaike

30/06/1802 Francis ARMSTRONG of Langrigg 66

14/06/1769 Sally of Francis & Mary ARMSTRONG of Langrigg Bank

31/07/1784 Jane wife of John ARMSTRONG Farmer of Baggry Aspatria Parish 50

10/08/1786 John ASBRIDE Yeoman of Lowrow 39

06/04/1668 A child of Anthony ASBRIDGE of Crookdaike

04/02/1690 Antony ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

23/11/1687 Francis ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

07/07/1713 Isabel ASBRIDGE of Sandraw

22/03/1689 Jane ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

04/11/1726 Jane wife of Jeremiah ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

27/06/1726 Jeremiah of Francis bt= Jeremy ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

27/04/1689 John ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

10/04/1692 John ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

15/10/1682 John of John ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

19/03/1688 Margaret ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

05/12/1730 Martha of Isaac ASBRIDGE of Crookdake

27/04/1666 Widdow ASBRIDGE of Crookdaike

10/07/1766 James nephew of Thomas ASBRIDGE of Gill

05/12/1768 John ASBRIDGE of Low-row

19/08/1769 Margaret ASBRIDGE of High Scales

09/04/1749 Mary wife of John ASBRIDGE of Low-row

03/07/1801 Mary wife of John ASBRIDGE of Crookdake 35

23/02/1773 Isaac ASBRIDGE Joinerof Low-row 24

18/11/1800 Mary ASBRIDGEWidow of Scales 86

14/11/1797 Richard ASBRIDGE Farmer of Blencogo 58

12/11/1792 Martha ASBRIDGE Widow of Langrigg 43

17/10/1785 Mary ASBRIDGE Widow of Wigton formerly Crookdake 87

10/06/1803 Isaac ASBRIDGE Yeoman of Lowrow 22

11/03/1781 John ASBRIDGE Yeoman of Crookdake 72

07/07/1777 Thomas ASBRIDGE Cooper of Leesrigg, Allhallows 41

14/04/1749 Sarah ASBRIDGE Widow of Sandraw

08/09/1746 Francis ASBRIDGE Householder of Sandraw

02/07/1729 Francis ASBRIDGE Senior of Sandraw

19/03/1697 John ASBRIDGE# of Crookdake

1679 Issabell ASBRIDGE*

11/02/1655 Thomas ASBRIDGG of Crookdaike

19/04/1763 Isaac ASBRIGG of Low-row

11 or 17/01/1664 Thomas bt=Francis ASBRIGG bt of Crookdaike

11/03/1767 Jeremiah ASHBRIDGE of Crookdake Hall

09/11/1664 Anthony ASHBRIGG of Crookdake

03/04/1662 John ASHBRIGG of Crookdaike

12/05/1713 Francis ASHBURN of Allanby

12/11/1774 John ASHBURN-Mason at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

05/04/1763 Mary ASHBURN at Allonby Chapel of at Allonby

10/03/1767 Sarah ASHBURN at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

09/08/1754 Daniel of Johah ASHBURN* at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

10/01/1764 John of Henry ASKEW of at Allonby Chapel

20/09/1747 Joseph of John ASKEW of Blencogo

27/08/1749 Martha illegt. daughter of Solomom ASKEW of Wigton Parish

13/05/1800 Mary wife of Joseph ASKEW of Wheyrigg 46

24/02/1793 Sarah ASKEW Widow of Blencogo 80

19/01/1794 Joseph ASKEW Pauper late of Blencogo 40

20/06/1762 Jonathan ASKEW * at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

03/06/1763 Mary ASKEW at Allonby Chapel of at Allonby

22/03/1771 John ASKEW Senior of Blencogo

01/03/1693 Ann ASKEW# of Langrigg

24/04/1726 Sarah wife of Richard ASPINER of Allanby

23/12/1663 A Child of George ATKINSON of Newton

27/09/1723 Anne ATKINSON of Bromfield

27/02/1663 Anne of George ATKINSON of Newton

15/11/1723 Barbary ATKINSON of Newton

07/06/1659 Cuthbert ATKINSON of Crookdaike

05/10/1723 Daniel ATKINSON of Newton

13/04/1717 Eleanor ATKINSON of Newton

13/07/1695 Elizabeth ATKINSON of Crookdake

25/08/1711 Elizabeth ATKINSON of Moorraw

02/12/1728 Elizabeth ATKINSON of Crookdake

14/04/1706 Esther of William ATKINSON of Newton

04/02/1700 George ATKINSON of Newton

22/07/1698 Janet ATKINSON of Crookdake

30/04/1682 Janett ATKINSON of Moorraw

05/04/1721 John ATKINSON of Bromfield

04/02/1663 John the son of Will ATKINSON of Newton

03/03/1694 Margaret ATKINSON of Newton

19/06/1707 Margaret ATKINSON of Newton

03/04/1669 Mary ATKINSON of Crookdaike

01/04/1710 Mary ATKINSON of Newton

04/06/1720 Mary ATKINSON of Newton

26/11/1723 Mary ATKINSON of Crookdake

25/07/1723 Mary of Joseph ATKINSON of Moorraw

13/10/1731 Mary wife of John ATKINSON of Crookdake

30/05/1669 Robert ATKINSON of Newton

07/04/1672 Robert ATKINSON of Newton

15/02/1664 Thomas ATKINSON of Crookdaike

19/04/1676 Thomas ATKINSON of Moorraw

18/07/1726 Thomas ATKINSON of Newton

08/05/1734 Thomas of George ATKINSON of Scales

01/11/1662 Thomas of Thomas ATKINSON of Crookdaike

15/01/1705 Thomas of Thomas ATKINSON of Newton

20/02/1662 Widdow ATKINSON of Whyrigge

28/02/1695 William ATKINSON of Newton

19/11/1699 William ATKINSON of Crookdake

20/11/1714 William ATKINSON of Moorraw

16/01/1722 William ATKINSON of Newton

17/03/1736 William of Gerard ATKINSON of Newton

23/03/1712 William of John ATKINSON of Newton

03/06/1707 William of Widow ATKINSON of Crookdake

25/04/1749 Barbara of Jacob ATKINSON of Newton

19/04/1738 Barbara wife of Robert ATKINSON of Newton

13/04/1762 Barbara wife of William ATKINSON of Urngill

16/06/1800 Catharine Ann dau of John ATKINSON of Isle of Man an infant

18/01/1741 Elizabeth of Gerard ATKINSON of Newton

18/07/1753 Jane of George ATKINSON of Newton

07/09/1742 John of William ATKINSON of Newton

02/03/1812 Martha ATKINSON of Westnewton 57

02/03/1745 Mary of George ATKINSON of Newton

04/09/1753 Mary of George ATKINSON of Newton

18/11/1773 Mary wife of Gerard ATKINSON of Westnewton 56

03/09/1753 Sarah of Jacob ATKINSON of Newton

12/05/1800 Thomas son of Joseph ATKINSON of Langrigg 12

12/11/1775 George & Jane Twins of Thomas & Rachel ATKINSON Mason of Sandraw pb 21st Sept last

12/07/1746 Anne ATKINSON Widow of Blencogo

11/11/1791 Mary ATKINSON Widow of Crookdake84

10/04/1793 Mary ATKINSON Widow of Bromfield 78

31/12/1800 Ann ATKINSON Widow of West-newton 86

24/03/1768 Isabella ATKINSON Widow of High Scales

13/12/1782 Thomas son of Joseph & Margaret ATKINSON Labourer of Langrigg Bank 5

23/12/1784 Jane ATKINSONSpinster of Urngill Westnewton 41

09/04/1750 Isabella ATKINSON Widow of Newton

16/04/1787 Jacob ATKINSON Yeoman of West-newton 78

19/08/1794 William ATKINSON Widower of Wheyrigg 68

08/08/1783 John ATKINSON Yeoman of Blencogo 68

17/04/1783 Joseph ATKINSON Yeomanof Moor-row 57

03/10/1749 Mary ATKINSON Pensioiner of Newton

18/09/1748 Anne ATKINSON Widow of Moor-row

28/10/1730 Catherine ATKINSON Widow of Newton

01/05/1742 Robert ATKINSON Householder of Newton

20/08/1746 George ATKINSON Householder of Newton

20/04/1746 Joseph ATKINSON Householder of Moor-row

18/09/1771 William ATKINSON Householder of Howrigg Westnewton 74

16/05/1689 Jane ATKINSON bts=Atkin of Moorraw

09/03/1688 Thomas ATKINSON bts=Atkin of Newton

30/01/1772 George ATKINSON Senior of Crookdake 69

21/01/1757 Jane the wife of John ATKINSON the Elder of Blencogo

17/06/1763 John ATKINSON the Elder of Blencogo

02/10/1710 Anne ATKINSON# of Scales

21/12/1710 Anne ATKINSON# of Bromfield

20/07/1693 Elizabeth of William ATKINSON# of Moorraw

18/01/1710 Margaret ATKINSON# of Gill

12/05/1694 Mary of Robert ATKINSON# of Newton

29/01/1706 Thomas ATKINSON# of Bromfield

10/02/1692 William ATKINSON# of Crookdake

24/11/1697 William ATKINSON# of Moorraw

1679 Jannet ATKINSON*

30/04/1791 John ATKINSON-taylor & pauper of West-newton 45

08/11/1656 John AYKETT of Blencogoe

25/04/1668 Elizabeth AYTON of Blencogoe


25/12/1755 James son of the late John BALANTINE Esqr of Crookdake-Hall

05/06/1691 Ann the wife of Sir John BALLANTINE of Crookdake

09/07/1710 William BALLANTINE Esq# High Sherriff of Crookdake

17/02/1745 Fretcheville of John BALLANTINE Esqr of Crookdake

28/09/1755 John BALLANTINE Esqr of Crookdake-Hall

25/10/1756 John BALLANTINE Esqr of Crookdake-Hall

02/11/1739 Philadephia of John BALLANTINE Esqr of Crookdake

23/04/1692 John BALLANTINE Esqr* of Crookdake

08/01/1715 James BALLANTINE Mr of Crookdake

14/11/1764 Jane BALLANTINE Mrs -Widowof Crookdake

27/05/1705 John BALLANTINE Sir of Crookdake

17/02/1753 Bilinda Miss of John BALLATINE Esqr of Crookdake-Hall

01/07/1656 Elizabeth BANKES of Kelsike

06/02/1801 Isaac BARKER of Aspatria Parish 48 bts = 36

29/07/1805 John son of Abraham BARKER of Wigton Parish 18

05/12/1808 Robert son of George BARKER of Blencogo an infant

30/04/1809 Sarah dau of George BARKER of Seamoor an infant

27/03/1790 Barbara of Isaac BARKER Farmer of Low Scales an infant

03/12/1805 George BARKER Yeoman of Scales 79

06/03/1687 Ann BARN of Moorraw

10/09/1704 Anne BARN of Mealrigg

26/03/1709 Anne BARN of Kelsike

07/03/1716 Anne BARN of Whyrigg

02/10/1699 Anne wife of Francis BARN of Crookdake

06/01/1709 Anne wife of Thomas BARN of Blencoge(late of)

26/02/1696 Anthony BARN of Crookdake

28/05/1687 Edward BARN of Blencogoe

21/03/1687 Elizabeth BARN of Newton

26/04/1704 Elizabeth BARN of Akat

11/12/1724 Elizabeth BARN of Kelsike

01/01/1717 Esther BARN of Kelsike

13/05/1686 Frances of Richard BARN of Kelsike

03/08/1717 George BARN of Blencogo

05/08/1715 Jane wife of Robert BARN of Whyrigg

19/09/1725 Jane wife of Thomas BARN of Whyrigg

10/07/1711 Janet BARN of Blencogo

03/06/1685 John BARN of Blencogoe

22/02/1688 John BARN of Newton

04/06/1694 John BARN of Kelsike

07/09/1709 John BARN of Blencogo

19/04/1721 John BARN of Blencogo

20/11/1720 John of Robert BARN of Blencogo

06/03/1723 John of Robert BARN of Blencogo

03/03/1705 John son of William BARN of Langrigg

09/11/1718 Joseph BARN of Blencogo

10/04/1722 Joseph of Robert BARN of Whyrigg

03/04/1729 Joseph of William BARN of Newton

24/03/1724 Margaret BARN of Kelsike

02/05/1736 Margaret of John BARN of Kelsick

26/11/1716 Margaret of Robert BARN of Blencogo

10/07/1699 Margaret of William BARN of Blencogoe alias Welton

22/07/1712 Mary BARN of Blencogo

16/03/1724 Richard of Robert BARN of Blencogo

22/03/1696 Richard of William BARN of Langrigg

11/06/1763 Robert BARN of Blencogoe

06/11/1691 Robert BARN of Langrigge

14/04/1704 Robert BARN of Blencogo

30/11/1714 Robert of Thomas BARN of Whyrigg

31/03/1712 Sarah BARN of Kelsike

13/10/1698 Thomas BARN of Blencogoe

25/04/1709 Thomas of John BARN of Blencogo

15/03/1704 Thomas of Joseph BARN of Blencogo

17/03/1717 Thomas of Thomas BARN of Whyrigg

12/02/1739 Anthony BARN Householder of Bromfield

23/06/1723 Thomas BARNShoemaker of Blencogo

20/11/1748 Isabel BARNSpinster Pauper of Blencogo

17/04/1712 Isaac of Thomas BARN - Shoemaker of Blencogo

16/11/1705 William son of Mr BARN (Mr Barn son-in-law of Cuthbert Granger)of Dockery parish of Wigton

31/03/1708 Robert son of Thomas BARN late of Blencogo nowof Whitehaven

07/05/1722 Francis BARN Senior of Crookdake

16/01/1684 John BARN Senior of Blencogoe

28/03/1722 Thomas BARN Senior of Blencogo

24/02/1734 William BARN Senior of Langrigg

29/05/1704 Isabel wife of Thomas BARN Shoemaker of Blencogo

21/05/1737 Anne BARN spinster of Blencogo

04/09/1741 Thomas BARN the Elder Pauper of Blencogo

10/01/1697 Anne BARN# of Kelsike

29/06/1706 Jane BARN# of Blencogo

30/04/1728 Jane BARN# of Blencogo

02/12/1692 John BARN# of Langrigge

23/01/1697 John BARN# of Blencogoe

08/06/1710 Mabel BARN# of Langrigg

13/06/1710 Mabel BARN# of Blencogo

04/-1/1697 Richard BARN# of Kelsike

21/03/1701 Son of William BARN# of Langrigg

07/05/1706 Thomas BARN# of Blencogo

22/12/1656 Christopher BARNE of A Traveller

13/02/1658 Elizabeth BARNE of Newton

01/12/1666 Elizabeth BARNE of Whyrigg

25/08/1667 Elizabeth BARNE of Newton

26/02/1681 Elizabeth BARNE of Blencogoe

03/07/1669 Jane BARNE of Blencogoe

31/10/1733 Jane wife of George BARNE of Bromfield

13/01/1661 John of John BARNE of not stated

23/08/1662 Margrett BARNE of Blencogoe

12/09/1681 Mary BARNE of Thornby

19/12/1684 Mary of Francis BARNE of Crookdake

17/01/1662 Robert BARNE of Mealrigge

06/11/1681 Robert BARNE of Blencogoe

04/01/1681 Robert BARNE of Blencogoe

07/03/1730 Robert BARNE of Blencogo

13/01/1730 Martha wife of Robert BARNE a smith of Blencogo

25/12/1670 Anne BARNE of Blencogoe bts=Crookdaike

28/03/1719 Richard BARNE - Schoolmaster of Burgh by Sands of Kelsike

06/01/1667 Mary of William BARNE# of Newton

23/02/1666 Jane BARNE* of Blencogoe

19/09/1669 none given BARNE* of Kelsike

26/10/1672 John BARNES of Scailes

15/07/1664 Mary BARNES of Mealrigg

29/07/1764 Anne of John BARNES of Langrigg

17/05/1796 Daniel BARNES of Crookdake 75

20/04/1755 Elenor BARNES of Blencogo

16/07/1786 Elizabeth wife of John BARNES of Langrigg 43

10/07/1763 George BARNES of Blencogo

11/12/1770 George BARNES of Dundraw

12/07/1761 Jane BARNES of Blencogo

11/04/1810 Jane dau of William BARNES of Wigton Parishan infant

03/11/1767 Jane of Joseph BARNES of Blencogo

04/12/1801 John BARNES of Blencogo 80

08/02/1763 John of Daniel BARNES of Crookdake Mill

21/01/1753 John of Thomas BARNES of Langrigg

13/01/1810 John son of Joseph BARNES of Crookdake 3

07/04/1764 Joseph BARNES of Langrigg Bank

13/01/1766 Joseph of George BARNES of Dundraw

15/01/1757 Mary BARNES of Blencogo

12/05/1808 Mary BARNES of Langrigg 82

02/06/1767 Mary of Henry BARNES of Blencogo

13/06/1767 Musgrave of John BARNES of Langrigg

04/11/1804 Robert BARNES of Crookdake 19

30/09/1755 William BARNES of Langrigg

22/12/1784 Charles son of Charles & Jane BARNES Farmer of Crookdake Hall 27

18/10/1796 John BARNES Farmer of Greenah Hall 30

15/10/1793 Ann BARNES Widowof Kelsike 63

16/06/1799 Anne BARNES Widow of Crookdake 88

10/05/1812 Frances BARNES Widow of Wigton Parish 89

23/08/1787 Jane BARNES Widow of Blencogo 97

31/05/1786 Mary BARNES Widow of Blencogo 85

01/06/1808 Mary BARNES Widow of Blencogo 75

05/09/1804 Mary BARNES Widow of Kelsike 92

18/10/1812 Ruth BARNES Widow of Blencogo 79

08/12/1805 Stephen BARNES Farmer of Langrigg 69

02/04/1803 Daniel BARNES Servant of Crookdake 19

20/09/1776 Martha BARNES Widow of Langrigg 85

05/05/1768 Thomasin BARNES Widow of Langrigg Bank

28/03/1778 John BARNES Yeoman of Langrigg 48

12/11/1785 Joseph BARNES Yeoman of Blencogo 50

03/05/1804 Joseph BARNES Yeoman of Kelsike 96

23/11/1781 Lowther of Charles & Jane BARNES Yeoman of Crookdake Hall 28

04/12/1780 William BARNES Yeoman of Kelsike 92

21/09/1796 William BARNES Yeoman of Langrigg 31

26/04/1772 Henry BARNES a Blacksmith of Blencogo

06/02/1744 Robert BARNES Householder of Blencogo

14/02/1770 Robert BARNES Schoolmaster of Holm Cultram Parish

01/04/1664 George son of Rowland BARNES of Little Bampton by Isabell Peale of Baptism in Newton

27/03/1773 Margaret BARNES Widow,Pensioner of Blencogo 80 or upwd

04/03/1792 James of James & Ann BARNFATHER of Bromfield 13

27/08/1735 William of Thomas BARNS of Blencogo

07/03/1741 Elinor wife of George BARNS of Crookdake

07/11/1749 Hannah dau of Robert BARNS of Wheyrigg

04/06/1741 Isaac of George BARNS of Blencogo

16/04/1746 Jane of George BARNS of Beck

06/03/1748 Jane of George BARNS of Beck

08/07/1742 Katherine of Robert BARNS of Blencogo

12/01/1749 Thomas BARNS of Mealrigg

22/07/1742 Thomas of George BARNS of Bank-side

16/05/1750 Thomas BARNS Pauper of Blencogo

21/07/1750 Mary wife of Thomas BARNS Widow of Blencogo

31/08/1739 John BARNS Householder of Kelsick

24/11/1740 Robert BARNS Householder of Blencogo

23/04/1750 Thomas BARNS Householder of Blencogo

04/10/1737 Elizabeth BARNS widow of Blencogo

26/03/1700 William of John BARWICK of Kelsike

20/05/1682 Ann BARWIS of Blencogoe

23/05/1656 Ann of William BARWIS of Blencogoe

07/11/1661 Anne of Robert BARWIS of Mealrigge

12/02/1683 Ellin bts=Ellen BARWIS of Langrigge

04/10/1657 Hellen the daugt of John BARWIS of Blencogoe

22/10/1665 John BARWIS of Blencogoe

22/02/1666 Johnbts=Jane BARWIS of Blencogoe

02/05/1658 Katheren BARWIS of Langrigg

27/01/1656 Mabell BARWIS of Mealrigge

31/08/1670 Margrett BARWIS of Scailes

18/06/1691 Mary BARWIS of Langrigge

26/11/1683 Mary of Mr BARWIS of Kelsike

21/04/1685 Sarah of John BARWIS of Langrigge

02/04/1664 Thomas BARWIS of Langrigg

07/11/1665 Thomas BARWIS of Blencogoe

17/03/1666 Thomas BARWIS of Blencogoe

23/03/1687 Thomas of John BARWIS of Langrigge

30/08/1658 William BARWIS of Blencogoe

07/11/1665 William BARWIS of Blencogoe

22/10/1690 William BARWIS of Langrigge

10/11/1757 Anthony BARWIS of Blencogo

24/11/1756 Jane wife of Jonathan BARWIS of Langrigg-bank

01/04/1758 John BARWIS of Langrigg

06/12/1807 Frances BARWIS Pauper of Langrigg 82

24/11/1773 Mary BARWIS Widow of Low Scales 81

18/11/1800 John BARWIS Gentleman of Langrigg Hall 89

07/11/1665 John BARWIS Junior of Blencogoe

06/08/1702 John BARWIS Younger# of Blencogo

26/02/1666 Jane BARWIS# of Blencogoe

28/04/1671 Jannett BARWIS# of Crookdaike

23/12/1727 Mabel BARWIS# of Blencogo

29/04/1709 Anne of John BARWISE of Langrigg

01/07/1699 Elizabeth of John BARWISE of Langrigg

03/11/1736 Ellinor of John BARWISE of Langrigg

16/02/1722 Fanny BARWISE of Langrigg

09/05/1705 John BARWISE of Blencogo

14/03/1711 Joseph BARWISE of Blencogo

22/07/1714 Mabel BARWISE of Blencogo

11/03/1687 Mary BARWISE of Bromfield

28/06/1711 Mary BARWISE of Langrigg

06/03/1712 Mary BARWISE of Langrigg

28/10/1700 Mary wife of Robert BARWISE of Langrigg

03/05/1704 Robert BARWISE of Langrigg

23/11/1736 Robert of Robert BARWISE of Langrigg

28/01/1714 Sarah BARWISE of Low Scales

19/09/1724 Thomas of John BARWISE of Langrigg

26/02/1703 William son of John BARWISE of Langrigg

13/05/1787 Barbara wife of John BARWISE of Langrigg 45

06/03/1745 Elizabeth of John BARWISE of Langrigg

17/09/1739 Elizabeth of Robert BARWISE of Langrigg

22/10/1770 Jonathan BARWISE of Langrigg Bank

04/01/1786 Margaret BARWISE of Langrigg 80

26/03/1741 Mary wife of Anthony BARWISE of Blencogo

21/03/1763 Mary wife of Jonathan BARWISE of Langrigg Bank

31/03/1786 Mary wife of Joseph BARWISE of Crookdake Hall 57

05/05/1787 Robert of John & Barbara BARWISE of Langrigg 1yr 5mths

24/07/1741 Sussanna wife of John BARWISE of Langrigg

11/03/1745 Thomas of Isaac BARWISE of Langrigg

10/04/1778 Isaac BARWISEYeoman of Langrigg 63

23/11/1780 Jane wife of Robert BARWISE Yeoman of Langrigg 73

03/09/1809 Joseph BARWISE Yeoman of Langrigg 82

17/03/1785 Elizabeth BARWISE A Servant of Bromfield 20

26/08/1783 Mary BARWISE Widow of Langrigg 87

28/01/1739 John BARWISE Widdower of Crookdake

01/12/1743 John BARWISE * of Southerfield Holm Cultram

09/09/1703 John BARWISE Junior of Blencogo

16/04/1766 Thomas BARWISE Mr of Cowper in Holm Cultram

19/09/1769 Thomas BARWISE Mr of LangriggHall

05/03/1780 Elizabeth BARWISE Mrs Widow of Cowper Holm Cultram 90

01/04/1783 Robert BARWISE-yeoman & Widower of Langrigg 91

24/01/1732 Wilfrid of Isaac BARWISS of Scales

01/05/1742 Elinor of John BASSET of Crookdake

30/12/1742 Thomas of John BASSETT of Crookdake

21/03/1741 Elizabeth BASSETT Widow of Crookdake

02/03/1741 John BASSETT Householder of Crookdake

26/08/1812 Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth BAXTER of Scales 32

24/04/1809 John son of Lancelot BAXTER of Blencogo an infant

23/04/1809 Joseph BAXTER Farmer of Scales 72

08/02/1786 Mary of Andrew & Mary BEATY of Widholm Hill Wigton 3

03/02/1807 Mary BEATY Widow of Bromfield 84

05/09/1812 Roger BEATY Farmer of Bromfield 51

10/05/1786 John BEATY Farmer of Bromfield 69

27/01/1782 Barbary of John & Mary BEATY Yeoman of Crookdake 16

29/11/1663 Suzanna of Benjamin BECK of Newton

19/10/1802 Peter BECK of Mealrigg 72

13/10/1688 Ann BEEBY of Cooper Holm Cultrum

04/07/1657 Ann of William BEEBY of Bowscailes

05/05/1661 Jane BEEBY of Sanderraw same day

09/04/1701 Jane BEEBY of Crookhurst

14/04/1682 John BEEBY of Crookhurst

23/02/1674 Joseph of William BEEBY of Bowscale

16/09/1693 Patricia BEEBY of Allanby

11/10/1674 Robert BEEBY of Allanby

09/01/1728 Thomas BEEBY of Crookhurst

23/04/1661 John BEEBY Junior of Crookdaike

18/12/1734 Ann BELL of Newton

20/10/1714 Edward BELL of Newton

01/08/1658 Isabell BELL of Langrigg

04/05/1689 Jane BELL of Newton

17/03/1695 Jane BELL of Newton

21/01/1683 Jane of Edward BELL of Newton

26/07/1709 John BELL of Crookdake

07/10/1708 Margaret BELL of Mealrigg

22/03/1709 Mary BELL of Scales

29/02/1687 Mary of George BELL of Blencogoe

13/05/1689 Rebecca of Edward BELL of Newton

06/02/1690 Robert BELL of Crookdake

20/03/1672 Rowland BELL of Newton

20/10/1693 Thomas BELL of Bromfield

02/01/1745 Mary of William BELL of Blencogo

26/05/1810 John BELL Labourerof Kelsike 43

08/05/1775 Richard BELL at Allonby Chapel of Maryport

04/05/1710 Edward of Edward Bell's Daughter BELL# of Newton

23/03/1710 George BELL# of Blencogo

29/12/1693 Mary of John BELL# of Greenhow

18/06/1693 Tamar daugt of Edward BELL# of Newton

24/03/1745 Joseph of William BENDAL of Langrigg

17/01/1740 Mary of William BENDILL of Newton

24/02/1730 Ann BENSON of Mealrigg

19/11/1705 Anne BENSON of Bromfield

25/08/1717 Anne BENSON of Mealrigg

05/03/1709 Elizabeth BENSON of Mealrigg

24/05/1705 Elizabeth of John BENSON of Bromfield

11/12/1717 Frances BENSON of Bromfield

06/07/1658 Jane BENSON of Newton

26/04/1668 Jennett BENSON of Newton

07/07/1672 John BENSON of Newton

02/04/1710 John BENSON of Bromfield

20/03/1707 Mary of John BENSON of Bromfield

16/02/1696 Robert BENSON of Bromfield

31/12/1705 Robert BENSON of Bromfield

16/03/1721 Robert BENSON of Mealrigg

18/11/1770 Isabel wife of Joseph BENSON of Seymoor

14/08/1789 Joseph BENSON of Allhallows Parish 68

14/12/1809 Anthony BENSONYeoman of Wigton Parish 94

01/04/1740 John BENSON Youngman of Mealrigg

21/06/1660 Frances BERKE Mrs of Brumfield

12/01/1662 Anne BIERS of Newton

04/04/1716 Arthur BIGLANDS of Scales

09/11/1736 John of George BIGLANDS of Crookdake

18/05/1727 Joshua of John BIGLANDS of Mealrigg

02/07/1728 Rebekah wife of George BIGLANDS of Crookdake

20/02/1750 Ann wife of John BIGLANDS of Mealrigg

21/12/1766 Dorithy BIGLANDS of Crookdake

08/06/1763 KatherineBIGLANDS of Crookdake

24/04/1778 John BIGLANDS Yeomanof Mealrigg 24

06/09/1776 John BIGLANDS Yeoman of Mealrigg 90 upwards

06/08/1782 Jane BIGLANDS Widow of Mealrigg 58

05/06/1727 William of John BIGLANDS# of Mealrigg

04/04/1754 George BIGLANDS* of Cookdake

06/05/1746 Mary BIGLEY - Widow - Pauper of Mealrigg

08/01/1728 Anne BILL of Newton

19/02/1724 Catherine BILL of Crookdake

30/12/1705 Frances BILL of Langrigg

05/05/1711 Mary BILL of Crookdake

04/01/1728 Thomas BILL of Newton

03/05/1687 Cuthbert of Edward bts=Cartharine BILL bts=Bellof Newton

14/09/1667 Edward BIRKHAUGH of Newton

08/06/1805 Jane dau of Thomas BLACK of Gillmore-End 6

08/07/1808 Joseph son of Joseph BLACKBURN of Dundraw an infant

29/12/1752 William BLAIR A Stranger at Allonby

24/01/1711 Isaac BLAKELIN of Bromfield

01/02/1717 Isabel BLAKELIN of Bromfield

16/02/1719 John BLAKELIN of Bromfield

30/11/1697 John BLAKELIN Junior# of Crookdake

24/06/1741 William BLENERHASSET - Householder of Newton

06/12/1674 John BLENKIN of Bromfield

31/07/1800 Isaac son of John BLENKIN of Langrigg 9

28/11/1761 Mary of William BLENKIN of Bromfield

01/05/1807 Mary wife of John BLENKIN of Bromfield 61

18/01/1773 Thomas of John & Elizabeth BLENKIN of Leegate 5

05/05/1801 William son of John BLENKIN of Langrigg 21

04/11/1810 Elizabeth BLENKIN Widow of Wigton Parish 70

06/11/1800 John son of the late John BLENKIN Yeoman of Leegate 63

22/10/1775 Elizabeth of John & Elizabeth BLENKIN Yeoman of Leegate 3yr 4mths

07/01/1798 Mary BLENKIN bts = Parkin of Bolton Parish 77

1679 Jane BLENKIN*

16/08/1686 Elizabeth BLENKINS of Crookdake

07/10/1683 John BLENKINS of Scales

30/09/1716 George BLENKINSHIP of Bromfield

15/09/1732 Lydia of John BLENKINSHIP of Bromfield

09/12/1721 Robert BLENKINSHIP of Lowscales

30/10/1722 William BLENKINSHIP of Bromfield

21/12/1718 William of William BLENKINSHIP of Bromfield

01/03/1745 Margaret of John BLENKINSHIP of Bromfield

05/12/1773 John BLENKINSHIP Widower of Leegate 86

03/06/1743 John BLENKINSHIP Householder of Bromfield

27/04/1716 James BLENKINSHIP Junior of Lekat

10/10/1783 William BLENKINSHIP Yeoman & Weaver of Bromfield 63

15/05/1714 James BLENKINSHIP# of Lekat

28/04/1728 Mary BLENKINSHIP# of Lekart

15/06/1732 James of John BLENKINSHOP of Bromfield

07/10/1712 Jane BLENKINSHOP of Lekat

24/12/1720 John of William BLENKINSHOP of Bromfield

09/11/1715 Margaret of William BLENKINSHOP of Bromfield

20/01/1683 Ann of Widdow BLENKINSHOP bt=Blenkins of Scales

16/07/1684 Elizabeth daughter of Janett bts=James BLENKINSHOP bt=Blenkins of Scales

16/12/1755 Alice wife of John BLENKINSHOP Esqr of Leegate

16/01/1697 Jane BLENKINSHOP# of Bromfield

02/11/1671 Mrs BLENNERHASSET of Crookhurst

06/03/1757 Mary BLENNERHASSET of Newton

16/05/1672 William BLENNERHASSET Mr of Allanby

29/11/1770 Frances BOAN -Widow -Pensioner of Dundraw

21/04/1722 Jane the wife of Joseph BONE of Moorraw

24/02/1659 Janett BORRADELL of A Traveller

26/04/1659 Alice BOUCH of Blencogoe

23/07/1654 Ann BOUCH of Kelsike

06/02/1681 Ann BOUCH of Blencogoe

05/01/1715 Anne BOUCH of Dundraw

05/06/1717 Anne BOUCH of Dundraw

21/12/1684 Anthony BOUCH of Dundraw

03/07/1711 Barbary BOUCH of Whyrigg

29/02/1683 Bridget of Edward BOUCH of Dundraw

18/03/1700 Edward BOUCH of Blencogo

17/08/1703 Edward BOUCH of Whyrigg

08/05/1713 Edward BOUCH of Whyrigg

13/03/1672 Francis BOUCH of Blencogoe

02/06/1671 George BOUCH of Whyrigg

25/12/1731 Helenor wife of James BOUCH of Blencogo

27/04/1729 Isabel BOUCH of Whyrigg

10/12/1655 Isabell BOUCH of Whyrigg

05/02/1686 Jane BOUCH of Mealrigge

08/07/1711 Jane BOUCH of Blencogo

11/03/1690 Janet BOUCH of Dundraw

19/01/1691 Janet BOUCH of Dundraw

11/04/1712 Janet BOUCH of Blencogo

29/04/1660 Janett BOUCH of Blencogoe

23/08/1660 Janett BOUCH of Crookdaike

05/04/1682 Janett BOUCH of Dundraw

30/06/1671 Jannett BOUCH of Blencogoe

05/04/1667 John BOUCH of Blencogoe

14/01/1692 John BOUCH of Dundraw

11/02/1696 John BOUCH of Dundraw

03/04/1705 John BOUCH of Whyrigg

19/09/1708 John BOUCH of Blencogo

13/12/1733 John BOUCH of Newton

03/08/1657 John BOUCH of Langrigg

29/07/1667 John of Edward BOUCH of Whyrigg

01/03/1685 John of John BOUCH of Whyrigg

12/07/1720 Joseph BOUCH of Whyrigg

11/04/1729 Joseph BOUCH of Whyrigg

06/04/1720 Julian BOUCH of Blencogo

09/02/1715 Lancelot BOUCH of Mealrigg

01/03/1713 Mabel BOUCH of Whyrigg

05/12/1717 Mabel BOUCH of Dundraw

12/04/1659 Margrett BOUCH of Whirigge

30/04/1661 Mary BOUCH of Blencogoe

26/11/1662 Mary BOUCH of Blencogoe

11/10/1663 Mary BOUCH of Langrigg

02/07/1668 Mary BOUCH of Blencogoe

11/01/1690 Mary BOUCH of Langrigge

07/01/1715 Mary BOUCH of Dundraw

06/05/1723 Mary BOUCH of Mealrigg

14/01/1726 Mary BOUCH of Dundraw

17/02/1705 Mary of Barbary BOUCH of Whyrigg

05/01/1699 Mary of John BOUCH of Dundraw

07/07/1728 Mary of Joseph BOUCH of Dundraw

13/02/1731 Mary wife of John BOUCH of Dundraw

24/03/1731 Mary wife of John BOUCH of Newton

23/10/1737 Mary wife of Lancelot BOUCH of Langrigg

19/01/1715 Robert BOUCH of Blencogo

22/09/1691 Thomas BOUCH of Blencogoe

03/02/1694 Thomas BOUCH of Blencogoe

27/03/1709 Thomas BOUCH of Mealrigg

04/01/1682 Thomas of Thomas BOUCH of Blencogoe

11/01/1663 Thomas son of Edward BOUCH of Whyrigg

31/03/1657 William BOUCH of Langrigg

10/04/1667 William of Anthony BOUCH of Dundraw

06/10/1756 Anne BOUCH of Kelsike

26/06/1762 John BOUCH of Dundraw

27/12/1748 Mary of John BOUCH of Dundraw

03/06/1760 Sarah BOUCH of Dundraw

16/02/1735 Isabel BOUCH Poor Woman of Blencogo

01/12/1721 Abraham of John BOUCH Pinfold of Dundraw

16/11/1691 John BOUCH Junior of Blencogoe

04/06/1689 Mary of John BOUCH Junior of Blencogoe

08/04/1719 John BOUCH Senior of Dundraw

20/01/1692 Ann BOUCH# of Blencogoe

15/02/1710 Elizabeth BOUCH# of Dundraw

09/12/1692 Jane BOUCH# of Newton

02/05/1697 John BOUCH# of Langrigg

10/07/1702 John BOUCH# of Blencogo

19/06/1702 Richard BOUCH# of Scales

13/10/1697 William BOUCH# of Blencogoe

05/07/1701 William BOUCH# of Blencogo

16/02/1693 William of John BOUCH# of Dundraw

1680 Mabel BOUCH*

19/03/1703 John BOUCHER of Langrigg

30/11/1765 Ann wife of James BOUCHER of Blencogo

26/12/1768 James BOUCHER of Blencogo

03/03/1774 Thomasin BOUCHER Pensioner of Blencogo 65 or upwd

15/04/1794 Jane BOUCHER Maiden Lady of Blencogo 52

24/05/1796 Martha wife of Robert BOWES of Moor-row 70

18/08/1802 Robert BOWES Widower of Moor-row 66

01/07/1682 Jonathan BOWMAN of Allanby

09/07/1762 Mary wife of William BOWMAN of Crookdake

05/05/1763 William BOWMAN of Crookdake

05/01/1699 Anne wife of Francis BRAGG of Newton

19/06/1723 Anthony BRAGG of Newton

03/05/1682 John BRAGG of Newton

25/08/1719 Joseph BRAGG of Newton

19/06/1751 Anne BRAGG Pauper of Langrigg

16/01/1737 John BRAGG Householder of Newton

11/06/1740 Jane BRAGG - Widow - Pauper of Newton

07/12/1727 John BRAGG Junior# of Newton

04/08/1727 Thomas BRAGG# of Newton

28/11/1685 Roger BRICOE Mr of none given

29/12/1759 John of William BRIDIN of Seamoor

09/04/1754 Margaret of William BRIDIN* of Seamoor

28/05/1719 Robert BRIGG of Newton

27/08/1702 Margaret BRIGG# of Newton

10/09/1684 Nicholas of Robert BRIGGS of Newton

28/07/1769 Mary of William & Isabella BRIGGS of Crookdake

21/10/1744 Mary wife of Richard BRIGGS of Newton

09/12/1777 Isabel wife of William BRIGGS Weaver of Crookdake 41

23/04/1662 Dorothy BRISCO of Langrigg

02/05/1807 Sarah BRISCO of Langrigg 59

13/06/1809 William BRISCOGentleman of Langrigg 59

14/08/1747 Elizabeth of John BRISCO Mr of Langrigg

02/05/1775 Elizabeth BRISCO Mrs Widow of Langrigg Hall 79

23/11/1663 A Child of John BRISCOE of Blencogoe

09/12/1724 Isabel BRISCOE of Langrigg

13/06/1663 Jane BRISCOE of Langrigge

18/05/1694 Jane BRISCOE of Langrigg

04/02/1655 Mabel BRISCOE of Langrigge

23/03/1685 Mary BRISCOE of Holm Cultram

26/01/1674 Robert of Roger BRISCOE of Greenhow bts=Greena

06/12/1674 Roger of William BRISCOE of Langrigg

25/11/1672 William BRISCOE of Greena

11/12/1788 John BRISCOE Gentleman of Langrigg 69

10/10/1790 Ruth widow of John BRISCOE Gentleman Late of Langrigg 74

14/01/1721 William BRISCOE from Stangs in Holme Cultram of Langrigg

06/02/1659 John BRISCOE Junior of Blencogoe

25/03/1699 John BRISCOE Mr of Bromfield

10/05/1670 Robert bts=11 May BRISCOE Mr of Greenay bts=Langrigg

17/02/1761 Ruth of John BRISCOE Mr of Langrigg

26/12/1759 Thomas of John BRISCOE Mr of Langrigg

22/07/1674 Mabell BRISCOE Mrs of Greenhow bts=Greena

28/10/1714 Mary BRISCOE Mrs of Langrigg

02/03/1697 Judith BRISCOE Mrs# of Bromfield

24/02/1706 William BRISCOE# of Stangs Holm Cultram

24/11/1683 Ambrose of John BROUGH of Crookdake

23/04/1699 Ann BROUGH of Newton

08/02/1672 Anthony BROUGH of Crookdaike

17/01/1662 Catherine wife of John BROUGH of Crookdaike

04/06/1663 Elizabeth BROUGH of Mealrigg

20/02/1673 George of John BROUGH of Newton

14/11/1662 Henry BROUGH of Newton

05/02/1682 Henry BROUGH of Newton

30/08/1661 Jane BROUGH of Mealrigge

26/05/1707 Jane BROUGH of Newton

23/08/1674 John BROUGH of Crookdake

18/02/1723 John BROUGH of Newton

18/02/1705 Richard BROUGH of Newton

29/09/1659 Richard a chld of Henery BROUGH of Newton

17/08/1656 Robert BROUGH of Mealrigge

08/04/1705 William BROUGH of Newton

27/07/1751 Catherine wife of John BROUGH of West Newton

28/10/1801 John BROUGH of West-newton 30

09/08/1781 Thomas BROUGH Taylor of Westnewton 77

18/02/1745 Isabel BROUGH Widow of Newton

25/06/1745 Mary BROUGH Widow of Newton

19/11/1779 Joseph BROUGH Yeoman of High-Scales 73

24/12/1701 Elizabeth wife of John BROUGH# of Newton

07/12/1697 Jane BROUGH# of Crookdake

20/12/1697 John BROUGH# of Crookdake

19/05/1710 Richard BROUGH# of Warton

09/10/1697 William BROUGH# of Mealrigg

06/01/1667 Mary BROUGH* of Newton

26/04/1706 Anne BROWN of Blencogo

07/01/1712 Anthony BROWN of Dundraw

13/01/1688 IsabelBROWN of Newton

21/04/1697 Robert BROWN of Newton

04/03/1690 William BROWN of Newton

17/02/1730 William BROWN of Moorraw

19/10/1805 Ann dau of Thomas BROWN of Crookdake 6

24/08/1765 James BROWN of Longrigg

11/01/1800 Joseph BROWN of West-newton 63

16/06/1809 Joseph son of John BROWN of Langrigg 6

20/12/1782 Barbary of William & Mary BROWN Yeoman of Westnewton 8

14/03/1803 William BROWN Yeoman of West-newton 63

10/12/1783 Harrison of Joseph & Mary BROWN Yeoman of Blennerhasset Torpenhow Parish 2

14/11/1783 Mary of Joseph & Mary BROWN Yeoman of Blennerhasset Torpenhow Parish 14

22/08/1742 Jane BROWN Pensioner of Newton

06/05/1759 Joseph BROWN at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

26/11/1776 Joseph BROWN Snr - Blacksmith of Westnewton 82

04/04/1795 Mary BROWNE Widow of West-newton 89

29/09/1781 Elizabethof John and Elizabeth BROWNE Yeoman of Blennerhasset-Torpenhow Parish 2

13/03/1763 John BRUFF of Newton

07/04/1737 Alexander BUCKAN of Allanby

15/05/1666 Anne of John BULL of Crookdaike

23/05/1654 George BULL of Scailes

18/02/1670 George son of John BULL of Sanderraw

25/02/1654 John BULL of Gillhouses

06/01/1674 John BULL of Crookdake

03/04/1657 Katherine BULL of Gillhouses

27/02/1670 Mary of John BULL of Sanderraw

25/05/1789 Joseph son of John BURTHAM of Blencogo 3



19/07/1702 John CAIP# of Crookdake

15/03/1656 William CALDBECKE of Crookdaike

11/04/1731 Jane of William CALVERT of Blencogo

12/05/1731 Julian of William CALVERT of Blencogo

14/07/1805 John CALVERT of Crookdake 73

25/12/1762 Thomas of John CALVERT of Crookdake

21/08/1744 Tomasin CALVERT Widow of Blencogo

09/11/1741 William CALVERT Householder of Blencogo

27/02/1705 Isabel CAMERTON of Langrigg

20/01/1692 Christopher CANNONBY# of Crookdake

27/03/1810 Thomas posthumous son of William CAPE of Langrigg an infant

18/03/1774 Mary wife of Lancelot CARLISLE - Husbandman of Dundraw 69

04/06/1799 Lancelot CARLYLE Widower of Kelsike 78

27/09/1709 Allan CARMALT of Newton

16/09/1704 Anne wife of Allan CARMALT of Newton

10/02/1671 Henery CARMALT of Newton

14/02/1735 Isabel wife of John CARMALT of Langrigg

27/05/1718 Jane CARMALT of Newton

16/05/1665 John CARMALT of Newton

15/06/1733 Mabel wife of John CARMALT of Newton

13/04/1706 Margaret of John CARMALT of Newton

16/11/1707 Mary CARMALT of Langrigg

13/09/1704 Mary daugt of Allan CARMALT of Newton

02/05/1700 Mary of John CARMALT of Newton

05/10/1735 Mary wife of William CARMALT of Newton

07/02/1696 Richard of John bt=John CARMALT of Newton

08/01/1691 William CARMALT of Newton

08/06/1749 Mabel CARMALT Spinster of Newton

29/02/1735 William CARMALT old man of Newton

20/01/1719 Jane of John CARMALT Junior of Cowper

06/04/1670 Mary CARMALT Junior of Newton

31/03/1719 William of John CARMALT living at New Cowper of Langrigg

31/05/1697 Ellen CARMALT# of Sandraw

17/09/1706 Mabel of John CARMALT# of Langrigg

29/04/1685 William CARMAULT of Newton

06/12/1803 John son of John CARR of Dundraw an infant

09/12/1803 Mary wife of John CARR of Dundraw 33

12/06/1812 Mary CARR Widow of Wigton Parish 75

26/02/1770 Mary CARR at Allonby Chapel of Eeel Chest

22/05/1811 Isabel CARRICK Widow of Wheyrigg 91

05/08/1732 Joseph of John CARTMELL of Whyrigg

16/02/1668 Anne CHAMBERS of Mealerigg

05/03/1723 Anne CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

10/02/1726 Anne wife of William CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

09/03/1690 Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Mawbry parish of Holm

03/06/1695 Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

26/11/1728 Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

19/06/1730 Elzabeth wife of Andrew CHAMBERS of Langrigg

10/04/1660 Frances CHAMBERS of Mealrigge

09/09/1717 Isabel CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

12/04/1691 IsabelCHAMBERS of Mealrigge

16/11/1662 Jane CHAMBERS of Mealrigge

11/12/1707 Jane CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

13/03/1722 Jane CHAMBERS of Crookdake

08/02/1661 Jane of William CHAMBERS of not stated

05/04/1664 John CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

26/071666 John CHAMBERS of Mealerigg

19/12/1716 John CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

08/08/1662 John of William CHAMBERS of Mealrigge

22/08/1729 Joseph of William CHAMBERS of Mealrigg 15

22/03/1734 Lancelot CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

21/02/1736 Lancelot of John CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

27/02/1661 Lancelotte CHAMBERS of not stated

04/02/1663 Mary of Will CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

19/06/1720 Richard CHAMBERS of Crookdake

28/04/1685 Robert CHAMBERS of Mealrigge

26/01/1689 Robert CHAMBERS of Bromfield

23/09/1670 Thomas CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

15/05/1726 Thomas CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

04/09/1664 William CHAMBERS of Bromfield

11/02/1685 William CHAMBERS of Mealrigge

06/02/1730 William CHAMBERS of Mealrigg

02/05/1804 Jane wife of William CHAMBERS of Mealrigg 69

08/04/1801 John The Reverend CHAMBERS Curate of Allhallows 74

18/02/1738 Mary CHAMBERS Widow of Mealrigg

08/06/1806 Mary CHAMBERS Widow of Wigton Parish 75

14/07/1785 Frances of John & Mary CHAMBERS Widow of Aldeth Holm Cultram late of Mealrigg 87

26/04/1809 William CHAMBERS Yeoman of Mealrigg 77

05/10/1796 Thomas of Revnd John CHAMBERS Curateof Allhallows 36

06/01/1743 Jane CHAMBERS Spinster of Crookdake

12/03/1757 Mary CHAMBERS Widow of Mealrigg

30/07/1776 William of William & Jane CHAMBERS Yeoman of Mealrigg 3 months

11/03/1742 Robert CHAMBERS Pensioner of Mealrigg

28/12/1812 Joseph CHAMBERS Shoemaker of Bromfield 36

25/05/1773 Robert CHAMBERS Householderof Mealrigg 82

29/10/1789 Anne daug of the Revnd CHAMBERS Mr of Allhallows 18

18/12/1701 Isabel CHAMBERS# of Mealrigg

15/05/1697 John CHAMBERS# of Langrigg

09/02/1706 John of Andrew CHAMBERS# of Langrigg

17/03/1697 Robert CHAMBERS# of Mealrigg

11/11/1785 Isaac CHAPMAN Husbandman of West-newton 66

10/06/1692 John CHILD Mr, Vicar of Bromfield

22/12/1698 Anne CLARK of Mealrigg

05/02/1715 Izabella CLARK of Langrigg

09/05/1733 James of James CLARK of Crookdake

02/04/1734 James of James CLARK of Crookdake

14/05/1694 Jane CLARK of Dundraw

18/04/1736 Mary of Thomas CLARK of Kelsick

12/03/1715 Nicholas CLARK of Dundraw

09/03/1723 Richard of Thomas CLARK of Kelsike

23/03/1700 William CLARK of Mealrigg

06/11/1717 William CLARK of Dundraw

06/08/1788 Betty daug of Thomas CLARK of Maryport 3yrs 5mth

22/01/1740 Jane of Thomas CLARK of Kelsick

10/03/1741 Wilfrid of John CLARK of Kelsick

26/03/1742 Joseph CLARK Pauper of Moorraw

09/02/1780 Sarah wife of Samuel CLARK Yeoman of Blencogo 63

01/05/1744 James CLARK Householder of Crookdake

14/06/1744 Thomas CLARK Householder of Kelsike

09/11/1743 Elizabeth of Thomas CLARK # of Moorrow

10/07/1722 Joseph of Thomas CLARK Junior of Kelsike

11/01/1720 Robert of Thomas CLARK Junior of Dundraw

10/12/1719 Wilfrid of Thomas CLARK Junior of Dundraw

14/05/1721 Wilfrid of Thomas CLARK Junior of Dundraw

16/05/1736 Thomas CLARK Senior of Kelsick

04/05/1710 Jane CLARK# of Dundraw

08/05/1706 John CLARK# of Dundraw

19/07/1754 HannahCLARK* of Kelsike

06/11/1672 Grace CLARKE of Langrigg

08/02/1668 Margrett CLARKE of Scailes

26/04/1746 Jane of John CLARKE of Kelsike

17/01/1808 Margaret wife of Thomas CLARKE of Moor-row 67

25/11/1804 Mary CLARKE of West-newton 77

22/02/1795 Samuel CLARKE of Blencogo 81

09/01/1809 Thomas CLARKE Widower of West-newton 84

20/10/1802 Andrew CLARKE Servant of Newmill 15

01/12/1781 John CLARKE -late Schoolmasterof Westnewton 23

04/09/1655 Mary CLEARKE of Scailes

08/09/1732 Ann COCKTON of Newton

23/02/1713 Anne COCKTON of Dundraw

13/02/1728 Anthony COCKTON of Whyrigg

11/08/1715 Elizabeth of William COCKTON of Greenah

18/05/1722 Jane of William COCKTON of Greenah

30/12/1724 John COCKTON of Blencogo

12/02/1730 John COCKTON of Dundraw

28/09/1673 John son of William COCKTON of Langrigge

05/07/1709 Mary COCKTON of Langrigg

26/07/1718 Mary COCKTON of Greenah

26/01/1662 Thomas COCKTON of Blencogoe

04/09/1732 Thomas COCKTON of Newton

25/01/1723 William COCKTON of Greenah

08/08/1722 William of William COCKTON of Greenah

28/01/1723 William of William COCKTON of Greenah

21/05/1759 Mary COCKTON of Dundraw

17/07/1754 Mary COCKTON* of Dundraw

12/07/1686 John COINE of Traveller

15/03/1724 Henry COLLIN of Allanby

05/10/1708 John of John COLLIN of Allanby

28/04/1706 Mary COLLIN of Allanby

26/02/1724 Mary COLLIN of Allanby

20/10/1742 Elizabeth COLLIN Widow of Bromfield

15/05/1666 Mary of John COOKE of Dundraw

07/02/1662 John CORK of Crookdaike

16/10/1718 Elizabeth CORREY of Langrigg

09/07/1665 Catherine of Robert COWEN of Mooreraw

13/02/1729 James COWEN of Newton

26/05/1665 Jane of Thomas COWEN of Whirrigg

24/04/1691 Janet COWEN of Whyrigg

02/05/1711 Janet COWEN of Whyrigg

27/04/1706 Robert COWEN of Moorraw

13/03/1671 Ruth COWEN of Whyrigg

26/03/1704 Thomas COWEN of Whyrigg

14/04/1722 Thomas COWEN of Moorraw

15/04/1740 Margaret COWEN of Moorraw

24/11/1740 John COWEN Youngman of Moorraw

30/10/1706 Mary COWEN# of Whyrigg

21/09/1723 Dorothy of John COWMAN of Parton

29/05/1793 Joseph son of George CRAIL of Blencogo 6 months

14/09/1683 Ann of John(bt date=19) CROP of Mealrigge

16/01/1719 Jane of William CROP of Mealrigg

31/03/1724 John CROP of Mealrigg

11/01/1724 John of William CROP of Mealrigg

22/02/1723 Julian CROP of Mealrigg

24/04/1723 Martha of William CROP of Mealrigg

18/08/1718 William of William CROP of Mealrigg

31/01/1802 Elizabeth CROP of Holm Cultram Parish 74

12/08/1727 William of William CROP# of Mealrigg

27/10/1683 John CROPP of Mealrigge

04/08/1750 Jane wife of William CROPP of Mealrigg

12/11/1788 Mary CROPP of Mealrigg 68

13/02/1804 Juliana CROPP Pauper of Mealrigg 75

27/12/1700 Frances CROSBY of Crookdake

08/11/1753 John CROSSTHATT of Greenhow

22/03/1745 Isabel wife of John CROSTEAD of Bromfield

30/12/1728 James CROSTHWAITE of Allanby

27/04/1766 Ann of Elizabeth(widow) CROSTHWAITE of Longrigg

06/04/1751 Mrs CROSTHWAITE Widow of Wigton

22/10/1722 Janet of Francis CUNNINGAM Junior of Traveller

02/10/1722 John of James CURRIE Mr Curate of Bromfield

25/02/1723 Margaret wife of James CURRIE Mr Curate of Bromfield

25/11/1723 Thomasina of James CURRIE Mr Curate of Bromfield

16/02/1718 Timothy of James CURRIE Mr - The curate of Bromfield


24/06/1810 John DALTON of Dundraw 47

04/07/1662 A child of Anthony DAND of Mooreraw

10/02/1681 Elizabeth DAND of Moorraw

13/11/1690 Elizabeth DAND of Blencogoe

25/04/1718 John DAND of Bankhead

03/03/1683 John of Thomas DAND of Bank-End

22/01/1711 Mary DAND of Dundraw

27/06/1725 Nicholas of John DAND of Langrigg

20/04/1658 Thomas DAND of Mooreraw

08/12/1758 Anne DAND of West Newton

07/05/1792 Anthony DAND of Moor-row 76

24/06/1763 Jane DAND of Moor-row

13/01/1753 Janet of William DAND of Blencogo

17/02/1762 John DAND of Moor-row

30/12/1795 Joseph DAND of Manxhall 55

01/08/1742 Mary of William DAND of Leegate

30/04/1757 William DAND of Leegate

09/02/1808 John DAND Pauper of West-newton 47

09/04/1775 Mary DAND Spinster of Urngill Westnewton 78

22/03/1784 William of Joseph & Anne DAND Masonof Foster Fold Westward Parish 10 weeks

05/12/1788 John DAND Widower of Bromfield 57

28/12/1799 Jane wife of John DAND Gentleman of Wigton Parish

12/03/1802 John DAND Gentleman of Wigton Parish 61

16/11/1748 Thomas DAND Householder of Blencogo

02/05/1776 Joseph DAND - Bachelor - Mason of Urngill Westnewton 66

30/09/1784 Mary wife of John DAND Labourer & Publican of Bromfield 59

17/08/1799 Susan dau of John DAND * of Wigton Parish

06/08/1775 Joseph DAND -Widower-Labourer of Langrigg 87

29/04/1728 John DAND# of Langrigg

22/02/1797 Elizabeth DANIEL Pauper of Bromfield 80

01/10/1727 Mary of William DANIEL# of Blencogo

26/12/1770 Elizabeth wife of John DARWOOD of Mireside

13/04/1782 Mary wife of John DARWOOD Yeoman of Mire-side 47

14/01/1762 Edward DAVIDSON of Low Crookdake

21/03/1668 Anne daug of Thomas DEANES of Newton

19/07/1665 Andrew DEAVIS of Crookdaike

23/04/1671 John of Thomas DEAVIS of Newton

23/02/1723 Anne DEVIS of Langrigg

16/10/1682 James of Thomas DEVIS of Greena

10/02/1667 Mary of Thomas DEVIS of Newton

21/04/1719 Thomas DEVIS of Greenah

04/11/1655 Richard DICKINSON of Crookdaike

11/08/1658 Christopher DICKMAN of Kelsike

03/07/1687 John DICKMAN of Kelsike

28/12/1692 John (date bts=18) DICKMAN of Kelsike

04/02/1767 John of John DICKMAN of Blencogo

22/12/1762 Joseph of John DICKMAN of Blencogo

19/11/1755 Sarah wife of Joseph DICKMAN of Blencogo

27/05/1766 Joseph DICKMAN Widower of Blencogo

07/03/1787 John DICKMAN Yeoman of Blencogo 64

22/10/1786 Margaret wife of John DICKMAN Yeoman of Blencogo 52

05/09/1763 Mary DICKMAN Widow of Blencogo

21/03/1736 Daniel DICKMAN Householder of Blencogo

13/01/1763 Margaret wife of John DICKMAN #of Blencogo

08/12/1667 Mary of John DICKMANS of Kelsike

07/09/1812 Margaret dau of William DIXON of Cowper 24

04/02/1803 Hannah DIXON Widow of Bromfield 64

08/09/1754 Mary DIXON* at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

31/03/1727 Thomas DOANLD Senior of Whyrigg

04/06/1709 Margaret DOBINSON of A Traveller

23/09/1797 Bella wife of Joseph DOBINSON of Plumbland Parish 28

03/09/1739 Martha of Jonathan DOCKERAY of Newton

28/06/1807 John DOCKRAY of West-newton 73

27/01/1770 Jonathan DOCKRAY of Westnewton 87

21/06/1809 Joseph DOCKRAY of West-newton 27

03/07/1807 Mary DOCKRAY of West-newton 84

19/03/1791 William DOCKRAY of West-newton 77

19/01/1797 Mary DOCKRAY Widow of West-newton 80

02/06/1790 Mary DOCKRAY Widow of West-newton 95

06/04/1790 Barbara of John DOCKRAY Farmer of West-newton 3

26/12/1662 Francis of Thomas DODGSHON of Brumfield

20/06/1663 Grace DODGSHON of Brumfield

26/05/1666 Henry DODGSHON of Newton

14/08/1668 Margrett DODGSHON of Blencogoe

02/01/1661 Margrett of Nicholas DODGSHON of Brumfield

21/04/1682 Ann DODGSON of Brumfield

09/12/1691 Ann DODGSON of Newton

25/08/1655 Elinor DODGSON of Brumfield

23/10/1658 Elizabeth DODGSON of Brumfieldl

02/02/1672 John DODGSON of Blencogoe

05/09/1684 John of Robert DODGSON of Newton

24/06/1664 Joseph of Thomas DODGSON of Bromfield

02/01/1695 Margaret DODGSON of Bromfield

15/04/1729 Margaret DODGSON of Scales

02/02/1699 Mary of William DODGSON of Newton

04/12/1671 Nicholas DODGSON of Brumfield

26/03/1701 Nicholas DODGSON of Bromfield

06/12/1691 Robert DODGSON of Newton

05/09/1700 Thomas DODGSON of Bromfield

18/04/1683 Mabell DODGSON# of Newton

15/05/1698 Thomas DODGSON# of Bromfield

25/11/1692 William DODGSON# of Langrigge

01/09/1734 Jane DONALD of Mealrigg

29/05/1712 Jane of Philip DONALD of Langrigg

20/01/1708 Janet bts=Jennet DONALD of Newton

20/08/1733 John DONALD of Newton

24/11/1715 Mary DONALD of Langrigg

13/10/1733 Philip DONALD of Langrigg

15/12/1755 Frances wife of Joseph DONALD of Langrigg

03/12/1762 Joseph DONALD of Wheyrigg

09/07/1746 Mary wife of Joseph DONALD of Langrigg

10/07/1764 Thomas DONALD of Wheyrigg Hall

28/02/1768 Mary DONALD Widow of Downhall late of Wheyrigg

23/01/1761 Mary DONALD at Allonby Chapel of Maryport

12/11/1686 Catharine wife of Robert DONALT of Newton

22/05/1674 Cuthbert DONALT of Langrigg

02/10/1700 Ellen DONALT of Langrigg

05/07/1685 Jane DONALT of Newton

27/09/1690 Janeof John DONALT of Newton

10/02/1690 John DONALT of Newton

15/05/1674 John of Cuthbert DONALT of Langrigg

30/07/1674 Margaret DONALT of Langrigg

16/02/1681 Matthew DONALT of Langrigge

16/06/1694 Robert DONALT of Allanby

12/03/1664 William DONALT of Langrigg

24/05/1671 William of Cuthbert DONALT of Langrigg

27/02/1663 Will of William DONALT *of Langrigg

13/11/1674 John of Matthew DONALT# of Langrigg

24/02/1668 Richard DONER of Langrigg

22/04/1712 Bedlam DOUGLAS of Blencogo

16/08/1788 Ann DOUGLASS Widowof Wigton Parish 57

23/12/1776 Rachael wife of Joseph DOUTHWAITE Yeoman of Crookdake 61

14/12/1735 Arabella wife of John DOVER of Langrigg

07/09/1724 Mabel DOVER of Langrigg

02/04/1673 Margaret DOVER of Langrigge

23/10/1724 Martha of John DOVER of Langrigg

27/05/1663 Mary DOVER of Langrigg

27/10/1686 Mary DOVER of Gillhouses bt=Gill

19/06/1690 Mary DOVER of Langrigge

12/07/1742 Martha of John DOVER of Langrigg

12/05/1801 Sarah DOVER Widow of Mealrigg 26

31/07/1799 Richard DOVER Yeoman of Langrigg 26

07/09/1786 John DOVER Yeoman of Langrigg 80

19/06/1787 John DOVER Yeoman of Langrigg 19

24/02/1745 John DOVER Householder of Langrigg

16/01/1757 Martha of John DOVER Mr of Langrigg

01/12/1757 Mary wife of John DOVER Mr of Langrigg

14/01/1729 John DOWSON of Langrigg

20/11/1804 Joseph DOWTHWAITE Yeoman of Crookdake 90

13/03/1751 Catherine of Joseph DRAPE of Dundraw

25/03/1751 Sarah of Joseph DRAPE of Dundraw

02/08/1765 Sarah wife of Joseph DRAPE of Blencogo

20/04/1778 Sarah wife of John DRAPE Taylor of Dundraw 38

04/05/1774 Isabel of John & Sarah DRAPE Taylor of Blencogo Bpt. 21st Oct.1773

12/09/1802 John DRAPE Widower of Dundraw 66

09/03/1697 Francis DRAPE# of Mealrigg

18/03/1697 Isabel DRAPE# of Mealrigg

17/05/1743 Frances wife of Joseph DRURY of Crookdake

24/04/1784 Illyson DRYBROUGH Widow of Langholm Scotland

16/11/1759 Elizabeth of Willonby DUGLAS of Crookdake

26/01/1763 Anne DUGLASS of Crookdake

27/04/1772 Willoughby DUGLASS a Masonof Langrigg

06/05/1754 Sarah wife of William DUGLASS* of none given Wheyrigg?

03/01/1799 Elizabeth wife of John DUNN of Allhallows 37

27/12/1787 John DURWARD of Kelsike 72

26/05/1762 John DYKES of Blencogo


08/10/1812 William ELLIOT Labourer of Blencogo 53

05/12/1715 Mary EVENING of Blencogo

29/12/1696 Elizabeth EVENING bt=Heanening of Blencogoe

09/11/1695 Thomas EVENING bt=Heanening of Crookdake


31/01/1794 Andrew son of James FAIRGRAY of Crookdake 32

16/09/1663 A Child of Thomas FALCON of Newton

15/12/1700 Anne of John FALCON of Blencogo

20/05/1725 Anne of John FALCON of Blencogo

20/10/1707 Anne wife of Joseph FALCON of Moorraw

17/01/1690 Elizabeth FALCON of Newton

18/02/1690 Elizabeth FALCON of Allonby

01/05/1705 Isaac FALCON of Blencogo

06/08/1686 Isabel FALCON of Newton

01/03/1711 Isabel of John FALCON of Blencogo

05/05/1712 Jane of John FALCON of Blencogo

06/02/1674 Janett of Thomas FALCON of Newton

11/10/1714 John FALCON of Blencogo

28/06/1725 John FALCON of Blencogo

12/06/1728 John FALCON of Blencogo

10/03/1707 John of Joseph FALCON of Moorraw

31/01/1713 Joseph FALCON of Beck

26/01/1726 Margaret of Stephen FALCON of Blencogo

31/03/1715 Margaret wife of Stephen FALCON of Blencogo

05/05/1724 Mary FALCON of Blencogo

07/05/1712 Mary of Joseph FALCON of Beck

25/02/1663 Rowland FALCON of Newton

09/11/1730 Stephen FALCON of Blencogo

29/06/1688 Thomas FALCON of Seymor

01/08/1715 Thomas of John FALCON of Blencogo

29/03/1701 Isabel FALCON bts=Faulcon of Seamoore

02/04/1702 Stephen FALCON# of Seamoore

21/11/1748 Joseph FALKIN Householder of Seymour

14/07/1752 Blanch FALKING of Langrigg

17/02/1789 Fanny FALLOWFIELD Widow of Peat House 85

29/11/1699 John FARLAM of Blencogo

20/12/1697 Margaret FARLAM# of Blencogoe

10/11/1689 Mary of John FARLEM bt=Farlamof Whyrigg

08/11/1667 A Daughter of Widdow FARNFAQQ# of A Traveller

18/09/1663 Ann daughter of Thomas FAUCON of Allanby

02/03/1753 Jane FAUKIN of Blencogo

27/05/1681 Frances FAULCON of Allanby

09/02/1673 John FAULCON of Newton

31/01/1673 Mary of Thomas FAULCON of Newton

03/11/1672 Thomas FAULCON of Newton

25/01/1683 Jane FAULCON bts=Falconof Thornby

11/01/1729 Julian wife of Matthew FAULDER of Scales

31/07/1715 Anne of Thomas FEARON of Blencogo

06/08/1712 Dorothy FEARON of Mealrigg

28/05/1729 Esther of Thomas FEARON of Blencogo 28

01/06/1712 Sarah of Thomas FEARON of Blencogo

21/02/1751 ElizabethFEARONWidow of Blencogo

01/01/1739 Thomas FEARONHouseholder of Blencogo

21/03/1792 Fearon Morrison ,supposed son of Morrison Pearson by Ann Fearon FEARON / Pearson an infant

23/02/1700 Frances of William FEASTON of Newton

18/04/1726 Elizabeth FELL of Bageray

22/10/1728 Jane of Mary FELL of Dundraw

24/07/1799 Ann wife of John FELL of Crosscannonby Parish 22

16/10/1810 Catharine dau of John FELL of West-newton 40

22/01/1809 Elizabeth wife of John FELL of Dundraw 61

22/05/1804 John FELL of Dundraw 36

03/03/1763 Joseph FELL of Dundraw

17/06/1763 Joseph of Jane FELL of Newton

30/03/1746 Joseph of Joseph FELL of Dundraw

22/01/1745 William of Joseph FELL of Dundraw

15/05/1787 Joseph of Isaac & Sarah FELL Farmer of West-newton 1

21/04/1785 Joseph FELL Mariner of West-newton 21

25/12/1781 Martha FELL widow of Dundraw 66

15/03/1767 Ann FELL at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

01/06/1674 Mary FENTON of Crookdake

29/05/1674 Thomas FENTON of Crookdake

17/12/1693 Hannah of Thomas FERON# of Blencogoe

10/12/1693 Mary of Thomas FERON# of Crookdake

20/11/1806 Isabel dau of Joseph FIDDLER of Bitchhill 36

16/05/1661 John FISHER of Kelsike

10/05/1654 Margrett FISHER of Kelsike

16/01/1659 Margrett FISHER of Kelsike

15/05/1659 Thomas FISHER of Kelsike

12/02/1696 Jane FLETCHER of Newton

03/11/1703 John FLETCHER of Newton

14/01/1718 Mary FLETCHER of Newton

01/08/1681 William FLETCHER of Newton

10/09/1736 Anne FLETCHER spinster of Newton

05/01/1737 Joseph of Anthony FOLDER of Leegate

18/09/1742 Mary of Anthony FOLDER of Leegate

08/07/1744 Ruth wife of Leonard FOLDER of Bowscales

23/03/1745 Leonard FOLDER Householder of Allonby

07/03/1743 Anthony FOLDER Householderof Leegate

28/10/1801 Dinah dau of John FORSITHE of West-newton 2

08/02/1786 Fanny FOSTER Widow of West-newton 82

03/01/1725 Jane FOX of Bromfield

01/04/1744 Elizabeth of John FRENCH Mr of London

15/03/1802 Sarah wife of James FURNAS of Langrigg 87

27/03/1784 John son of James & Sarah FURNESS Yeoman of Langrigg 32


27/03/1786 Ann wife of Joshua GARDENER of Southerfield Holm Cultram 44

28/04/1771 John of Joshua & Anne GARDENER of Bromfield

14/12/1796 Ann GARDENER Widow of Blencogo 87

06/07/1780 Jeremiah GARDENER Bachelor of Crayrigg 41

08/08/1758 John GARDINER of Crayrigg

18/05/1766 John GARDINER of Mealrigg

28/05/1769 Isaac GARDNER of Crayrigg

07/05/1673 Richard GARTH Minister of of Bromfield

25/08/1763 Jane GASH of Blencogo

07/07/1673 Thomas son of Robert GIBSON of Allanby

24/09/1795 William GILBERTSON of Scotchman 64

25/01/1710 John GILL# of Allanby

08/06/1731 Thomas GLAISTER of Greenah

22/05/1808 George son of William GLAISTER of Bromfield 6 months

10/04/1803 John son of William GLAISTER of Bromfield 16

07/04/1799 Martha dau of William GLAISTER of Bromfield an infant

08/09/1780 Jane GLAISTER Spinster of Greenah-Hall 83

16/02/1776 John GLAISTER Yeoman of Greenah 87

19/01/1709 Mary of Mary GLAISTER =bts of none given

09/04/1783 Thomas GLAISTER-yeoman & Bachelor of Greenah-Hall 83

10/12/1655 Margrett GOLDSMITH of Langrigge

20/05/1722 Anthony GRAHAM of Greenah

25/01/1712 Margaret GRAHAM of Allanby

13/03/1723 William GRAHAM of Allanby

03/04/1758 Jane GRAHAM at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

12/04/1758 John GRAHAM at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

03/09/1713 William GRAHAM Junior of Allanby

20/05/1706 Margaret olf William GRAHAM Junior# of Allanby

20/12/1693 Ann wife of Anthony GRAHAM# of Langrigg

17/04/1660 Cuthbert GRAINGER of Brumfield

07/03/1674 John GRAINGER of Blencogoe

04/09/1665 John of Thomas GRAINGER of Brumfield

23/03/1655 Robert GRAINGER of Brumfield

16/02/1690 William GRAINGER of Blencogoe

08/06/1750 Mary GRAINGER Pauper of Moorraw

01/08/1683 John of Thomas GRAINGER Junior Esq of Bromfield

08/08/1683 Mary of Thomas GRAINGER Junior Esq of Bromfield

23/09/1736 Barbara of John GRAINGER Mr of Bromfield

01/08/1730 Cuthbert GRAINGER Mr of Bromfield

11/05/1691 Thomas GRAINGER Mro f Bromfield

07/02/1662 William GRAINGER Mr of Brumfield

04/11/1756 Sarah of John GRAINGER Mr of Bromfield

31/07/1744 Sarah wife of John GRAINGER Mr of Bromfield

24/12/1772 John GRAINGER Mr.Gentleman of Bromfield 64

16/05/1687 Elizabeth GRANGER of Blencogoe

30/06/1683 Janet of Widdow GRANGER of Blencogoe

12/01/1725 John of William GRANGER of Whyrigg

24/02/1725 Maary GRANGER of Bromfield

30/01/1715 Margaret wife of Cuthbert GRANGER of Bromfield

26/04/1717 Mary of William GRANGER of Dundraw

11/02/1720 Thomas GRANGER of Bromfield

06/03/1697 George GRANGER# of Bromfield

05/12/1701 Mary GRANGER# of Bromfield

18/10/1772 Joseph GRAVE Widower of Newton-mill 67

05/04/1790 Margaret illegt. of Wm Jackson & Eliz Grave GRAVE / Jackson an infant

02/11/1777 Alexander GRAY- Widower-Labourer of Hoddam Scotland of Kelsike 91

16/02/1690 Janett GREAR of Newton

25/02/1700 John GREAR of Newton

06/05/1673 John GREARE of Newton

03/01/1723 Andrew GREARSON of Newton

18/01/1724 Mary GREARSON of Newton

14/03/1764 Katherine of Joseph GREAVE of Newton

21/10/1760 Samuel GREAVE of Newton

25/06/1668 Francis GRIGG of Langrigg

09/03/1683 John GRIGG of Langrigge

16/01/1684 John GRIGG of Langrigge

11/04/1750 Isabella GRINDEL of Workington Parish

23/02/1758 Mary of Jane GRISDALE of Langrigg


13/06/1783 Anne HALL Widow of Meals-gate Bolton Parish 42

04/11/1762 Samuel HALLIFAX of New Mill

26/02/1666 A child of Thomas HANONBY# of Crookdaike

20/11/1751 Joseph HARDING Pauper at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

03/02/1708 Jane HARE of Newton

12/07/1677 Ann HARRISON of Kelsike

04/10/1661 Anne HARRISON of not stated

08/01/1722 Eleanor HARRISON of Bromfield

04/12/1718 Elizabeth HARRISON of Crookdake

15/05/1737 Elizabeth of Christopher HARRISON of Newton

06/01/1657 Gawen HARRISON of Allanby

07/07/1660 Jane HARRISON of Allanby

21/08/1705 Jane of Thomas HARRISON of Kelsike

19/06/1676 John HARRISON of Allanby

20/05/1726 Joseph of Joseph HARRISON of Little Banton

05/04/1674 Mabell HARRISON of Allanby

18/04/1673 Margaret HARRISON of Blencogoe

06/06/1695 Mary HARRISON of Kelsike

03/05/1721 Mary HARRISON of Kelsike

29/01/1728 Mary wife of Christopher HARRISON of Newton

22/11/1689 Matthew HARRISON of Kelsike

10/07/1669 Robert HARRISON of Allanby

11/03/1720 Sarah HARRISON of Kelsike

20/10/1654 Thomas HARRISON of Kelsike

27/03/1657 Thomas HARRISON of Allanby

01/03/1732 Thomas HARRISON of Longburn

25/12/1657 William HARRISON of Crookdaike

06/11/1669 William HARRISON of Allanby

08/10/1703 William of Thomas HARRISON of Kelsike

15/01/1743 Anne of Christopher HARRISON of Newton

26/05/1764 Mary wife of Christopher HARRISON of Urngill

03/02/1755 Thomas HARRISON of Langrigg

30/10/1809 Agnes HARRISON Widow of Bromfield 76

18/11/1779 Jane wife of John HARRISON Weaver of Wheyrigg 45

19/06/1777 Christopher HARRISON Widower of Westnewton 76

14/12/1714 Ruth of Jonathan HARRISON Mr of Souterfield

29/12/1664 Jennett HARRISON Widdow of Kelsick

04/11/1706 William HARRISON# of Kelsike

18/03/1794 Sarah dau of Henry HARTLEY of Crookdake 8

17/08/1812 Henry HARTNELL Labourer of Langrigg 57

22/04/1762 Andrew of Andrew HARTNESS of Langrigg Bank

03/03/1796 Ann wife of Joseph HASTINGS of Kelsike 34

10/02/1661 Clemen ? HATTIN of not stated

06/01/1662 Elizabeth wife of James HATTON of Newton

11/05/1690 Barbara HAYTON of Newton

06/01/1702 Daniel HAYTON of Newton

25/04/1731 Edward HAYTON of Allanby

24/08/1732 Grace HAYTON of Newton

04/04/1725 Isabel wife of Edward HAYTON of Allanby

26/05/1665 James HAYTON of Newton

11/03/1719 Joseph HAYTON of Newton

14/01/1659 Mary HAYTON of Mealrigge

05/04/1713 Mary HAYTON of Newton

20/12/1672 Robert HAYTON of Mealerigg

23/11/1729 Thomas HAYTON of Glassen Bowness Parish

15/04/1750 Blench HAYTON of West Newton

11/05/1771 ElizabethHAYTON of Howrigg Westnewton

20/12/1762 Margaret HAYTON of Blencogo

02/12/1756 Margaret HAYTON Widow of How-rigg

29/01/1735 Anthony HAYTON pauper of Langrigg Bank

18/07/1705 John HAYTON Senior of Newton

25/01/1697 Elizabeth HAYTON# of Newton

1679 Barbary HAYTON*

14/08/1662 John HEANENING of Whyrigge

27/04/1661 Clement HEAUENING of Crookdaike

25/05/1661 Clement HEAUENING of Whirigg

25/04/1661 Robert HEAUENING of Crookdaike

16/09/1666 William of Adam HEAUENING of Blencogoe

15/11/1659 Ann HEAUENINGS of Crookdaike

11/11/1692 Jannet HEAVENING of Blencogoe

15/03/1708 Clement HEAVENING bt=Eavening of Whyrigg

05/04/1693 Adam HEAVENING# of Blencogoe

10/06/1737 Thomas of John HENDERSON of Kelsick

10/09/1769 George of Wilfrid & Barbara HENDERSON of Langrigg

10/09/1799 John HENDERSON of Workington Parish 40

20/02/1745 Jonathan of John HENDERSON of Whyrigg

26/05/1756 Sarah of John HENDERSON of Wheyrigg

09/03/1791 Thomas HENDERSON of Wheyrigg 85

27/04/1767 William of Wilfrid HENDERSON of Langrigg

24/06/1810 Barbary HENDERSON Widow of St.Mary's Carlisle 72

11/03/1802 Wilfrid HENDERSON Yeoman of Langrigg 77

25/06/1779 William of Wilfrid & Barbary HENDERSON Yeoman of Langrigg6 months

14/06/1715 George HESKET of Allanby

30/01/1729 Mary HESKET of Moorraw

16/01/1773 Margaret wife of William HESKET at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

10/10/1672 Edward HESKETT of Langrigg

21/07/1741 Anne of George HESKETT of Newton

24/06/1759 Anne wife of George HESKETT of Newton

12/03/1759 Betty of George HESKETT of Newton

23/12/1742 Jane of George HESKETT of Newton

01/01/1764 Sarah of George HESKETT of Newton

24/09/1788 George HESKETT Taylor of West-newton 84

03/05/1751 Richard of George HESKIT of Newton

30/01/1673 Thomas son of Robert HEVENING of Whyrigg

18/04/1665 John of John HEWESON of Scailes

04/05/1778 Henry HEWET Weaver of Wheyrigg 42

07/06/1727 Anne HEWET# of Mealrigg

24/03/1732 Margaret HEWETSON of Mealrigg

01/01/1665 William of Robert HEWETSON of Whirrigg

11/04/1772 Joseph HEWETSON of Low-scales 68

13/09/1800 Joseph son of Joseph HEWETSON of Bromfield an infant

29/05/1793 Ann HEWETSON Widow of Mireside 84

11/04/1777 John HEWETSON Yeoman of Kirkland Wigton Parish 33

19/12/1685 Ann wife of Robert HEWETSON bts=Hewson of Scales

20/10/1673 Robert HEWETSON Junior of Whyrigg

03/05/1697 Isabel HEWETSON# of Whyrigg

04/08/1701 Isabel of George HEWETSON# of Whyrigg

19/07/1706 Joseph HEWETSON# of Scales

22/02/1660 George HEWETT of Brumfield

23/05/1673 Margaret HEWETT of Bromfield

22/05/1750 Thomas HEWIT Householder of Moorraw

30/11/1688 Ann of John HEWSON of Moorraw

01/07/1708 Elizabeth HEWSON of Langrigg

24/02/1722 George HEWSON of Langrigg

17/06/1707 Jane of George HEWSON of Langrigg

04/04/1690 John HEWSON of Crookdake

12/05/1708 Mary of George HEWSON of Langrigg

24/11/1686 Robert HEWSON of Scales

07/04/1694 Robert HEWSON of Whyrigg

15/03/1745 Mary HEWSON Widow of Langrigg

15/02/1703 John HEWSON bts=Hewetsonof Whyrigg

02/02/1693 Jane of Robert HEWSON# of Whyrigg

06/04/1739 Rebecca wife of William HILL of none given

04/08/1706 Elizabeth HILL# of Bromfield

06/01/1666 Elizabeth HIND of Allanby

29/08/1700 Thomasin of Peter HIND of Scales

17/07/1795 Joseph HINE of Kelsike 68

31/10/1687 Elizabeth HIRD of Allanby

16/04/1661 John HIRD of Allanbye

10/08/1700 Christopher HIRD in bts (HIRK in register) of Allanby

19/02/1766 Sarah of John HODDY of Westnewton

10/01/1720 Dorothy HODGE of Bromfield

01/01/1720 Musgrave HODGE of Bromfield

28/06/1713 Thomas HODGE of Bromfield

21/07/1764 Isabella HODGE of Bromfield

14/10/1780 Elizabeth HODGE Spinster of Thornby-end 84

14/09/1734 Alexander HODGSON of Blencogo

10/10/1659 Ann HODGSON of Dundraw

05/09/1688 Ann HODGSON of Blencogoe

07/02/1705 Catherine of Alexander HODGSON of Blencogo

04/07/1721 Catherine of Alexander HODGSON of Blencogo

09/08/1684 David HODGSON of Blencogoe

07/02/1725 Elizabeth HODGSON of Whyrigg

08/10/1714 Joseph HODGSON of Blencogo

21/04/1733 Mary HODGSON of Crookdake

10/01/1656 Mathew HODGSON of Mooreraw

07/01/1683 Robert of David HODGSON of Blencogoe

28/11/1660 Thomas HODGSON of Southerfield

11/04/1699 Thomas HODGSON of Bourness? A Traveller

20/12/1759 Esther of John HODGSON of Newton

10/04/1746 Jane of David HODGSON of Blencogo

15/10/1768 Jane of David HODGSON of Blencogo

31/05/1796 John son of John HODGSON of Blencogo 3

27/02/1769 Joseph of David HODGSON of Blencogo

29/11/1797 Richard HODGSON of West-newton 36

12/01/1799 Sarah dau of David HODGSON of Blencogo 21

23/05/1793 Thomas HODGSON of West-newton 48

11/07/1771 William Hodgson grandson of John HODGSON of Westnewton

25/11/1790 Joseph of David HODGSON Taylor of Blencogo 20

03/11/1776 Anne HODGSON Widow of Blencogo 84

30/08/1778 Mary wife of David HODGSON Yeoman of Blencogo 68

05/10/1800 David HODGSON Tailor of Blencogo 64

30/03/1785 John of David & Isabella HODGSON Taylor of Wheyrigg 2

17/06/1783 Richard twin son of David & Isabella HODGSON Taylor of Wheyrigg bpt & born 15 inst

30/11/1757 Jane HODGSON Widow of Blencogo

13/03/1776 John HODGSON Yeoman of Westnewton 57

14/02/1792 William HODGSON Yeoman of Blencogo 56

14/01/1751 Joseph HODGSON Pauper of Blencogo

14/03/1787 David HODGSON Yeoman of Blencogo 87

14/12/1789 John son of Richard HODGSON Shoemaker of West-newtonan infant

11/07/1798 John son of John & Helen (late Blacklock) HODGSON # of Blencogo born 28/8/1797

29/01/1719 Mary HODGSON late of Downhall of Bankhead

03/08/1727 Mary of William HODGSON# of Mealrigg

05/11/1723 Margaret HODIE of Blencogo

10/03/1733 Mary wife of Thomas HOLMES of Allanby

14/01/1690 Joseph HOTHART of Newton

27/08/1685 Thomas HOW of Blencogoe

27/04/1712 Jane HUDDART of Newton

11/06/1712 John HUDDART of Newton

19/06/1713 Joseph HUDDART of Blencogo

12/12/1715 Mary HUDDART of Blencogo

02/07/1717 Thomas HUDDART of Newton

20/01/1772 Jane of Joseph & Jane HUDDART of Waver-bridge Wigton Parish

22/07/1745 Joseph of John HUDDART of Allonby

03/07/1748 Mary of John HUDDART of Moor-row

03/12/1744 Jane HUDDART Widowof Newton

07/05/1780 William of Thomas & Eliz HUDDART Yeoman of Wheyrigg an infant

10/11/1781 Jane of Joseph & Jane HUDDART Yeoman of Blencogo 3

29/09/1777 Jonathan of Joseph & Elizabeth HUDDART Mariner of Allonby 12 months

04/03/1783 Elizabeth of Thomas & Elizabeth HUDDART Yeoman of Wheyrigg Born 3rd July 1781

25/08/1783 Elizabeth of Thomas & Elizabeth HUDDART Yeoman of Wheyrigg born 18th & bpt 19th July last

01/09/1783 Elizabeth wife of Thomas HUDDART Yeoman of Wheyrigg 36

19/03/1779 Anne of Joseph & Jane HUDDART Yeomanof Blencogo 5

28/05/1750 JohnHUDDART Householder of Blencogo

08/05/1745 John HUDDART Householderof Allonby

15/12/1775 Elizabeth wife of John HUDDART Husbandman of Wheyrigg 67

12/10/1776 John HUDDART- Widower Husbandman of Wheyrigg 70

12/04/1762 William HUDDART * at Allanby Chapelof Allonby

03/01/1782 Thomas HUDDART -Yeoman-Carpenter of Westnewton 64

12/05/1714 John HUDDART# of Blencogo

16/04/1726 Joseph of Thomas HUDDERT of Newton

30/01/1757 Mary HUIT Widow of Sandero

22/01/1738 Hannah of John HUITSON of Langrigg

25/03/1743 Jane HUITSON Widow of Ake-BankWigton

26/05/1712 Catherine of John HUME of Blencogo

20/01/1719 Grace HUME of Blencogo

22/08/1682 John HUME of Blencogoe

04/07/1723 John HUME of Blencogo

22/01/1719 Robert of John HUME of Blencogo

28/07/1794 Jane HUME of Wigton Parish 77

07/05/1721 James of John HUME *of Blencogo

01/04/1712 Robert of John HUMES of Blencogo

04/02/1766 Jane HUMES Widowof Blencogo

20/03/1781 Joseph of Joseph & Charlotte HUNTINGTON Husbandman of Low-row Crookdake born17inst

02/01/1755 Jane HUSON of Dundraw

31/03/1800 Martha infant dau of HUTCHINSON A Traveller ,an infant

04/03/1790 Elizabeth of Jeremiah HUTHART of Lessonhall Wigton parish 18

28/03/1792 Jane of Jeremiah & Frances HUTHART of Lessonhall Wigton parish 22

14/05/1789 John of the late Thomas HUTHART of Wheyrigg 12

13/03/1788 Thomas HUTHART Yeoman of Wheyrigg 40

18/09/1797 Jane wife of Joseph HUTHERT of Lessonhall Wigton Parish 39

19/11/1807 Jane wife of Joseph HUTHERT of Crookdake 70

14/02/1803 Jeremiah HUTHERT of Wigton Parish 63

06/04/1802 John HUTHERT of Wigton Parish 24

09/01/1806 John HUTHERT Miller of Bolton Parish 39

22/11/1810 Frances HUTHERT Widow of Wigton Parish 68

04/11/1808 Mabel HUTHERT Widow of West-newton 93

14/07/1798 Betty daughter of John & Frances(late Mason) HUTHERT # of Holm Cultram born 4/6/1798

14/07/1798 Joseph son of John & Alice (late Blenkin) HUTHERT # of Peathouse born 4/6/1798


11/09/1732 William IREDALE of Newton

22/07/1792 Ann of William & Frances IRVING of Mealrigg 2

24/11/1811 Ann wife of John IRVING of Bromfield 37

29/04/1797 Joseph IRVING of Blencogo 45

04/05/1794 Ann IRVING Pauper of Blencogo 84

14/06/1799 Isabel IRVING Maiden Lady of Mealrigg 81

27/08/1744 Elizabeth IRWEN Widow of Sea-moor

15/10/1700 Blanch IRWIN of Newton

21/11/1700 Francis IRWIN of Newton

09/14/1710 Jane of Richard IRWIN of Newton

03/12/1713 John IRWIN of Newton

06/06/1732 Mary of William IRWIN of Newton

10/06/1704 Richard IRWIN of Newton

05/03/1723 Richard IRWIN of Newton

12/06/1728 William IRWIN of Newton

28/12/1741 Richard of William IRWIN of Newton

01/05/1772 Ruth of William & Elizabeth IRWIN of Mealrigg

25/12/1739 William of William bts = William of Katherine IRWIN of Newton

19/08/1775 Elizabeth wife of James IRWIN Labourer of Irwin 26

22/10/1737 William IRWIN householder of Newton

27/09/1732 Ann IRWIN widow of Newton

26/03/1774 James IRWIN Snr - Husbandman of Langrigg 60

24/08/1785 Ann of Joseph IRWING Labourer of Langrigg Born-Bpt 23rd inst

20/07/1781 Deborah of James & Mary IRWING Labourer of Cross-rigg an infant

20/02/1778 Mary of John & Anne IRWING -Farmer-Husbandman of Langrigg born 16inst

30/01/1730 Ann wife of Willaim ISMAY of Kelsick

16/05/1707 Daniel of John ISMAY of Dundraw

01/04/1660 Elizabeth ISMAY of Kelsike

24/04/1669 Elizabeth ISMAY of Dundraw

05/03/1698 Jane of John ISMAY of Dundraw

30/10/1703 John ISMAY of Kelsike

30/04/1725 John ISMAY of Dundraw

12/08/1735 Jonathan of Robert ISMAY of Kelsick

08/05/1712 Joseph of John ISMAY of Dundraw

30/05/1672 Margrett ISMAY of Dundraw

09/01/1691 Martha ISMAY of Dundraw

13/05/1698 Mary ISMAY of Dundraw

15/05/1694 Mary of Robert ISMAY of Dundraw

04/05/1704 Michael ISMAY of Whyrigg

18/09/1673 Robert ISMAY of Dundraw

08/12/1696 Robert ISMAY of Kelsike

26/11/1695 Sarah ISMAY of Dundraw

21/03/1724 Sarah ISMAY of Dundraw

19/01/1733 William ISMAY of Waverton Parish of Wigton

07/06/1801 Daniel ISMAY of Kelsike 29

13/05/1769 Joseph ISMAY of Kelsike

30/05/1759 not named of Thomas ISMAY of none given

26/02/1751 Sarah of Thomas ISMAY of Dundraw

26/05/1778 Sarah ISMAY Widow of Kelsike 79

20/04/1785 Martha wife of Thomas ISMAY Yeoman of Dundraw 80

01/07/1788 Thomas ISMAY Yeoman of Dundraw 84

28/05/1739 John ISMAY Youngman of Dundraw

04/08/1739 Jonathan of Robert ISMAY Youngman of Kelsick

31/12/1769 Isabel ISMAY Widow of Dundraw

05/11/1654 Robert ISMAY Junior of Kelsike

12/04/1695 none given ISMAY# of Dundraw

08/06/1679 Jacob ISMAY* of Blencogoe

26/08/1679 Jannet ISMAY* of Dundraw

16/01/1703 Henry IVISON of Moorraw


31/12/1695 Anne (bt date=31) JACKSON of Blencogoe

16/06/1721 Anne of Thomas JACKSON of Blencogo

17/12/1671 Isabell of Thomas JACKSON of Blencogoe

20/04/1661 Jane JACKSON of Blencogoe

10/11/1724 Jane JACKSON of Blencogo

28/03/1727 Jane of Thomas JACKSON of Blencogo

10/03/1690 Jerimah JACKSON of Blencogoe

13/11/1712 John JACKSON of Blencogo

24/12/1728 John JACKSON of Traveller

16/04/1684 Joseph JACKSON of Blencogoe

03/12/1721 Julian JACKSON of Bromfield

02/05/1661 Mary JACKSON of Blencogoe

22/03/1694 Mungo JACKSON of Dundraw

07/11/1681 Nicholas JACKSON of Langrigge

04/05/1670 Robert JACKSON of Blencogoe

24/10/1731 Thomas JACKSON of Blencogo

02/07/1663 ThomasJACKSON of Blencogoe

12/01/1708 William JACKSON of Langrigg

24/08/1794 Bridget wife of Joseph JACKSON of Blencogo 69

12/10/1768 Grace wife of William JACKSON of Allonby

29/07/1767 Joseph of Joseph JACKSON of Blencogo

10/05/1778 Thomas, Revd., son of Joseph & Bridget JACKSON of Blencogo 28

21/09/1774 Anne of Joseph & Bridget JACKSON Yeoman of Blencogo 23

03/11/1811 Joseph JACKSON Yeoman of Blencogo 84

06/04/1779 John son of Joseph & Bridget JACKSON Yeoman of Blencogo 14

21/05/1735 John JACKSON pauper of Langrigg

24/09/1805 Robert JACKSON # Yeoman of Blencogo 51

29/01/1763 Elizabeth JACKSON at Allonby Chapel of Mealo

22/01/1763 Richard JACKSON at Allonby Chapel of Mealo

08/04/1775 John JACKSON -Weaver- Householder of Dundraw 37

26/01/1775 John of John & Anne JACKSON -Weaver- Householder of Dundraw bpt 15th Jan.1774

22/03/1734 George JEFFERSON of Langrigg

03/06/1810 John JEFFERSON of Cockermouth Parish of Brigham & Diocese of Chester 54

21/02/1787 Martha wife of Daniel JEFFERSON of Moor-row 61

19/05/1801 Thompson son of John bts = Thomson JEFFERSON of Plumblands 2

16/03/1808 Daniel JEFFERSON Pauper of Wheyrigg 84

30/11/1749 Mary JEFFERSON Widow of Langrigg Bank

24/02/1679 Francis JENINGS* of Langrigge

17/06/1754 Elizabeth JENINGS* of Scales

24/02/1683 Mary JENNINGS of Langrigge

20/03/1661 ElizabethJOHNSON of not stated

18/01/1686 Mabell JOHNSON of Kelsike

30/03/1657 Mary daugt of Thomas JOHNSON ,a Traveller

31/03/1767 Jane wife of Edward JOHNSTON of Bankside

19/03/1741 Jane wife of John JOHNSTON of Crookdake

12/03/1762 John JOHNSTON of High Crookdake

14/02/1785 Barbary daughter of Jane and sister of Sarah above mentioned JOHNSTON Widow of West-newton 6

21/11/1774 John (son of Edward -Parish Clerk) JOHNSTON - Taylor of Blencogo 19

04/11/1744 John JOHNSTON Householder of Crookdake

19/11/1779 Edward JOHNSTON Parish Clerk of Urngill Westnewton 66

14/02/1785 Sarah daughter of Jane widow of Edward JOHNSTON - late Parish Clerk of West-newton 14

24/01/1745 Joseph JOHNSTON Householder Pauper of Newton

16/09/1781 Mary of Richard JOHNSTON -Widower-Mariner of Birkby Crosscannonby Parish 1

11/04/1754 William of Edward JOHNSTON* of Bromfield

27/02/1724 Mary JOHNSTONE of Mealrigg

08/04/1734 Mary wife of Joseph JOHNSTONE of Newton

07/04/1796 Elizabeth dau of George JOLLIE of Bell Stile 11

16/09/1798 George JOLLIE Pauper of Wheyrigg 51


03/05/1704 Thomas KENDAL of Langrigg

03/02/1671 Ann KENDALL of Langrigg

06/12/1657 Mabell of William KENDELL of Langrigg

14/06/1672 Mary KENDELL of Langrigg

13/07/1660 Will KENDELL of Langrigge

04/11/1667 A Child of Thomas KEY of Newton

05/10/1682 Ann wife of Thomas KEY of Scales

02/08/1711 Anne KEY of Scales

14/08/1704 Anne wife of John KEY of Newton

20/09/1682 Catharine wife of Richard KEY of Langrigge

30/03/1671 Elinor KEY of Newton

26/11/1669 Elizabeth KEY of Newton

31/01/1695 Elizabeth KEY of Scales

28/03/1699 Elizabeth KEY of Langrigg

03/09/1682 Ellen bts=Hellen KEY of Newton

01/12/1665 George KEY of Langrigg

16/07/1732 George KEY of Langrigg

27/09/1722 George KEY of Greenah

25/04/1701 George of Richard KEY of Scales

30/06/1658 Hellen of Mungo KEY of Langrigg

01/11/1667 Isabell of George KEY of Langrigg

27/07/1664 Jane KEY of Langrigg

06/01/1684 Jane KEY of Langrigge

06/06/1708 Jane KEY of Scales

20/08/1731 Jane of Richard KEY of Scales

09/06/1683 Jane of Thomas KEY of Newton

03/06/1656 John KEY of Brumfield

19/03/1688 John KEY of Scales

23/03/1690 John KEY of Langrigge

29/07/1696 John KEY of Greena

08/01/1708 John KEY of Bromfield

22/02/1724 John KEY of Greenah

01/02/1712 John Junior son of John KEY of Gill Moorend

26/08/1689 John of Matthew KEY of Langrigge

07/02/1720 Joseph KEY of Newton

14/09/1707 Joseph of George KEY of Greenah

17/04/1689 Mabell (date bts=18) KEY of Langrigge

14/08/1668 Margrett KEY of Newton

15/05/1661 Margrett of Mungo KEY of Langrigge

15/02/1720 Mary of George KEY of Greenah

13/09/1721 Mary of Richard KEY of High Scales

16/03/1704 Mary of William KEY of Langrigg

08/10/1732 Mary wife of John KEY of Gillmoor End

03/02/1728 Mary wife of Jonathan KEY of Scales

03/03/1683 Mungo KEY of Langrigge

05/02/1691 Richard KEY of Langrigge

16/03/1696 Robert KEY of Newton

31/03/1719 Ruth of William KEY of Scales

11/09/1707 Sarah wife of Richard KEY of Sandraw

22/02/1661 Sisile KEY of not stated

03/07/1666 Thomas KEY of Langrigg

22/08/1705 Thomas KEY of Newton

16/01/1728 Thomas KEY of Scales

08/01/1661 Thomas Key's son KEY of Newton

08/12/1656 William KEY of Langrigge

15/12/1694 William KEY of Scales

24/02/1694 William KEY of Greenah

12/05/1715 William KEY of Scales

11/06/1674 William KEY of Scales

02/02/1713 William KEY of Langrigg

05/04/1719 William of John KEY of Scales

17/01/1659 William the son of John KEY of Langrigg

06/10/1740 John KEY Pauper of Gill-moor-end

13/04/1741 Jane KEY Widowof Langrigg

07/05/1742 Richard KEY Pensioner of Crookdake

21/11/1746 Jane KEY - Widow - Pauper of Langrigg

09/03/1687 William of William KEY Junior of Scales

10/07/1701 George KEY Senior# of Langrigg

11/03/1732 Elizabeth KEY widow of Scales

15/07/1669 Thomas KEY younger of Newton

06/12/1692 Elizabeth KEY# of Newton

19/03/1697 Gawen KEY# of Newton

01/05/1710 Grace KEY# of Greenhow

10/02/1692 Margaret KEY# of Langrigge

04/12/1692 Matthew KEY# of Langrigge

16/12/1674 Widdow KEY# of Scales

1679 Margaret KEY*

12/09/1740 Jonathan KEY householder & pauper of Scales

25/09/1741 George of John KILPATRICK of Parish of St. Bees

24/12/1728 Thomas KIRKAUGH of Newton

05/09/1700 Mary of John KIRKBRIDE of Moorraw

12/01/1689 Michael KIRKBRIDE of Dundraw

09/03/1690 Thomas KIRKBRIDE of Dundraw

05/04/1693 Thomas KIRKBRIDE of Moorraw

18/01/1696 Jane KIRKBRIDE# of Whyrigg

29/12/1697 John KIRKBRIDE# of Blencogoe

29/06/1666 John KIRKHAUGH of Mealerigg

17/03/1745 Thomas KIRKHAUGH Pauper of Langrigg

04/02/1772 George KIRKHAUGH Schoolmaster at Wood-row, Wigton Parish

15/11/1798 Elizabeth dau of William KNIGHT of Greenah 4

28/08/1803 William KNIGHT of Allhallows Parish 21

21/07/1803 John KNIGHT Cooper of Langrigg 24


15/03/1670 Richard LADIMAN of Langrigg

02/01/1662 Francis od Richard LADYMAN of Langrigg

25/03/1665 Jane LADYMAN of Langrigg

20/02/1663 Elizabeth LANCAKE of Langrigg

17/12/1688 Jane LANCAKE of Mealrigge

01/12/1660 John LANCAKE of Mealrigge

06/02/1684 John of George LANCAKE of Mealrigge

20/08/1686 William LANCAKE of Mealrigge

05/06/1773 Joseph of Isaac & Barbary LANCASTER of Blencogo

03/02/1804 John LANCASTER Labourer of Aspatria Parish 32

16/11/1729 Ann LANGCAKE of Dundraw

10/05/1733 Anne LANGCAKE of Whyrigg

12/11/1729 Daniel LANGCAKE of Langrigg

31/01/1705 George LANGCAKE of Mealrigg

06/10/1698 Jane of George LANGCAKE of Mealrigg

29/09/1728 Jonathan of Joseph LANGCAKE of Langrigg

10/05/1729 Joseph of Jonathan LANGCAKE of Mealrigg

08/02/1808 Bella dau of William LANGCAKE of Scalesan infant

08/04/1809 Catharine dau of John LANGCAKE of Warwick Hallan infant

22/05/1741 Jane wife of Jonathan LANGCAKE of Mealrigg

24/11/1805 Mary dau of William LANGCAKE of Scales 6

24/03/1785 Richard illegt son of Catherine & Richard --of Wigton LANGCAKE of Langrigg an infant

15/03/1774 John LANGCAKE at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

19/08/1775 Mally of Joseph LANGCAKE at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

19/07/1775 Martha of Joseph LANGCAKE at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

07/03/1706 Janet LANGCAKE# of Mealrigg

21/08/1706 John of Isaac LANGCAKE# of Allanby

22/12/1693 Joseph of George LANGCAKE# of Mealrigg

18/11/1701 Margaret LANGCAKE# of Allanby

27/04/1774 Elizabeth LARKHAM Pensioner of Bromfield Quarter unknown

14/03/1687 Robert LAVEROCK Mr of Blencogoe

27/01/1673 William LAWRENCE of Crookdake

28/12/1743 Jane wife of John LAWRENCE of Highscales

17/05/1752 John LAWRENCE Pauper of Crookdake

18/03/1736 Dinah of Cuthbert LAWS of Mealrigg

08/05/1727 John of Cuthbert LAWS of Crookdake bt=Mealrigg

25/05/1730 John of Cuthbert LAWS of Mealrigg

14/10/1772 Elizabeth of William & Mary LAWS of Cow-fold Holm Cultram 10

02/11/1778 Elizabeth wife of Cuthbert LAWS Yeoman of Mealrigg 80

12/08/1779 William LAWS Yeoman of Hards Holm Cultram 49

05/08/1781 Cuthbert LAWS -Widower-Yeoman of Mealrigg 81

02/06/1724 Chistopher LAWSON of Langrigg

02/04/1720 John LAWSON of Langrigg

16/04/1729 Margaret of Elizabeth LAWSON of Langrigg

17/02/1718 Mary LAWSON of Langrigg

30/10/1797 Peggy dau of Robert LAWSON of West-newton an infant

12/05/1763 Robert LAWSON of Langrigg

22/10/1799 Sarah wife of Robert LAWSON of West-newton 30

29/01/1798 William son of Robert LAWSON of West-newton an infant

06/12/1798 William son of Robert LAWSON of West-newton an infant

20/01/1735 Robert LAWSON Householder of Crookdake

27/10/1737 Robert LEATHS pauper of Langrigg

02/09/1775 Mally of John LEIGHTON at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

21/11/1664 Ellioner LIGHTFOOT of Langrigg

10/10/1810 Hannah dau of Robert LINDSEY of Dundraw an infant

22/04/1724 Jane of Robert LITT of Crookdake

12/06/1725 Jane wife of Robert LITT of Crookdake

11/10/1723 John LITT of Bromfield

02/03/1711 Judith LITT of Bromfield

11/05/1712 Mary of Robert LITT of Crookdake

19/10/1714 Mary of Robert LITT of Crookdake

03/08/1716 Mary wife of Daniel LITT of Newton

21/04/1727 Robert LITT of Crookdake

01/07/1733 Sarah wife of Daniel LITT of Newton

18/04/1787 Mary wife of William LITT of West-newton 59

17/04/1768 William of William LITT of Westnewton

20/04/1797 William LITT Yeoman of West-newton 77

19/05/1781 William LITTLE Yeoman of Mealrigg 50

13/12/1696 Catherine LITTLETON of Blencogoe

09/04/1666 Ellinor LITTLETON of Crookdaike

20/08/1693 Anthony LITTLETON# of Blencogoe

02/11/1656 William LOCKE of Brumfield

06/11/1729 Ruth wife of Jonathan LONGCAKE of Mealrigg

04/06/1677 Grace wife of Robert LOSH of Moorraw

27/02/1681 Robert LOSH of Kelsike

04/04/1675 Thomas of Thomas LOSH of Blencogoe

21/08/1812 Agnas dau of Appleby LOWES of Crookdake an infant

28/01/1672 Humphray LOWRANCE of Crookdaike

21/04/1661 Mabel LOWRANCE of Brumfield

15/08/1721 Sarah of John LOWRANCE of Manslaw

11/04/1662 William of Thomas LOWRANCE of Brumfield

08/01/1687 Frances of Richard LOWRY of Bromfield

25/03/1693 Jennett wife of John LOWRY of Bromfield

21/08/1699 Ann LOWTHER of Scales

14/01/1722 Anne LOWTHER of Scales

02/02/1667 Anthony of John LOWTHER of Newton

26/03/1693 Frances LOWTHER of Newton

07/06/1674 James LOWTHER of Scales

28/02/1703 Jane wife of Thomas LOWTHER of Scales

05/03/1673 John of John LOWTHER of Newton

01/05/1686 John of Thomas LOWTHER of Scales

27/07/1655 Mabel LOWTHER of Scailes

26/09/1691 Mary LOWTHER of Blencogoe

09/05/1674 Thomas LOWTHER of Scales

18/06/1725 Thomas LOWTHER of Scales

26/05/1677 William LOWTHER of Newton

03/10/1690 William of Thomas LOWTHER of Scales

20/12/1788 Jane LOWTHER of Langrigg 84

02/01/1741 Jane wife of Joseph LOWTHER of Highscales

07/08/1808 Thomas son of Thomas LOWTHER of Langrigg 20

12/02/1751 William of William LOWTHER of Langrigg Bank

29/08/1738 James LOWTHER Pauper of none given

28/12/1787 William LOWTHER Pauper of Langrigg 81

21/04/1742 Elizabeth LOWTHER Pensioner of Low-row

29/01/1683 Margaret bts=Thomas LOWTHER Thomas of Scales

15/05/1666 Ellinor LOWTHER a poor woman Travelor

14/11/1672 John LOWTHER Junior of Newton

28/02/1701 John LOWTHER# of Newton

14/04/1700 Wife of a Traveller LOWTHER# of Langrigg

02/06/1754 Joseph LOWTHER* of Scales

05/05/1662 John of Robert LUSH of Mooreraw

11/05/1662 Thomas of Robert LUSH of Mooreraw


24/09/1808 Eunice wife of William MACCALL of Bromfield 63

07/03/1730 Ann MACHEL of Newton

20/02/1705 Arthur MACHEL of Langrigg

07/07/1733 Thomas MACHEL of Newton

03/05/1681 Frances MACHELL of Newton

29/03/1697 Mary MACHELL of Newton

29/01/1674 Mary wife of William MACHELL of Langrigg

10/08/1690 William MACHELL of Newton

08/04/1697 William MACHELL of Newton

04/02/1756 William MAICHEL of Newton

11/04/1666 Anne MAICHELL of Langrigg

01/01/1672 Elizabeth MAICHELL of Langrigg

21/05/1661 Jane MAICHELL of Langrigge

22/12/1667 Jane of William MAICHELL of Langrigg

06/05/1661 John MAICHELL of Langrigge

28/07/1663 A Child of William MAICHELLS of Langrigg

03/07/1811 Mary MAICHELL-WIDOW-PAUPER of Langrigg 88

09/04/1721 William MAKCAL of Traveller

05/06/1716 Margaret of Joseph MAN of Mealrigg

26/02/1739 Anne wife of Joseph MAN of Mealrigg

14/07/1760 Elizabeth wife of Anthony MAN of Blencogo

24/09/1758 Joseph MAN of Mealrigg

15/02/1715 Thomas MANDAL of Crookdake

16/12/1762 Jane MANDAL of Wheyrigg

25/01/1762 John MANDAL of Parkgate Wigton Parish

16/12/1792 John son of John MANDAL of Lessonhall Wigton parish 8

01/03/1799 Catharine MANDAL Widow of Moor-row 86

22/12/1812 Martha MANDAL Widow of Bell Stile 77

01/11/1798 Joseph MANDAL Pauper of Dundraw 94

05/02/1808 Joseph MANDAL Yeoman of Bellstile 67

27/02/1718 Jane of Robert MANDALE of Bellstile

23/02/1718 Robert of Robert MANDALE of Bellstile

06/03/1809 Frances MANDALL Widow of Blencogo 93

20/11/1809 John MANDALL Yeoman of Blencogo 59

30/08/1791 Mary wife of John MANDEL Farmer of Lessonhall Wigton parish 36

04/09/1790 Robert MANDEL Farmer of Blencogo 74

15/04/1783 Frances of John & Mary MANDEL Yeoman of Lessonhall Wigton parish 3

26/11/1662 Margrett wife of Thomas MANDELL of Crookdaike

23/05/1716 Jane MANDEVIL of Blencogo

10/04/1769 Joseph MANDEVIL at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

25/06/1713 William MANDEVIL bt=Manduell of Bell-Steel

15/05/1727 John MANDEVIL Senior of Moorraw

26/01/1727 Jane MANDEVIL# of Moorraw

03/05/1721 William bt=Robert MANDUEL of Belstyle

08/02/1695 Anne (bt date=31) MANDUELL of Whyrigg

13/05/1677 Jane MANDUELL of Dundraw

17/06/1685 Jane of Robert MANDUELL of Dundraw

21/04/1660 Janett MANDUELL of Langrigge

31/03/1682 Janett MANDUELL of Dundraw

14/06/1711 Joyce MANDUELL of Bank

27/10/1683 Mary of William MANDUELL of Whyrigg

27/01/1682 Robert MANDUELL of Dundraw

01/03/1689 Sarah of John MANDUELL of Whyrigg

09/06/1677 Thomas MANDUELL of Crookdake

02/03/1798 Martha dau of Joseph MANN of Blencogo 2

30/06/1791 Peter of Wm. & Mabel MANN of Bromfield 8

13/04/1700 Anne MARDINDALE of Langrigg

21/09/1730 Catherine wife of Edward MARK of Blencogo

15/11/1726 Isaac of Edward MARK of Blencogo

09/03/1725 Mary MARTIN of Langrigg

29/12/1795 Edward of Revd Thomas MARTIN of Bromfield an infant

08/09/1757 Sarah MARTIN #at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

04/03/1705 John son of William MARTIN Mrs of Langrigg

27/11/1691 Cuthbert of Roger bts=no first name MARTINDALE of Langrigge

07/03/1681 Elizabeth MARTINDALE of Langrigge

05/01/1685 Elizabeth MARTINDALE of Newton

11/05/1687 Francis MARTINDALE of Langrigge

15/11/1682 Isabel of Thomas MARTINDALE of Gill

22/01/1709 Jane of John MARTINDALE of Crookdake

17/01/1682 John MARTINDALE of Blencogoe

04/07/1715 John MARTINDALE of Langrigg

16/12/1716 John MARTINDALE of Crookdake

19/10/1720 John MARTINDALE of Wigton Parish

06/04/1706 John of John MARTINDALE of Langrigg

30/03/1720 Margaret MARTINDALE of Blencogo

19/02/1688 Margaret of William MARTINDALE of Langrigge

08/03/1691 Mary MARTINDALE of Gill

24/01/1732 Mary MARTINDALE of Blencogo

17/01/1691 Mary bt=none given MARTINDALE of Langrigge

26/04/1717 Richard MARTINDALE of Blencogo

17/09/1725 Robert MARTINDALE of Beck

10/03/1711 Thomas MARTINDALE of Gill

25/01/1692 Thomas (date bts=15) MARTINDALE of Gill

12/08/1682 William MARTINDALE of Langrigge

10/12/1690 William MARTINDALE of Langrigge

09/05/1700 William MARTINDALE of Kelsike

25/01/1713 William MARTINDALE of Blencogo

05/05/1716 William MARTINDALE of Beck

11/02/1742 Martha (twin) of Francis MARTINDALE of Crookdake

11/02/1742 Mary (twin) of Francis MARTINDALE of Crookdake

14/02/1751 Jane MARTINDALE Widow of Crookdake

31/01/1781 Sarah MARTINDALE Spinster of Dundraw 73

23/06/1735 John MARTINDALE Householder of Whyrigg

14/07/1698 Jane of John MARTINDALE bt=Martindellof Crookdake

12/07/1695 Thomas MARTINDALE bt=Martindellof Langrigg

06/03/1745 William of Joseph MARTINDALE Mr - Householder of Langrigg

19/02/1758 Frances MARTINDALE Mrs of Wigton

17/04/1683 Elizabeth MARTINDALE# of Blencogoe

22/09/1727 Frances MARTINDALE# of Langrigg

04/08/1701 Jane of Roger MARTINDALE# of Bitchhill

30/08/1679 Issabell MARTINDALE* of Langrigge

1679 Margaret MARTINDALE*

20/07/1655 Cuthbert MARTINDELL of Newton

18/02/1667 Elinor MARTINDELL of als Tymson

17/06/1670 Henery MARTINDELL of Allanbye

11/07/1668 Jane of Nicholas MARTINDELL of Allanby

03/01/1656 John MARTINDELL of Newton

28/11/1662 John of William MARTINDELL of Whyrigge

22/01/1667 Mary of Francis MARTINDELL of Langrigg

15/09/1661 Mary of William MARTINDELL of Blencogoe

14/12/1668 Nicholas MARTINDELL of Gill

02/08/1665 Richard MARTINDELL of Langrigg

18/04/1668 Robert MARTINDELL of Langrigg

08/03/1662 William MARTINDELL of Blencogoe

01/03/1671 William MARTINDELL of Gill

10/05/1655 William a Child of Wm MARTINDELL of Blencogoe

08/01/1667 William bts=Elizabeth MARTINDELL of Blencogoe

01/06/1705 Jane MASON of Dundraw

03/12/1811 Mary MAWSONWidow of Scales 84

08/09/1782 John of Moses & Jane MAWSON Yeoman of High-Scales 1

18/06/1755 Martha of James MAXFIELD of Mealrigg

24/03/1796 Ann MAXWELL of Holm Cultram Parish 75

04/02/1774 Thomas MAXWELL Servant of Waverton ,Wigton Parish 18

01/07/1705 Jane MAYSON# of Dundraw

22/05/1803 Margaret dau of William MCCALL of Bromfield 16

13/01/1795 David MCCLAUGHERY of Crookdake 79

10/02/1805 Mary MCCLAUGHERY Widow of Crookdake 72

23/04/1741 John of Robert MCGEE of Crookdake

09/04/1767 George MCNEAL at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

31/07/1695 Janet MESSEMGER of Dundraw

23/01/1696 Mary MESSEMGER of Whyrigg

21/01/1688 Ann MESSENGER of Mealrigge

20/10/1685 Ann wife of William MESSENGER of Dundraw

24/04/1661 Anne MESSENGER of Becke

15/09/1670 Anne MESSENGER of Scailes

19/04/1667 Anthony MESSENGER of Whyrigg

24/09/1699 Anthony MESSENGER of Dundraw

14/07/1717 Deborah of John MESSENGER of Whyrigg

20/11/1671 Elizabeth MESSENGER of Becke bts=Blencogoe

27/12/1681 Elizabeth MESSENGER of Dundraw

29/12/1673 George MESSENGER of Kelsike

10/02/1716 Isabel MESSENGER of Kelsike

19/06/1670 Isabell MESSENGER of Whyrigg

22/11/1691 John MESSENGER of Kelsike

19/03/1692 John MESSENGER of Dundraw

12/07/1694 John MESSENGER of Whyrigg

22/11/1729 John MESSENGER of Newton

18/11/1705 John of John MESSENGER of Whyrigg

18/02/1720 John of John MESSENGER of Akebank

21/11/1671 Joseph MESSENGER of Dundraw

30/08/1703 Joseph MESSENGER of Blencogo

12/02/1720 Joseph of George MESSENGER of Blencogo

15/01/1720 Joseph of John MESSENGER of Whyrigg

06/05/1736 Joseph of John MESSENGER of Kelsick

20/09/1673 Mabell MESSENGER of Moorraw

19/01/1673 Margaret MESSENGER of Kelsike

21/05/1719 Mary MESSENGER of Blencogo

25/02/1730 Mary MESSENGER of Moorraw

02/11/1686 Mary wife of Thomas MESSENGER of Kelsike

02/03/1660 Mathew MESSENGER of Kelsike

29/09/1655 Robert MESSENGER of Berke

26/04/1709 Robert MESSENGER of Whyrigg

25/12/1705 Susanna wife of Thomas MESSENGER of Dundraw

23/08/1661 Thomas MESSENGER of Dundraw

02/02/1668 Thomas MESSENGER of Becke

14/07/1707 Thomas of John MESSENGER of Whyrigg

03/07/1666 William MESSENGER of Kelsike

29/12/1690 William MESSENGER of Dundraw

19/01/1741 Anne wife of John MESSENGER of Kelsick

12/12/1756 Elizabeth MESSENGER of Moorraw

31/01/1802 Jane MESSENGER of Holm Cultram Parish 87

04/11/1760 JohnMESSENGER of Kelsike

05/02/1762 Joseph MESSENGER of Kelsike

19/06/1811 Joseph son of John MESSENGER of Wheyrigg an infant

29/04/1739 Margaret wife of John MESSENGER of Allonby

24/04/1750 Martha wife of John MESSENGER of Kelsike

15/02/1751 Mary of Robert MESSENGER of Kelsike

21/05/1798 Robert MESSENGER of Kelsike 90

16/10/1744 Susanna wife of George MESSENGER of Blencogo

15/08/1755 Thomas MESSENGER of Moorraw

16/05/1744 Thomas of Thomas MESSENGER of Dundraw

10/12/1779 Mary MESSENGER Widow of Cockermouth formerly of Kelsike 81

28/03/1775 John of John & Anne MESSENGER infant of Kelsike pb23rd inst

18/02/1735 Frances MESSENGER Widow of Whyrigg

06/03/1767 Sarah MESSENGER Widowof Wheyrigg

10/09/1808 Elizabeth MESSENGER Yeoman of Wheyrigg 73

04/10/1808 Thomas MESSENGER Yeoman of Wheyrigg 75

13/10/1775 Anne of Thomas & Ruth MESSENGER Yeoman of Wheyrigg 5 months

15/05/1800 Joseph MESSENGER Yeoman of Wheyrigg 68

08/04/1776 Mary of John & Anne MESSENGER Yeoman of Kelsike pb20/3/1776

13/07/1777 Thomas of John & Anne MESSENGER Yeoman of Kelsike pb11th inst

03/07/1701 Robert MESSENGER - Attorney# of Dundraw

08/09/1735 John MESSENGER Householder of Whyrigg

25/05/1739 John MESSENGER Householder of Allonby

23/03/1741 John MESSENGER Householder of Kelsick

24/06/1749 Thomas MESSENGER Householder of Dundraw

24/04/1739 Thomas MESSENGER Youngman of Dundraw

18/05/1701 George MESSENGER #of Blencogo

14/09/1683 Mary of William MESSENGER (bt date=19) of Dundraw

06/02/1736 John MESSENGER * - Householderof Kelsick

07/02/1744 Joseph MESSENGER Householder of Whyrigg

12/02/1705 Thomas MESSENGER Junior of Dundraw

06/03/1711 Thomas MESSENGER Junior of Dundraw

26/03/1720 Thomas MESSENGER who left 20s to ye School Stock of Dundraw

16/01/1697 Anne MESSENGER# of Dundraw

05/04/1683 Dorothy wife of John MESSENGER# of Newton

14/05/1702 Thomas MESSENGER# of Blencogo

06/04/1754 George MESSENGER* of Blencogo

13/05/1722 William of Thomas MICHAEL of Newton

13/09/1713 Anne of Daniel MILLAR of Allanby

11/10/1705 David MILLAR of Langrigg

01/09/1733 John MILLAR of Mealrigg

17/07/1709 Margaret MILLAR of Blencogo

09/06/1711 Margery MILLAR of Allanby

12/06/1667 Thomas of John MILLAR of Allanbye

14/12/1790 Joseph MILLAR Farmer of Dundraw 61

23/09/1732 John MILLAR pauper of Langrigg

22/10/1699 Frances of John MILLAR bt=Miller of Mealrigg

22/04/1704 Margaret MILLAR bts= Miller of Langrigg

09/03/1704 Margaret of DANIEL MILLAR bts= Miller of Allanby

23/05/1706 Joseph of Daniel MILLAR# of Allanby

27/01/1706 Robert MILLAR# of Mealrigg

18/05/1707 Sarah of John MILLAR# of none given

07/09/1729 Janet wife of John MILLER of Mealrigg

19/02/1728 Margaret wife of John MILLER of Allanby

28/09/1803 Agnas dau of John MILLER of Mealrigg 18

04/05/1742 Anne of Joseph MILLER of Mealrigg

29/06/1740 Daniel of Daniel MILLER of Allonby

01/12/1798 Joseph MILLER of West-newton 51

23/10/1812 Joseph MILLER of Kirkbride Parish 51

30/07/1804 Mary wife of John MILLER of Mealrigg 62

23/04/1750 Thomas of Joseph MILLER of Mealrigg

20/11/1744 Daniel MILLER Pauper of Allonby

20/07/1791 Martha MILLER Widow of Mealrigg 78

12/02/1799 Mary MILLER Widow of West-newton 82

03/02/1798 Rachel MILLER Widow of Allhallows 91

17/02/1793 Daniel MILLER Pauper of Crookdake 86

09/04/1785 Joseph MILLER Yeoman of Mealrigg 84

29/07/1793 Joseph MILLER Widower of Urngill Westnewton 86

03/12/1746 Mary MILLER - Widow - Pauper of Langrigg

03/08/1757 Frances MILLER # at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

09/02/1673 Elizabeth wife of Robert MILNER bts=Miller of Mealrigge

17/10/1805 Joseph MITCHELL Shoemaker of Bromfield 42

25/04/1789 Mary of Moses MOASON of Low-row 9

04/02/1792 Robert of Moses & Jane MOASON bts = Mawson of High Scales 2

31/12/1725 Andrew MOOR of Dundraw

25/03/1729 Daniel MOOR of Bromfield

26/09/1715 Edward MOOR of Bromfield

02/04/1731 Elizabeth wife of Thomas MOOR of Dundraw

29/07/1726 Frances MOOR of Dundraw

16/05/1712 Isabel MOOR of Bromfield

20/06/1721 Jane of Thomas MOOR of Dundraw

21/03/1715 Janet MOOR of Dundraw

18/05/1703 John MOOR of Dundraw

18/02/1705 John MOOR of Dundraw

19/05/1723 John of Andrew MOOR of Dundraw

17/07/1720 John of William MOOR of Bromfield

09/01/1685 Robert of Thomas MOOR of Dundraw

18/12/1690 Thomas MOOR of Dundraw

15/02/1732 Thomas MOOR of Dundraw

30/12/1728 William MOOR of Bromfield

29/10/1766 Frances wife of Robert MOOR of Langrigg

15/02/1745 John of Thomas MOOR of Langrigg

06/09/1768 Margaret wife of Thomas MOOR of Langrigg

29/06/1757 William of Thomas MOOR of Langrigg

14/12/1773 Thomas MOOR Widower of Langrigg 70

16/04/1789 Robert MOOR Widower of Langrigg 84

29/09/1732 Ann MOOR widow of Langrigg

21/08/1701 Anne MOOR# of Dundraw

18/01/1711 Daughter of Frances MOOR# of

19/07/1754 Mary MOOR* of Dundraw

31/03/1664 Thomas MOORE of Dundraw Moss

20/12/1670 Thomas MOORE Junior of Dundraw

12/08/1806 Jonathan son of John MOORHOUSE of West-newton 11

27/01/1803 Joseph son of John MOORHOUSE of West-newtonan infant

06/08/1719 Mary MORLAND of Langrigg

02/06/1671 Mary of Thomas MORLAND of Langrigg

13/01/1686 Mary MOSCROP of Mealrigge

21/02/1781 William MOSCROP Widower of Mealrigg 93

02/01/1683 Jenet bts=Janett MOSCROPP of Mealrigge

28/11/1663 William MOSCROPP of Moorraw

01/01/1666 none given MOSCROPP# of Mooreraw

07/05/1670 Thomas bts=John MOSSCROP of Mealrigg

15/01/1667 Wilfrid MOSSCROPP of Mealrigg

18/03/1711 Mary of Richard MURTHWAITE of Greenhow

15/04/1673 Ann MUSGRAVE of Bromfield

26/11/1683 Barbary of Cuthbert MUSGRAVE of Crookdake

29/01/1708 Catherine MUSGRAVE of Newton

20/11/1685 Cuthbert MUSGRAVE of Crookdake

16/12/1686 Elizabeth MUSGRAVE of Bromfield

26/03/1656 George MUSGRAVE of Brumfield

30/01/1682 George of John MUSGRAVE of Bromfield

22/09/1726 Jane wife of Edward MUSGRAVE of Crookdake

23/03/1654 John MUSGRAVE of Brumfield

19/08/1700 Margaret MUSGRAVE of Crookdake

13/03/1683 Margaret wife of John MUSGRAVE of Bromfield

09/05/1661 Sarah MUSGRAVE of Brumfield

25/04/1670 Thomas MUSGRAVE of Crookdaike

09/12/1670 William MUSGRAVE of Brumfield

24/12/1803 Catharine wife of James MUSGRAVE of West-newton 56

02/05/1810 George son of James MUSGRAVE of West-newton an infant

08/12/1809 James MUSGRAVE of Aspatria Parish 75

22/12/1803 Jane dau of James MUSGRAVE of West-newton 28

20/06/1768 Jane wife of Edward MUSGRAVE of Langrigg

07/05/1774 Edward MUSGRAVEYeoman of Langrigg 80

14/02/1663 William MUSGRAVE Esq of Crookdake

12/03/1662 William MUSGRAVE Junior Mr of Crookdaike

07/08/1670 William MUSGRAVE Mr of Clea

07/01/1661 Barbary MUSGRAVE Mrs of not stated

21/03/1683 DorothyMUSGRAVE Mrs of Crookdake

19/08/1674 Daughter of Cuthbert MUSGRAVE# of Crookdake

08/06/1783 John MUSGRAVE-bachelor & labourer of West-newton 56


07/03/1768 Mally NEALS a nurse Child at Langrigg

22/09/1798 Mary wife of Henry NELSON of Moor-row 51

02/01/1781 Robinson son of Henry & Mary NELSON Yeoman of Moor-row an infant

13/11/1772 Joseph of Joseph NELSON at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

15/03/1683 Robert NEWTON of Newton

08/02/1664 A Child of Jo NICHOLSON , A Traveller

06/01/1694 Jane NICHOLSON of Langrigg

25/11/1785 Mary NICHOLSON of Grainger Houses Wigton 90

18/05/1804 Thomas NICHOLSON of Wigton Parish 68

22/12/1738 Osea NICHOLSON Pauper of Langrigg

23/12/1727 Elizabeth wife of John NICHOLSON# of Blencogo

25/01/1706 Mary NICOLSON# of Langrigg

25/03/1768 Jane NOBLE Widow of Low-row

09/09/1758 Blanch NONE at Allonby Chapel of none given

09/03/1699 James of a Traveller NONE given of Langrigg

05/02/1665 Margaret NONE given of Sandraw

27/09/1715 Jane of John NORMAN of Dundraw

22/04/1720 John NORMAN Senior of Dundraw

28/12/1704 Mary of Thomas NORMAS of Mealrigg


16/03/1666 not stated OGLIONBY of Whirrigg

05/03/1728 Susan of Mr ORFEUR of Bromfield

23/03/1728 Wife of Mr ORFEUR of Bromfield

18/07/1687 Francis ORFEUR bts=Orphyr of Bromfield

28/04/1705 William ORFUER Mr of Bromfield

07/05/1752 Mabel OSBORN Pauper at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

14/09/1766 Thomas OSBORN at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

21/08/1709 Anne of Thomas OSBURN of Allanby

01/06/1716 Margaret of Thomas OSBURN of Allanby

08/05/1729 Thomas OSBURN of Allanby

08/08/1740 no name of Thomas OSBURN of Allonby

24/02/1723 John OSBURN Church Warden of Allanby

23/10/1696 Fran: OSBURN bt=Osbourne of Allanby

09/11/1670 William OSMETHERLEY Esqr of Langrigg

06/02/1664 A Child of Anthony OSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

06/01/1714 Anne OSMOTHERLEY of Langrigg

15/12/1696 AnneOSMOTHERLEY of Dundraw

28/12/1693 Anthony OSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

24/08/1672 Benjamin OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdaike

23/11/1716 George OSMOTHERLEY of Langrigg

08/02/1662 JamesOSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

19/01/1671 Jane OSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

12/05/1705 Jane of George OSMOTHERLEY of Bromfield

21/12/1666 Jane wife of Richard OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdaike

23/02/1696 John of George bt=George OSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

25/03/1664 Magdelene OSMOTHERLEY of Bromfield

27/08/1672 Margrett OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdaike

15/03/1673 Richard OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdake

22/08/1703 Richard OSMOTHERLEY of Gill

12/10/1707 Richard OSMOTHERLEY of Langrigg

18/12/1656 Robert OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdaike

24/10/1665 Robert of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY of Sandraw

12/08/1724 Sarah OSMOTHERLEY of Langrigg

24/12/1671 William OSMOTHERLEY of Crookdaike

17/03/1722 William OSMOTHERLEY of Langrigg

17/01/1768 Isabella OSMOTHERLEY of Blencogo

17/12/1763 John OSMOTHERLEY of Old Kiln

09/12/1764 John of John OSMOTHERLEY of Old Kiln

18/05/1789 Susan OSMOTHERLEY of Holm Cultram Parish 85

14/03/1724 Hannah wife of John OSMOTHERLEY Old Kill of Cowper Holm Cultram

19/11/1737 Isabell OSMOTHERLEY Pensioner of Langrigg

04/12/1693 Henry of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Esqr of Langrigg

20/12/1693 Dorothy twin of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Esqr# of Langrigg

20/12/1693 Jane twin of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Esqr# of Langrigg

29/07/1687 Anthony OSMOTHERLEY Junior of Sandraw

16/09/1698 Cuthbert of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Mr of Langrigg Hall

11/11/1733 Mary wife of Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Mr of Langrigg

06/02/1744 Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY Mr of Langrigg-Hall

03/07/1702 Cuthbert OSMOTHERLEY# of Crookdake

16/07/1702 Dorothy OSMOTHERLEY# of Crookdake

21/06/1698 Jane OSMOTHERLEY# of Allanby

14/08/1693 none given OSMOTHERLEY# of Sandraw

11/08/1698 none given of George OSMOTHERLEY# of Crookdake

28/08/1671 Thomas OSMOTHERLEY# of Crookdaike

26/07/1679 John son of Richard OSMOTHERLEY* of Bromfield


05/04/1664 Anne PAIPE of Whyrigg

04/01/1690 Mary PAIPE of Newton

14/09/1733 John PALMER of Langrigg

31/03/1799 Jane dau of John PALMER of Langrigg an infant

11/09/1799 Joseph son of Matthew PALMER of Langrigg an infant

05/10/1800 William so of Andrew PALMER of West-newton an infant

07/10/1798 William son of Andrew PALMER of West-newton 3

07/07/1798 John PALMER Labourer of Langrigg 38

18/09/1726 John PAPE of Blencogo

28/07/1717 Sarah of George PAPE of Newton

19/03/1743 Mary PAPE Spinster of Blencogo

22/01/1779 John Batchelor PAPE Shoe-maker of Low-row Crookdake 63

18/04/1744 Anne PAPE - Widow- Householder of Blencogo

01/09/1687 John of William PAPE bts=Paipe of Newton

01/01/1690 Ann PARK of Blencogoe

10/10/1712 Anne of Robert PARKIN of Bromfield

23/07/1715 Jane PARKIN of Bromfield

21/09/1734 Thomas PARKIN of Bromfield

27/02/1788 Betty wife of William PARKIN of Low Scales 27

07/10/1787 Catherine of William and Elizabeth(late Wilson) PARKIN of Scales 2

18/02/1794 Elizabeth dau of William PARKIN of Scales 7

08/01/1746 Elizabeth of John PARKIN of Whyrigg

19/07/1747 Isabel of John PARKIN of Wheyrigg

14/12/1793 Jane daug of William PARKIN of Parish of Bolton 2 months

16/04/1742 Jane of John PARKIN of Whyrigg

11/12/1800 John PARKIN of Crookdake 58

30/04/1811 John PARKIN of Bolton Parish 37

08/07/1798 Mary PARKIN of Crookdake 61

07/12/1793 Robert son of William PARKIN of Parish of Bolton 7

17/11/1762 William PARKIN of High Crookdake

20/09/1794 William PARKIN of Bolton Parish 49

24/08/1808 Richard PARKIN Tailor of Crookdake 67

11/11/1778 Mary PARKIN Servant of Urngill Westnewton 23

05/11/1812 William PARKIN Labourer of Bolton Parish 40

20/08/1744 Robert PARKIN Pensioner of Beck

10/04/1750 Isabella PARKIN Pensioner of Blencogo

09/11/1735 Anne PARKIN Householder of Bromfield

22/09/1769 Mary PARKIN Widow of Crookdake

06/03/1766 John PARKIN at Allonby Chapel of Marlborough

08/12/1751 Elizabeth of Thomas PATRICKSON of St.Bees Parish

11/03/1763 Sarah wife of William PATTINSON of Dundraw

26/12/1804 Sarah PATTINSON Widowof Moor-row 98

24/08/1799 John PATTINSON Farmer of Dryfold 62

18/08/1810 Mary PATTINSON Pauper of West-newton 75

23/08/1785 Joseph PATTINSON Yeoman of High Scales 79

17/05/1661 Margrett of Mungo PEALE of Newton

01/10/1662 William of Humfrey PEALE of Newton

29/03/1712 Anne PEARSON of Crookdake

07/09/1707 Cabel of John PEARSON of Mealrigg

06/04/1701 ElizabethPEARSON of Mealrigg

12/10/1729 Frances PEARSON of Mealrigg

17/03/1728 John PEARSON of Mealrigg

23/03/1711 William PEARSON of Crookdake

24/11/1746 John of Thomas PEARSON of Traveller

23/02/1758 Katherine of Richard PEARSON of Wigton

04/11/1794 William PEARSON Batchelor of Kelsike 51

17/04/1776 Mary of Robert & Frances PEARSON Blacksmith of Westnewton pb 7th inst

14/02/1809 Joseph PEARSON Schoolmaster of Kelsike 99

21/12/1755 Joseph of Richard PEARSON # of Crookdake

02/12/1755 Mary of Richard PEARSON # of Crookdake

30/09/1767 Jane of Isaac PEARSON & Mary Atkinson of Newton

13/08/1701 Mary of John PEARSON# of Mealrigg

08/03/1734 Jane wife of Henry PEAT of Dundraw

17/02/1735 Thomas of Henry PEAT of Dundraw

16/03/1786 Margaret PEAT of Blencogo 71

01/07/1743 Mary wife of Henry PEAT of Dundraw

18/01/1745 Thomas of Henry PEAT of Dundraw

11/02/1809 Thomas PEAT Weaver of Moor-row 80

19/11/1787 Isaac PEAT Widower of Blencogo 81

25/09/1800 GeorgePEAT Yeoman of Dundraw 63

06/02/1792 John illegt of John Burney & Nelly Peat PEAT/BURNEY of Dundraw 1

24/02/1755 Anne PEATE of Newton

26/02/1762 Priscilla PEATE of Wigton Parish

12/03/1782 Henry PEAT-widower & yeoman of Dundraw 81

05/08/1684 Humphrey PEEL bts=Peale of Newton

05/12/1684 IsabelPEEL bts=Peale of Newton

29/04/1710 Margaret PENN# of Allanby

11/10/1726 Margaret PEW of Newton

04/09/1796 John PHILIPSON Widower of Dundraw 80

29/06/1704 Eleanor PINGEY of Crookdake

24/03/1690 John PINGEY of Crookdake

18/01/1721 John PINGEY of Crookdake

31/08/1683 Thomas PINGEY of Crookdake

26/01/1686 William PINGEY of Crookdake

17/02/1706 Elizabeth PINGEY# of Crookdake

20/03/1654 Nicholas PINGUEY Junior of Crookdaike

12/04/1680 Nicholas PINGUEY* of

14/02/1687 Ann PLASKET of Blencogoe

05/02/1705 Grace PLASKET of Scales

07/04/1688 Joseph PLASKET of Blencogoe

04/02/1688 Robert of John PLASKET of Langrigge

22/04/1724 Ruth PLASKET of Dundraw

23/10/1674 Mary of John PLASKET# of Moorraw

25/08/1659 Thomas PLASKETT of Kelsike

22/02/1681 Thomas PLASKETT of Crookdake

14/06/1662 Thomas of John PLASKETT of not stated

09/08/1666 Widdow PLASKETT of Kelsike

30/01/1692 William PLASKETT of Crookdake

21/02/1670 John PLASKETT Senior of Crookdaike

22/03/1682 William of John PLASKETT# of Crookdake

24/01/1655 William PLUMER of Langrigge

08/05/1733 Janet POOLEY of Moorraw

29/09/1734 Joseph POOLEY of Dundraw

17/11/1717 John POOLY of Moorraw

05/01/1715 William POOLY of Moorraw

26/03/1669 Thomas PORTER late of Boulton of Crookdaike

1679 Mary POT*

02/12/1657 Jane POTT of Langrigg

22/05/1712 Jane of William POTT of Crookdake

23/11/1672 John POTT of Langrigg

24/01/1672 John POTT of Langrigg

17/03/1705 John POTT of Mealrigg

14/01/1702 Margaret of William POTT of Bromfield

07/04/1687 Mary POTT of Langrigge

22/06/1699 Mary POTT of Mealrigg

24/09/1704 Mary wife of Robert POTT of Bromfield

10/05/1673 William POTT of Mealrigge

11/10/1732 William POTT of Crookdake

11/06/1767 George POTT of Crookdake

25/11/1762 Grace wife of George POTT of High Crookdake

20/03/1766 John POTT of Crookdake

23/10/1744 Mary wife of George POTT of Crookdake

22/08/1761 William Moor of John POTT of Langrigg

14/05/1745 Catherine POTT Widow of Langrigg

19/04/1750 Jane POTT Widow of Crookdake

19/01/1735 Robert POTT householder of Langrigg

02/12/1736 Margaret POTT widow of Langrigg

28/05/1697 Elizabeth POTT# of Mealrigg

14/06/1697 George POTT# of Cowper Holm Cultram

22/11/1697 George POTT# of Cowper

23/01/1697 John POTT# of Bromfield

03/01/1757 Ellenor of George POTTER of Great Broughton

12/05/1798 Robert son of Thomas POTTS of Bromfield 3

22/01/1791 Mary POTTS Maiden Lady of Sandray 90

13/08/1793 Susan POTTS Maiden Lady of Sandraw 90

15/04/1709 James POW of Newton

06/03/1655 Katherin POW of Mealrigg

17/02/1748 Mary wife of John POW of Newton

18/03/1695 John POWLEY bt=Pooly of Moorraw

06/10/1705 Margaret POWLEY bts= Pooley of Moorraw

14/04/1700 Elizabeth of Mr PROCTOR of Bromfield

14/12/1690 Thomas PROCTOR of Pedlar and Stranger

14/07/1750 Alice the wife of PROCTOR Mr - Vicar of Bromfield

09/05/1774 Margaret PROCTOR Mrs - of Denton of Denton Parish 66

11/03/1714 John PROCTOR-MR Vicar of Bromfield


20/09/1764 Elizabeth RAIPER of Scales

26/11/1756 Rachel wife of Joseph RAIPER of Low-row

19/03/1753 William RAIPER of Crookdake

19/08/1667 Elinor RAP bts=Raper of Brumfield

15/12/1688 Ann RAPER of Bromfield

01/08/1657 Ann of George RAPER of Langrigg

28/11/1715 Anne RAPER of Langrigg

17/02/1725 Anne RAPER of Crookdake

22/01/1667 Anne of Francis RAPER of Langrigg

11/05/1674 Anthony RAPER of Newton

04/06/1682 Catharine bts=Katharine RAPER of Scales

03/10/1688 Catherine RAPER of Lowrow Crookdake

18/06/1728 Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

06/12/1728 Deborah wife of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

02/08/1694 Eleanor of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

04/12/1692 Elizabeth RAPER of Bromfield

07/04/1701 Elizabeth RAPER of Scales

03/03/1723 Elizabeth RAPER of Blencogo

26/01/1688 Ellen RAPER of Kelsike

08/08/1698 Frances RAPER of Langrigg

10/03/1712 Frances RAPER of Parish of All Saints

27/07/1672 Francis RAPER of Greena

02/04/1687 George RAPER of Crookdake Lowrow

04/05/1704 George RAPER of Crookdake

04/04/1709 George RAPER of Crookdake

07/12/1695 George RAPER of Crookdake

09/04/1684 George RAPER of Langrigge

11/04/1723 George of George RAPER of Crookdake

18/08/1695 Grace RAPER of Crookdake

04/11/1660 Hellen of Francis RAPER of Greeneay

21/05/1688 IsabelRAPER of Langrigge

29/02/1655 Jane RAPER of Crookdaike

09/07/1669 Jane RAPER of Crookdaike

13/05/1695 Jane RAPER of Greena

10/04/1717 Jane RAPER of Greenhah

29/04/1717 Jane RAPER of Langrigg

11/10/1686 Jane wife of William RAPER of Greena

27/11/1702 Janet RAPER of Crookdake

11/01/1681 Janett RAPER of Crookdake

07/01/1673 Janett Relict of John RAPER of Scales

29/01/1663 John RAPER of Newton

16/11/1673 John RAPER of Scales

16/03/1683 John RAPER of Crookdake

01/12/1711 John RAPER of Langrigg Bank

25/01/1711 John RAPER of Bromfield

18/03/1731 John RAPER of Crookdake

28/02/1732 John RAPER of Lowrow Crookdake

11/12/1687 John of George RAPER of Crookdake

01/07/1694 John of Robert(date bt=3) RAPER of Crookdake

12/02/1672 Joseph RAPER of Newton

16/07/1707 Joseph of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

11/12/1656 Julian RAPER of Brumfield

19/10/1666 Lancelote RAPER of Brumfield

30/04/1662 Lancelott RAPER of Brumfield

06/12/1713 Mabel RAPER of Bromfield

24/12/1716 Mabel RAPER of Crookdake

16/03/1696 Mabell RAPER of Crookdake

07/11/1691 Margaret RAPER of Bromfield

17/08/1704 Margaret RAPER of Newton

27/06/1709 Margaret RAPER of Crookdake

02/06/1667 Mary RAPER of Brumfield

19/03/1687 Mary RAPER of Crookdake

18/07/1705 Mary of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

01/05/1712 Mary of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

05/12/1683 Mary of Robert RAPER of Crookdake

27/10/1669 Nicholas RAPER of Langrigg

24/03/1681 Nicholas RAPER of Newton

26/08/1698 Nicholas of John RAPER of Langrigg

06/11/1736 Rachel of Daniel RAPER of Low-row

15/04/1694 Robert RAPER of Langrigg

06/09/1734 Robert RAPER of Crookdake

29/05/1712 Sarah of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake

15/12/1698 Sarah of Thomas RAPER of Crookdake

09/10/1656 Thomas RAPER of Scailes

25/04/1700 Thomas RAPER of Bromfield

04/09/1693 Thomas (date bt=14) RAPER of Langriggbank

09/11/1736 Thomas of John RAPER of Crookdake

16/05/1670 William RAPER of Newton

05/10/1698 William RAPER of Blencogoe

17/03/1703 William RAPER of Newton

17/01/1705 William RAPER of Langrigg

10/02/1655 William of William RAPER of Scailes

08/09/1794 Ann wife of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake 44

14/09/1798 Cuthbert son of Cuthbert RAPER of Crookdake 8

02/01/1745 Elizabeth of William RAPER of Scales

25/09/1792 GeorgeRAPER of Lowrow 28

19/10/1751 Hannah of Elizabeth RAPER of Scales

01/08/1767 Jane (daugt-in-law of Stephen Reay) RAPER of Langrigg Bank

07/11/1742 John of Thomas RAPER of Sandraw

17/08/1751 Mary of George RAPER of Low-row

24/06/1747 Mary wife of George RAPER of Crookdake

11/04/1810 Mary wife of John RAPER of Torpenhow Parish 80

06/03/1801 Robert RAPER of Gillmore-End 81

03/05/1771 Robert son of Joseph RAPER of Low-row Crookdake

26/03/1780 Joseph RAPER Mason of Low-row Crookdake 62

23/02/1745 Mary RAPER Widow of Crookdake

06/09/1800 William RAPER Pauper of Bromfield 75

20/11/1773 Cuthbert RAPER Widower of Crookdake 81

16/04/1782 George RAPER Widower of Low-row97

19/05/1802 GeorgeRAPER Widower of Crookdake 74

18/02/1740 Margaret RAPER Widow of Crookdake

04/01/1749 Thomas RAPER Householder of Pastureside

05/06/1775 Mary RAPER Widow of Blencogo 74

13/12/1742 Joseph RAPER Householder of Moor-rig

16/02/1794 Ann RAPER Maiden Lady of Scales 79

28/04/1736 Isabel RAPER widow of Low-row

09/02/1671 William RAPER Bts=Rap of Scailes

24/08/1737 Mabel RAPER widow of Crookdake

26/07/1671 Jane RAPER bts =Rap of Langrigg

16/02/1667 Anthony RAPER of Newton

24/06/1716 Mary of Thomas RAPER Junior of Crookdake

20/08/1719 Thomas RAPER Senior of Crookdake

14/04/1702 John RAPER# of Crookdake

18/07/1702 Martha of Cuthbert RAPER# of Crookdake

05/09/1693 Mary RAPER# of Langrigg

10/04/1668 Grace RAPIR bts=Raper of Crookdaike

14/02/1784 Jane wife of Joseph RAVEN Labourer of Whitehaven 31

30/01/1748 Mary RAWLIN - Widow - Pauper of Langrigg

14/06/1693 Ann the wife of John RAWLING of Bromfield

01/11/1720 Anne RAWLING of Bankside

24/03/1692 Catharine RAWLING of Bankhead bt=bankend

27/02/1716 Catherine RAWLING of Bankside

19/01/1698 Elizabeth RAWLING of Langrigg Bank

12/09/1661 Elizabeth of John RAWLING of Seamoor

11/11/1736 Isabel of John RAWLING of Bromfield

14/09/1665 Isabell RAWLING of Thornby

04/05/1668 James RAWLING of Seamore

15/02/1666 Jane RAWLING of Blencogo bts=Bankend

13/04/1670 Jane RAWLING of Langrigg

27/08/1720 Jane RAWLING of Crookdake

30/05/1721 Jane of Cuthbert RAWLING of Langrigg

08/01/1735 Jane wife of Joseph RAWLING of Bankside

25/03/1673 John RAWLING of Bank End

18/07/1683 John RAWLING of Seymor

14/04/1704 John RAWLING of Bromfield

11/05/1722 John RAWLING of Crookdake

01/07/1712 Margaret RAWLING of Langrigg

13/03/1674 Musgrave of Cuthbert RAWLING of Bromfield bts=Langrigg

12/03/1713 Richard RAWLING of Langrigg

07/09/1666 Thomas RAWLING of Brumfield

11/05/1670 Thomas RAWLING of Seamoor bts=Thorneby

23/01/1681 Thomas RAWLING of Langrigge

28/05/1722 Thomas RAWLING of Bankside

15/06/1674 Thomas of John RAWLING of Seamoor bts=Thorneby

28/11/1665 Widdow RAWLING of Langrigg

16/12/1724 William RAWLING of Langrigg

17/04/1727 William RAWLING of Langrigg

16/02/1745 Anne of John RAWLING of Bromfield

21/05/1746 Elizabeth of John RAWLING of Bromfield

24/12/1756 Elizabeth wife of Thomas RAWLING of Langrigg

02/08/1761 John RAWLING of Blencogo

19/05/1756 Joseph RAWLING of Scales

08/06/1798 Joseph RAWLING of Wheyrigg 64

23/02/1756 Robert of John RAWLING of Blencogo

10/03/1756 William RAWLING of Langrigg-bank

06/03/1745 William of John RAWLING of Bromfield

18/10/1785 Thomas of Thomas RAWLING Joiner of Langrigg Bank 21

02/11/1780 Anne RAWLING Widow of Bromfield 84

08/03/1811 Jane RAWLING Widow of Langrigg Bank 75

09/01/1787 John RAWLING Farmer of Bromfield 63

14/05/1778 Martha RAWLING Spinster of Blencogo 72

26/04/1778 John RAWLING Yeoman of Langrigg Bank 65

12/04/1778 Rachael wife of John RAWLING Yeoman of Langrigg Bank 48

19/01/1802 Thomas RAWLING Yeoman of Langrigg 84

24/11/1782 Hannah wife of John RAWLING Yeoman of Blencogo 40

12/07/1775 Cuthbert of Thomas & Jane RAWLING Innkeeper of Bromfield 6

02/03/1745 Joseph RAWLING Householder of Bromfield

21/06/1736 Thomas RAWLING Housholder of Langrigg

25/01/1739 Cuthbert RAWLING Housholder of Langrigg

30/05/1731 Mercy RAWLING widow of Langrigg

04/04/1781 Bridget of Joseph RAWLING - Schoolmaster of Wheyrigg died at Bromfield 15

03/12/1782 John son of John RAWLING -Widower-Yeoman of Blencogo 3

05/08/1710 Cuthbert RAWLING# of Langrigg

27/05/1701 William RAWLING# of Lanrigg

1679 Ann RAWLING* of Blencogoe

21/01/1657 Ann daugt of John RAWLINGE of Thornby

05/09/1669 John RAWLINGE of Bankend

15/09/1655 John son of John RAWLINGE of Brumfield

09/04/1657 John the son of RAWLINGE of Thornby

30/10/1799 Moses RAWLINGS of Bromfield 64

19/08/1794 Sarah RAWLINGS Widow of Blencogo 81

15/02/1662 Jane RAY of Langrigg

12/01/1674 Anne REA of Blencogoe

09/09/1659 Edward REA of Blencogoe

17/02/1672 Jannett REA of Blencogoe

05/02/1662 John REA of Blencogoe

08/03/1671 Julian REA of Gill

16/06/1654 not stated REA of Langrigg

21/05/1664 Richard REA of Blencogoe

15/05/1665 William REA of Blencogoe

29/03/1753 Anne wife of Stephen REA of Langrigg Bank

06/01/1664 Jennett REA bts=Reay of Blencogoe

02/09/1671 William REA aged circa 99 of Gill

03/12/1754 Steven REA* the Elder of Langrigg Bank

03/09/1667 Margrett READ of Dundraw

17/06/1662 The wife of Thomas READE of Dundraw

30/10/1736 Anne of William REAH of Gill

02/10/1728 Anne wife of William REAY of Gill

08/12/1715 Elizabeth REAY of Bromfield

03/02/1712 Jane REAY of Crookdake

27/03/1701 Jane wife of Thomas REAY of Scales

14/07/1703 Jane wife of Thomas REAY of Scales

14/05/1719 John REAY of Langrigg

22/03/1737 John of William REAY of Gill

16/02/1711 Julian and Mary Sisters REAY of Langrigg

31/10/1726 Margaret REAY of Denton

16/03/1702 Mary REAY of Bitchhill

19/03/1715 Thomas REAY of Langrigg

22/03/1711 William REAY of Gill

20/03/1759 Jane REAY of Langrigg

01/02/1753 Jane wife of Stephen REAY of Bromfield

24/02/1755 Julian REAY of Bromfield

29/06/1755 Mary wife of Stephen REAY of Langrigg Bank

22/02/1739 Sarah wife of Stephen REAY of Langrigg

13/04/1780 Stephen REAY Taylor of Langrigg Bank 74

21/01/1793 Susan REAY Widowof Gill 85

05/03/1786 William REAY Yeoman of Gill 80

16/12/1786 Jane REAY Widow of Langrigg Bank 75

11/02/1776 Betty of John & Julian REAY Yeoman of Gill 3

14/08/1724 Jane REAY midwife of Langrigg

08/12/1696 Frances REAY bts=Rea of Scales

01/07/1695 Hannah REAY bts=Rea of Scales

01/02/1696 Julian REAY bts=Rea of Scales

25/10/1696 Mary REAY bts=Rea of Scales

20/06/1700 Henry of William REAY bts=Rea of Mealrigg

08/05/1701 Nicholas REAY bts=Rea of Bromfield

12/05/1747 Elizabeth REAY - Widow - Pauper of Sea-moor

11/04/1743 Mary REAY - Widow -Pensioner of Langrigg

22/06/1685 George REAY bts=Rea of Gill

28/11/1689 Nicholas of John REAY bts=Rea of Langrigge

24/10/1691 Richard REAY bts=Rea of Crookdake

11/07/1688 William REAY bts=Rea of Gill

11/03/1741 William REAY the Elder of Gill

10/12/1693 Ann of John REAY# of Langrigg

02/05/1728 Jane REAY# of Langrigg

04/04/1702 Margaret of William REAY# of Gill

11/11/1727 MaryREAY# of Gill

08/07/1710 Richard REAY# of none given

08/09/1693 William REAY# of Langrigg

29/09/1693 William REAY# of Langrigg

12/04/1774 John REAY, formerly a Servant to Dr Gibson - Bishop of London but late of of Bromfield 83

19/05/1661 Mary of Thomas REED of Dundraw

21/03/1674 Thomas REED of Dundraw

11/05/1664 Thomas of Thomas REED of Dundraw

17/12/1689 Jane RELF of Langrigge

13/02/1683 Thomas RELF bts=Relfe of Langrigge

21/08/1792 William son of John RENNY of Parish of Torpenhowe 6

19/02/1673 John of Richard REY bts=Rea of Scales

09/08/1730 Ann RICHARDSON of Langrigg

03/09/1665 Elizabeth RICHARDSON of Brumfield

20/10/1665 Machael RICHARDSON of Scailes ? Crookdaike

03/10/1758 John RICHARDSON of Thornby-end

20/11/1763 Margaret RICHARDSON of Crookdake

03/03/1762 Mary RICHARDSON of Holm Cultram Parish

17/04/1724 William RICKERBY of Newton

06/03/1772 Mary RICKERBYServant of Hayton-brow Westnewton

16/12/1689 Mary RICKLING of Langrigge

20/12/1668 A child of John RITSON of Newton

03/12/1683 Ann RITSON of Mealrigge

23/01/1684 Ann wife of Lancelot RITSON of Newton

28/01/1670 Anne RITSON of Newton

24/01/1736 Anne wife of Jefferay RITSON of Crookdake

02/05/1686 Barabry RITSON of Mealrigge

07/02/1672 Catherine of John RITSON of Newton

24/06/1675 Christian RITSON of Newton

30/04/1722 Daniel of Daniel RITSON of Langrigg

16/01/1684 Elizabeth RITSON of Newton

11/11/1696 Elizabeth RITSON of Mealrigg

04/04/1706 Elizabeth RITSON of Crookdake

05/08/1724 Elizabeth RITSON of Kelsike

20/12/1670 Frances RITSON of Newton

14/04/1732 Helenor RITSON of Dundraw

07/12/1662 Isabell RITSON of Newton

28/11/1662 Isabell wife of Simond RITSON of Newton

22/12/1691 Jane RITSON of Mealrigge

21/04/1731 Jane RITSON of Langrigg

30/08/1660 Jane RITSON of Whirigge

07/03/1729 Jane of Thomas RITSON of Crookdake

09/02/1672 Jannett RITSON of Whyrigg

21/12/1664 Jennett RITSON of Whyrigg

06/02/1662 John RITSON of Allanby

18/04/1674 John RITSON of Moorraw

24/03/1689 John RITSON of Crookdake

22/05/1696 John RITSON of Newton

23/05/1716 John RITSON of Whyrigg

17/02/1732 John RITSON of Crookdake

23/01/1684 John of lancelot RITSON of Newton

19/02/1687 Joseph RITSON of Crookdake

25/03/1713 Joseph of John RITSON of Crookdake

07/03/1719 Joseph of Lancelot RITSON of Langrigg

25/02/1654 Katherin RITSON of Newton

24/09/1655 Katherin RITSON of Newton

16/05/1726 Lancelot RITSON of Langrigg

14/08/1699 Mabel RITSON of Newton

07/06/1713 Mabel RITSON of Langrigg

22/08/1699 Mabel of Lancelot RITSON of Newton

14/09/1666 Mabell RITSON of Allanby

30/01/1681 Margaret RITSON of Mealrigge

02/03/1689 Margaret RITSON of Newton

14/10/1707 Margaret of Daniel RITSON of Langrigg

08/07/1693 Margaret of John RITSON of Mealrigg

03/06/1720 Martha of Daniel RITSON of Langrigg

05/11/1681 Mary RITSON of Newton

06/01/1708 Mary RITSON of Newton

08/04/1712 Mary RITSON of Newton

26/05/1721 Mary RITSON of Langrigg

04/03/1729 Mary RITSON of Langrigg

25/03/1673 Mary of John RITSON of Mealrigge

23/06/1726 Mary of John RITSON of Kelsike

15/10/1665 Robert RITSON of Langrigg

28/02/1690 Robert RITSON of Newton

29/05/1692 Robert RITSON of Newton

25/02/1735 Robert RITSON of Blencogo

14/11/1729 Ruth of Jonathan RITSON of Mealrigg

19/02/1663 Simond RITSON of Newton

04/10/1666 The wife of Thomas RITSON of Allanby

03/04/1656 Thomas RITSON of Whyrigg

15/12/1672 Thomas RITSON of Whyrigg

17/05/1684 Thomas RITSON of Langrigge

06/06/1695 Thomas RITSON of Kelsike

24/08/1716 Thomas RITSON of Newton

10/07/1724 Thomas RITSON of Bromfield

19/04/1732 Thomas RITSON of Crookdake

01/10/1660 William RITSON of Newton

08/03/1662 William RITSON of Newton

30/04/1663 William RITSON of Newton

10/10/1691 William RITSON of Langrigge

22/10/1716 William RITSON of Langrigg

08/05/1726 William RITSON of Bromfield

23/08/1787 Ann wife of Jonathan RITSON of Maryport Crosscanonby 38

12/08/1803 Fanny wife of John RITSON of Wigton Parish 65

20/04/1746 Jane of John RITSON of Blencogo

24/04/1792 Jane wife of John RITSON of Langrigg 37

16/03/1798 John RITSON of West-newton 76

13/03/1742 Jonathan of Robert RITSON of Newton

12/04/1759 Joseph RITSON of Newton

03/12/1769 Joseph of Lancelot & Ann RITSON of Whin-bank

29/06/1742 Mary of John RITSON of Bromfield

11/11/1769 Mary of Lancelot & Ann RITSON of Whin-bank

25/12/1743 Mary of Thomas RITSON of Crookdake

03/11/1746 Mary wife of Daniel RITSON of Kelsike

23/02/1741 Mary wife of John RITSON of Crookdake

02/12/1746 Thomas of Daniel RITSON of Kelsike

19/06/1769 William of John & Francis RITSON of Cross-rigg

18/03/1738 Anne RITSON Widow of Langrigg

13/04/1809 John RITSON Farmer of Bowness Parish 67

31/10/1775 Mary RITSON Pauper of Bromfield 87

31/03/1781 Mary RITSON Spinster of Mealrigg 93

10/06/1768 Hannah RITSON Widow of Westnewton

02/05/1790 Lancelot RITSON Farmer of Whinbank 80

21/12/1782 Anne wife of Lancelot RITSON Yeoman of Whin-Bank 67

06/05/1782 Jane wife of Thomas RITSON Yeoman of Blencogo 75

25/04/1742 DinahRITSON Pensioner of Langrigg

24/01/1740 Jefferay RITSON Pauper of Crookdake

04/07/1735 John RITSON Householder of Howrigg

16/02/1745 John RITSON Householder of Kelsike

07/11/1782 Frances of John & Frances RITSON Husbandman of Greenah 3

03/02/1743 Thomas RITSON Householder of Crookdake

23/11/1746 Dennis RITSON - Widow - Pauper of Crookdake

30/04/1693 Elizabeth RITSON# of Langrigg

27/11/1697 John RITSON# of Newton

06/12/1710 John RITSON# of Crookdake

14/11/1727 John RITSON# of Kelsike

09/10/1697 Margaret RITSON# of Langrigg

14/10/1666 Robert RITSON# of Langrigg

1679 Frances RITSON*

1680 Jeffry RITSON*

18/11/1655 Ann ROBINSON of Blencogoe

05/07/1714 Anne ROBINSON of Moorraw

01/12/1699 Dorothy of Joseph ROBINSON of Newton bt=Blencogo

17/08/1671 Elizabeth ROBINSON of Mealrigg

13/01/1708 Frances ROBINSON of Newton

13/10/1693 Henry ROBINSON of Newton

29/01/1714 Jane ROBINSON of Blencogo

29/04/1720 Jane ROBINSON of Langrigg

04/03/1723 Jane ROBINSON of Moorraw

14/04/1705 Jane of Edward ROBINSON of Moorraw

03/11/1734 Jane of Thomas ROBINSON of Lowrow

21/02/1736 Jane wife of Joseph ROBINSON of Blencogo

03/02/1672 Jannett ROBINSON of Brumfield

24/05/1665 John ROBINSON of Mealerigg

08/06/1673 John ROBINSON of Newton

07/02/1674 John ROBINSON of Newton

21/12/1703 John ROBINSON of Mealrigg

12/01/1708 John of Edward ROBINSON of Moorraw

04/09/1726 Joseph ROBINSON of Newton

03/03/1735 Katherine of Edward ROBINSON of Moorraw

15/04/1669 Mary ROBINSON of Newton

17/03/1705 Richard ROBINSON of Newton

06/04/1686 RichardROBINSON of Blencogoe

12/07/1681 Robert ROBINSON of Newton

10/02/1693 Robert ROBINSON of Newton

22/03/1674 Simon bts=Symonb ROBINSON of Newton bts=Mealrigg

25/12/1662 Thomas of Simond ROBINSON of Mealrigge

08/01/1708 William ROBINSON of Kelsike

20/08/1718 William of Edward ROBINSON of Moorraw

04/03/1741 James of Thomas ROBINSON of Lowrow Crookdake

25/03/1767 John ROBINSON of Greenhow

29/01/1799 John son of Joseph ROBINSON of Mealrigg 4

11/01/1795 Joseph ROBINSON of Blencogo 52

09/10/1793 Joseph son of Thomas ROBINSON of Blencogo 13

11/08/1800 Peggy wife of Joseph ROBINSON of Mealrigg 34

14/01/1799 Samuel son of Joseph ROBINSON of Mealrigg 2

29/12/1739 Sarah ROBINSON of Traveller

02/11/1789 Thomas ROBINSON of Moffat,Scotland. Late of Lowrow 30

14/08/1761 Tomison wife of Joseph ROBINSON of Moor-row

17/07/1808 Ann ROBINSON Widow of Blencogo 67

30/06/1782 John son of Joseph & Betty ROBINSON Yeoman of Blencogo 1

30/09/1779 Joseph (Widower) ROBINSON Yeoman of Moor-row 77

12/06/1777 Mary wife of Joseph ROBINSON Yeoman of Blencogo 39

24/12/1786 Jane of Thomas & Jane ROBINSON Gentleman of Lowrow 1

18/06/1787 John ROBINSON Blacksmith of Langrigg 20

03/11/1771 Thomas ROBINSON Gentleman of Low-row Crookdake 65

19/04/1737 Joseph ROBINSON Householder of Blencogo

24/06/1746 Edward ROBINSON Householder of Moor-row

05/01/1792 Mary ROBINSON Maiden Lady of Lowrow 60

28/06/1743 James of Thomas ROBINSON Mr of Crookdake

22/02/1687 Bridget ROBINSON bts=Robison of Bromfield

11/01/1683 Catharine of Joseph ROBINSON bts=Robison of Blencogoe

13/06/1686 Jane daughter of Joseph ROBINSON bts=Robison of Blencogoe

14/06/1688 Janet ROBINSON bts=Robison of Blencogoe

20/11/1686 Joyce wife of John ROBINSON bts=Robison of Mealrigge

26/10/1688 Mary ROBINSON bts=Robison of Bromfield

15/05/1689 Mary ROBINSON bts=Robison of Blencogoe

17/03/1687 RichardROBINSON bts=Robison of Bromfield

18/12/1683 Thomas of Richard ROBINSON bts=Robison of Blencogoe

11/03/1672 Richard ROBINSON Junior of Blencogoe

25/11/1744 Joseph of Thomas ROBINSON Mr of Crookdake

02/09/1773 John ROBINSON Mr,Attorney at Law,son of the late Mr Thomas Robinson.Lowrow of Cockermouth 37

15/05/1775 Jane ROBINSON Mrs Widow of Low-row Crookdake 62

24/04/1694 Isabel of Joseph ROBINSON# of Blencogoe

16/02/1693 William of Edward ROBINSON# of Whyrigg

28/04/1671 Ann ROBINSON* of Crookdaike

12/03/1754 Katherine ROBINSON* of West Newton

10/07/1690 Sarah ROBSON of Moorraw

30/01/1656 John ROLFE Youngerof Scailes

16/02/1673 Ann of -- ROOK of Crookdake

05/03/1709 Anne ROOK of Crookdake

11/04/1710 Anne of Robert ROOK of Crookdake

02/02/1699 Anne wife of Francis ROOK of Kelsike

31/12/1703 Catherine ROOK of Blencogo

01/01/1683 Catherine of Thomas ROOK of Blencogoe

09/12/1681 Edward ROOK of Blencogoe

15/04/1716 Frances ROOK of Crookdake

26/01/1709 George ROOK of Dundraw

22/03/1687 Isabel ROOK of Blencogoe

02/05/1691 Jane ROOK of Blencogoe

02/07/1700 Jane ROOK of Scales

03/02/1673 Janet ROOK of Moorraw

17/12/1673 John ROOK of Moorraw

18/12/1863 John ROOK of Crookdake

09/02/1698 John ROOK of Dundraw

10/10/1700 Mabel ROOK of Kelsike

23/01/1711 Mary bts=Mabel ROOK of Kelsike

01/04/1687 Robert ROOK of Scales

03/04/1716 Robert ROOK of Crookdake

07/05/1687 Seymor ROOK of Kelsike

29/05/1682 Thomas ROOK of Scales

11/09/1700 Thomas ROOK of Kelsike

01/08/1711 Thomas ROOK of Blencogo

10/10/1753 John ROOK of Blencogo

25/04/1741 John of George ROOK of Highscales

14/01/1797 Joseph ROOK of Blencogo 64

05/04/1778 Elizabeth wife of Joseph ROOK Yeoman of Blencogo 82

06/07/1802 Mary ROOK Widow of Blencogo 72

06/02/1740 Elizabeth ROOK Widow of Highscales

27/02/1745 Thomas ROOK Householder of Moor-row

01/03/1723 Jane ROOKof Blengoco from of Scales

31/07/1777 Elizabeth ROOK - Widow - Pensioner of Langrigg Belonging to Waverton Quarter 83

05/02/1674 Ann of Thomas ROOK Junior of Blencogoe

05/06/1682 Thomas ROOK Junior of Blencogoe

19/01/1727 Anne ROOK# of Crookdake

01/11/1701 Margaret ROOK# of Dundraw

07/07/1682 William ROOK# of Scales

1679 Margaret ROOK*

25/05/1661 Anne of Thomas ROOKE of Blencogoe

18/01/1655 Edward ROOKE of Dundraw

23/09/1660 Elizabeth ROOKE of Scailes

01/05/1667 Janett ROOKE of Scailes

22/07/1656 John ROOKE of Dundraw

26/05/1672 John ROOKE of Kelsike

24/06/1656 Mary ROOKE of Kelsike

20/03/1656 Thomas ROOKE of Mooreraw

19/12/1672 Thomas ROOKE of Kelsike

18/02/1665 Thomas of John ROOKE of Dundraw

22/04/1660 Widdow ROOKE of Dundraw

03/07/1664 William ROOKE of Kelsick

14/12/1670 Robert ROOKE# of Crookdaike

13/06/1706 Jane ROOKLIDGE# of Langrigg

05/02/1811 John ROPER of Torpenhow Parish 78

20/08/1803 Mary ROPER Pauper of Bromfield 83

20/02/1690 John ROSS of Whyrigg

20/03/1725 John ROSS of Whyrigg

12/06/1732 Jonathan of Thomas ROSS of Dundraw

01/04/1736 Rachel of Daniel ROSS of Kelsick

16/08/1728 Robert ROSS of Moorraw

03/05/1812 Abraham son of Joseph ROSS of Moorrowan infant

24/09/1756 Anne of John ROSS of Dundraw

24/08/1765 John ROSS of Dundraw

26/07/1799 Mary wife of Abraham ROSS of Dean Parish 68

14/02/1751 Mary wife of John ROSS of Dundraw

09/10/1755 Sarah wife of William ROSS of Dundraw

26/12/1784 Anne of William & Jane ROSS Farmer of Moor-row 2

24/02/1809 Abraham ROSS Miller of Wigton Parish 31

30/01/1785 Jane of Joseph & Jane ROSS Yeoman of Moor-row 11

13/11/1804 Joseph ROSS Yeoman of Moor-row 74

23/01/1763 Daniel ROSS #of Moor-row

21/01/1747 Janet ROSS - Widow - Pauper of Moor-row

11/11/1739 William ROSS Senior of Dundraw

03/09/1782 William ROSS Senior Yeoman & Widower of Moor-row 86

22/03/1698 Frances ROSS Widdow of Whyrigg

02/01/1727 Mary wife of Robert ROSS# of Moorraw

06/11/1754 Anne wife of John ROSS* of Dundraw

02/03/1664 Catheren ROSSE of Whyrigg

09/12/1662 Catherine of John ROSSE of Whyrigge

16/05/1666 John ROSSE of Whirrigg

01/05/1661 Michall ROSSE of Whirigg

05/05/1661 Robert ROSSE of Whirigg

10/09/1683 John of Edward ROUTLEDGE of Langrigge

08/10/1687 Mary ROUTLEDGE of Langrigge

25/03/1665 Mary RUDDICK of not stated

18/01/1683 Ann RUMLEY of Langrigge

09/08/1808 Martha wife of Oliver RUTLEDGE bts=Routledge of Langrigg 57

23/05/1794 John son of Oliver RUTLIDGE of West-newton 1


13/02/1767 Mary wife of William SANDELANDS of Blencogo

23/10/1766 Robert of William SANDELANDS of Blencogo

17/12/1773 William SANDELANDS Widower of Blencogo supposed90

03/06/1733 Isabel wife of William SANDILANDS of Newton

14/10/1743 Jane of William SANDILANDS of Scales

05/12/1801 John SANDILANDS of Seamoor 71

09/09/1806 Mary SANDYLANDS Widow of Crookdake 87

06/04/1716 Abigal SAUL of Mealrigg

14/08/1698 George SAUL of Mealrigg

23/10/1712 Mabel SAUL of Mealrigg

19/08/1699 Thomas of William SAUL of Mealrigg

23/10/1788 Ann wife of Joseph bts=Anne wife of Wm. SAUL of Lessonhall Wigton parish 67

02/05/1797 William SAUL of Lessonhall Wigton Parish 75

30/03/1764 Margaret SAUL Widow of Langrigg Bank

07/02/1775 George SAUL Householder of Langrigg 60

11/09/1741 William SAUL Householder of Mealrigg

12/12/1765 Mary wife of Robert SAUL at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

11/01/1697 William SAUL# of Mealrigg

21/05/1693 Elizabeth SCOTT of Dundraw

19/11/1668 JaneSCOTT of Newton

13/01/1731 John of William SCOTT of Newton

05/05/1731 Joseph of William SCOTT of Newton

02/08/1762 Anne wife of William SCOTT of Newton

24/09/1796 John son of John SCOTT of West-newton an infant

31/08/1801 John son of John SCOTT of West-newton 2 months

10/03/1800 Mary dau of John SCOTT of West-newton an infant

03/04/1764 William SCOTT of Newton

05/04/1797 Elizabeth SCOTT Widow of Greenah 68

06/05/1781 Jane of Joseph & Anne SCOTT Carpenter of Blencogo Born 5 inst

07/03/1720 Anne SCUR of Low Scales

02/09/1709 Mary SCUR of Blencogo

12/09/1759 Mary SCUR of Blencogo

12/11/1728 John Sibson of Mary SCUR - Sibson of Scales

06/11/1667 A Child of John SCURR of Blencogoe

15/04/1682 Ann SCURR of Blencogoe

12/01/1661 James SCURR of Newton

10/09/1734 Jane SCURR of Blencogo

03/07/1700 Janet SCURR of Blencogo

07/10/1730 Jannet wife of Thomas SCURR of Blencogo

04/02/1667 John SCURR of Blencogoe

25/07/1731 Jonathan of Thomas SCURR of Blencogo

20/05/1700 Joseph of Thomas SCURR of Blencogo

15/03/1696 Margaret SCURR of Blencogoe

17/04/1656 Richard SCURR of Blencogoe

23/04/1705 Robert SCURR of Blencogo

06/10/1733 Robert SCURR of Blencogo

20/03/1696 Thomas of Joseph SCURR of Crookdake

04/01/1664 Widdow SCURR of Blencogoe

21/12/1703 William of Thomas SCURR of Blencogo

19/01/1739 Thomas SCURR Pauper of Blencogo

12/11/1738 Joseph SCURR Householder of Highscales

04/01/1693 Margaret of John SCURR# of Blencogoe

1680 Anne SCURR*

06/02/1696 Jane SEALBY , A Beggar

06/03/1686 Jane SEMPLE of Newton

13/06/1660 John SEMPLE of Newton

15/12/1772 Elizabeth SEWEL Widow of Crookdake 101

03/08/1806 Mary wife of Thomas SEWELL of Crookdake 81

29/01/1690 Ann SHARP of Newton

15/10/1691 Cuthbert SHARP of Langrigge

20/06/1725 Edward SHARP of Newton

17/08/1719 Jane SHARP of Langrigg

19/02/1711 Jeremiah SHARP of Langrigg

14/06/1724 John SHARP of Newton

24/03/1728 John of John SHARP of Allanby

04/02/1705 Margaret SHARP of Langrigg

10/11/1724 Margaret of Edward SHARP of Langrigg

25/03/1743 Anne of George SHARP of Allonby

22/07/1744 George of George SHARP of Allonby

01/02/1760 Margaret wife of David SHARP of Newton

24/01/1775 Isaac SHARP -Westnewton but late of Low-row 86

10/02/1759 Hanah SHARP # at Allanby Chapel

26/04/1760 Mary SHARP * at Allonby Chapel of Maryport

17/09/1745 Jane SHARP -Widow- Pauper of Newton

20/06/1706 John of John SHARP# of Newton

13/09/1670 Catherine SHARPE of Langrigg

20/10/1664 Edward SHARPP of Langrigg

17/02/1665 Francis of Anthony SHARPP of Crookdaike

12/06/1801 Eliza wife of Thomas SHEFFIELD of Langrigg 26

17/03/1802 John son of Thomas SHEFFIELD of Langrigg 4

09/07/1795 Joseph son of Joseph SHEFFIELD of Allhallows 28

18/02/1809 Ruth wife of Joseph SHEFFIELD of Westward Parish 73

01/08/1798 Ann SHEFFIELD Servant of West-newton 52

30/06/1728 John SHEPHERD of Blencogo

22/03/1726 Mary wife of John SHEPHERD of Blencogo

28/09/1749 Edward SHERRINGTON of Mealrigg

29/04/1739 Mary wife of Edward SHERRINGTON of Moorraw

13/07/1710 none given- of John SHITHAM# of none given

08/06/1811 Judy dau of John SHORTRIGGS of West-newtonan infant

17/12/1671 Ann SIBSON of Langrigg

03/01/1724 Robert SIBSON of Mealrigg

26/05/1806 Jane SIBSON Widow of West-newton 58

10/06/1739 Robert SIBSON Householder of Sandraw

13/10/1760 Alice of Joseph SIDE of Bromfield

04/02/1766 Jane of Joseph SIDE of Longrigg

15/06/1757 Mary of Joseph SIDE of Greenhow

25/01/1708 Dorothy of Isaac SIM of Gill

05/09/1715 Dorothy of Isaac SIM of Gill

16/03/1711 Frances of Isaac SIM of Gill

15/12/1719 Isaac SIM of Gill

22/01/1703 Jane of Isaac SIM of Gill

03/06/1707 John SIM of Allanby

07/11/1724 Mary of Joseph SIM of Allanby

07/01/1721 Mary the wife of Isaac SIM of Highlaws Holm Cultram

02/01/1717 William SIM of Allanby

22/04/1744 James of Thomas SIM of Allonby

07/04/1739 Sarah wife of Thomas SIM of Allonby

21/04/1739 Elizabeth SIM Widow of Gill

09/04/1741 John SIM Householder of Allonby

08/04/1736 Nicholas SIM householder of Allanby

23/03/1735 Anne SIM old woman of Allanby

10/02/1753 Jonathan SIM * at Allanby Chapelof Allonby

02/04/1771 David SIM at Allonby Chapel of Cross-Cannonby but late of Allonby 85

02/08/1770 Sarah SIM at Allonby Chapel of Cross Cannonby late of Allonby

16/05/1775 Thomas Yeoman SIM at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

03/05/1689 Ann SIM bts=Sym of Allanby

14/11/1688 Thomas SIM bts=Sym of Allanby

04/01/1689 William SIM bts=Sym of Allanby

26/07/1706 Joseph of Nicholas SIM# of Allanby

14/10/1662 A daughter of Widdow SIMPSON of Blencogoe

15/12/1733 Anne SIMPSON of Blencogo

26/04/1696 Anne (bt date=31) SIMPSON of Blencogoe

17/10/1713 John SIMPSON of Crookdake

15/12/1684 Mary of Robert SIMPSON of Blencogoe

22/10/1685 Mary wife of Robert SIMPSON of Blencogoe

28/10/1735 Sarah of John SIMPSON of Bromfield

25/08/1798 Joseph son of Thomas SIMPSON of Dundraw 2

06/04/1797 Thomas SIMPSON of Dundraw 23

02/11/1778 Anne SIMPSON Spinster of Blencogo 64

07/03/1740 Robert SIMPSON Youngman of Blencogo

21/02/1747 George SIMPSON Householder of Blencogo

29/01/1793 Bridget supposed dau of David Stubs by Sarah (bts = Ann) SIMPSON / Stubs of Blencogo an infant

11/07/1736 Jane SIMPSON widow of Blencogo

17/07/1710 George SIMPSON# of Blencogo

19/01/1697 John SIMPSON# of Blencogoe

1679 Elizabeth SIMPSON* of Blencogoe

1680 William SIMPSON* of Blencogoe

28/06/1721 Jane SIMSON of Crookdake

27/02/1688 Robert of George SIMSON of Blencogoe

22/03/1687 Robert of Robert SIMSON of Blencogoe

30/07/1759 Mary SINKLAR of Traveller

26/02/1731 George SKELTON of Bromfield

20/03/1720 William of Anthony SKELTON of Kelsike

13/02/1740 Anthony of Anthony SKELTON of Whyrigg

01/10/1751 Jane of Anthony SKELTON of Langbourn

12/07/1739 Jane wife of Anthony SKELTON of Whyrigg

13/03/1740 Jane wife of Benjamin SKELTON of Sandraw

11/12/1795 Jeremiah SKELTON of Blencogo 68

31/05/1762 Martha wife of Jeremiah SKELTON of Blencogo

09/12/1802 Nancy daug of Thomas SKELTON of Blencogo 2

22/03/1789 Sarah of John SKELTON of Low-row an infant

04/09/1769 William of Robert & Jane SKELTON of Sandraw

14/04/1798 Mary SKELTON Widow of Blencogo 73

14/08/1807 John SKELTON Yeoman of Blencogo 52

23/05/1807 Robert SKELTON Yeoman of Sandrow 77

27/01/1775 Benjamin SKELTON - Sandraw of But late of Crookdake 86

13/06/1779 William(illegt) of William Beaty & Mally SKELTON / Beaty of Blencogo 10 months

29/11/1697 Barbary SLACK# of Langrigg

26/05/1812 Robert SMALLWOOD Yeoman of Crookdake 62

10/05/1722 Elizabeth SMALWOOD of Mealrigg

12/04/1658 Ann the wife of Thomas SMITH of Crookdaike

12/03/1719 Catherine of Walter SMITH of Pedlar

24/07/1664 Elizabeth SMITH of Newton

02/02/1662 George SMITH of Allanby

06/09/1736 Jane of William SMITH of Bromfield

18/06/1665 Janet SMITH of Whirrigg

09/12/1690 Janett SMITH of Whyrigg

13/07/1694 John SMITH of Blencogoe

02/09/1736 John of William SMITH of Bromfield

25/05/1719 Margaret of Jane SMITH of Blencogo

26/06/1688 Robert SMITH of Whyrigg

19/01/1694 Robert SMITH of Crookdake

16/08/1657 Thomas SMITH of Crookdaike

06/02/1696 Thomas SMITH of Newton

13/03/1745 Jane SMITH Widow of Blencogo

18/04/1789 MarthaSMITH Widow of Langrigg 67

24/11/1794 Aaron SMITH Pauper of Scales 70

19/01/1668 Thomas SMITH Junior of Kelsike

03/08/1745 Elizabeth of Henry SPARK of Langrigg

19/03/1797 Jane of John & Mary SPARK of Bromfield an infant

19/11/1755 Joseph of Henry SPARK of Langrigg

22/11/1761 Sarah of Henry SPARK of Langrigg

27/03/1759 Thomas of Henry SPARK of Langrigg

09/02/1763 Thomas of Henry SPARK of Langrigg

30/03/1785 Sarah wife of Henry SPARK Farmer of Langrigg 60

14/08/1793 Henry SPARK Widower of Langrigg 73

23/12/1705 Jane wife of John SPENCE of Goodyhills in Holm

04/09/1732 Ann SPENCER of Newton

11/03/1722 Christian SPENCER of Traveller

04/09/1695 Isaac of Robert SPENCER of Newton

20/02/1688 Margaret SPENCER of Crookdake

27/01/1716 Robert SPENCER of Newton

05/05/1766 Ann SPENCER of Urngill, Westnewton

08/03/1767 Joshua SPENCER of Urngill

29/05/1745 Martha SPENCER Widow of Newton

14/11/1742 Dorcas SPENCER Spinster of Newton

24/03/1729 Martha of John SPOTT of Langrigg

23/01/1683 Ann STAGG of Crookdake

05/02/1658 Thomas son of George STAMP of Crookdaike

05/04/1692 Catharine STAMPER of Scales

14/03/1673 Cuthbert STAMPER of Scales

14/07/1725 Cuthbert STAMPER of Scales

07/09/1724 Cuthbert of George STAMPER of Crookdake

27/06/1707 Elizabeth STAMPER of Crookdake

14/01/1693 Frances STAMPER of Scales

27/07/1709 Francis STAMPER of Whyrigg

23/12/1683 Geoger STAMPER of Thornby

26/12/1668 George STAMPER of Scailes

30/01/1732 George of George STAMPER of Scales

10/08/1721 George of Isaac STAMPER of Highscales

04/03/1732 Isabel of George STAMPER of Scales

14/04/1724 Jane STAMPER of Scales

23/01/1732 Jane of George STAMPER of Scales

02/05/1720 Janet STAMPER of Scales

25/11/1716 Janet of Anthony STAMPER of Whyrigg

03/07/1707 John STAMPER of Crookdake

15/09/1689 Joseph of Joseph STAMPER of Whyrigg

14/02/1687 Mary of George STAMPER of Scales

28/03/1734 Robert of George STAMPER of Scales

28/03/1709 Ruth STAMPER of Whyrigg

08/08/1705 Ruth of Anthony STAMPER of Whyrigg

29/09/1734 Sarah daughter of Jane STAMPER of Scales

24/07/1721 Sarah of Isaac STAMPER of Highscales

10/02/1673 Sarah of John STAMPER of Crookdake

02/08/1665 Thomas STAMPER of Langrigg

28/03/1672 William STAMPER of Scailes

15/07/1694 William of George STAMPER of Scales

27/03/1742 Frances wife of George STAMPER of Highscales

13/02/1762 George STAMPER of Crookdake

06/03/1758 Isaac STAMPER of High-Scales

30/04/1790 Jane of John STAMPER of High Crookdake 30

07/02/1806 Janey dau of John (bts = Jenny) STAMPER of Allhallows 10

26/05/1797 John STAMPER of High Scales 72

13/01/1798 John STAMPER of Crookdake 87

21/11/1763 Margaret STAMPER of Thornby-end

23/12/1755 Margaret STAMPER of Blencogo

04/02/1803 Martha wife of George STAMPER of Langrigg 71

24/05/1741 Dorothy STAMPER Pauper of Blencogo

14/04/1776 IsabelSTAMPER Widow of Peat-house 90

09/11/1742 Jane STAMPER Widow of Scales

24/11/1804 Jane STAMPER Widow of Scales 87

27/03/1805 Sarah STAMPER Widow of Scales 78

03/04/1771 Jane STAMPER Widow of Crookdake 90

03/05/1806 GeorgeSTAMPER Yeoman of Bromfield 83

14/03/1786 Joseph STAMPER Yeoman of Scales 74

27/02/1782 Mary wife of Joseph STAMPER Yeoman of High-Scales 60

26/11/1737 William STAMPER Pensioner of Blencogo

26/09/1739 Anthony STAMPER Householder of Blencogo

21/01/1742 George of John STAMPER Householder of Highscales

01/10/1671 Mary STAMPER bts=Stamp of Scailes

03/12/1710 Janet STAMPER# of Thornby

31/01/1693 John of George STAMPER# of Scales

29/08/1670 Margrett STARTHARTT of Blencogoe

03/10/1668 Richard STARTHAT of Blencogoe

05/08/1687 John STARTHAT bts=Starthwait of Blencogoe

05/12/1697 Anthony STARTHAT# of Blencogoe

24/12/1697 Mary STARTHAT# of Scales

05/08/1659 Alice STARTHATT of Southerfield

01/04/1660 Janett STARTHATT of Blencogoe

25/01/1667 Janett STARTHATT of Blencogoe

07/03/1674 Mabell STARTHATT of Blencogoe

28/01/1667 Thomas STARTHATT of Langrigg

14/04/1659 William STARTHATT of Gillmoor End

18/06/1674 Anthony STARTHWAIT bts=Starthatt of Scales

19/06/1673 Robert STARTHWAIT bts=Starthatt of Blencogoe

07/08/1674 not stated wife of STARTHWAIT# of not stated

23/01/1711 Thomas STARTHWAITE of Blencogo

17/12/1696 Anne STARTHWAITE bt=Starthatt of Blencogoe

01/04/1696 Jane STARTHWAITE bt=Starthatt of Blencogoe

28/09/1693 Thomas (date bt=18) STARTHWAITE bt=Starthatt of Scales

05/03/1683 Isaac of Cuthbert STATHART bts=Stoddard of Crookdake

03/06/1764 Mary wife of Joseph STEEL of Wheyrigg

29/07/1781 Joseph STEEL Yeoman of Moor-row 89

04/09/1662 Jane STEELE of Blencogoe

19/03/1799 Ann dau of Thomas STEELE of Langrigg an infant

03/06/1797 Joseph son of Thomas STEELE of Langrigg an infant

19/06/1802 Sarah STEELE of Moor-row 74

10/04/1663 Mabell STODDARD of Crookdaike

09/05/1756 Frances wife of John STODDARD of Wheyrigg

03/01/1734 Jane of John STODDART of Blencogo

30/04/1662 John of John STODDART of Crookdaike

19/11/1665 Widdow STODDART of Blencogoe

19/01/1719 William STODDART of Crookdake

11/04/1740 William STODDART of Newton

31/05/1720 Helenor STODDART Widow of Crookdake

01/11/1727 Janet STODDART# of Moorraw

01/10/1659 Richard STODDERT of Crookdaike

06/03/1659 Elizabeth STOGDAILE of Blencogoe

26/04/1667 Jane STOGDAILE of Blencogoe

06/03/1737 Dinah wife of Francis STORY of Whyrigg

01/12/1683 Thomas of Thomas STORY of A Traveller

21/07/1756 Francis STORY Mr of Wheyrigg

25/09/1682 Joseph STOTHATT bts=Stoddart of Crookdake

24/08/1705 Cuthbert STOTHERT bts=Stothart of Crookdake

23/01/1715 William of Alexander STRICKLAND of Traveller

21/03/1778 Anne STUBBS Widow of Blencogo 59

17/06/1704 Anne of Richard STUDHOLM of Blencogo

11/02/1732 Helenor STUDHOLM of Scales

12/05/1717 John of John STUDHOLM of Langrigg Bank

29/05/1713 Margaret of Richard bt= Mary STUDHOLM of Blencogo

28/02/1731 Richard STUDHOLM of Blencogo

10/06/1731 Sarah of Richard STUDHOLM of Blencogo

09/09/1734 Janet STUHOLME of Blencogo

11/02/1656 Robert SWAILE of Blencogoe

23/04/1694 Jane SWAILE# , a traveller

18/08/1674 The wife of William SYM of Allanby

17/01/1738 Mary SYM Spinster of Allonby

15/05/1663 Robert SYMM of Newton

24/03/1670 George SYMPSON of Blencogoe

31/01/1670 Mary SYMPSON of Blencogoe

12/06/1671 George SYMPSON# of Blencogoe

20/06/1671 Elizabeth SYMPSON* of Blencogoe

01/04/1724 George SYMSON of Blencogo

20/03/1724 Robert SYMSON of Blencogo


24/01/1774 James TATE -Joiner-Householder of Sandraw 36

21/09/1780 Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow of Wheyrigg 92

18/05/1709 Catherine TAYLOR of Crookdake

25/04/1691 Elizabeth TAYLOR of Blencogoe

24/07/1705 Frances TAYLOR of Newton

08/01/1670 Grace TAYLOR of Crookdaike

08/04/1671 Isabell TAYLOR of Crookdaike

16/01/1683 Jane of Richard TAYLOR of Blencogoe

12/05/1671 John TAYLOR of Langrigg

09/11/1716 John of John TAYLOR of Blencogo

25/02/1721 John of John TAYLOR of Blencogo

20/09/1730 John of John TAYLOR of Blencogo

19/01/1688 John of William TAYLOR of Newton

21/03/1668 John son of Thomas TAYLOR of Crookdaike

15/01/1659 Mabell TAYLOR of Langrigg

15/05/1656 Mabell of Thomas TAYLOR of Crookdaike

26/08/1691 Richard TAYLOR of Langrigge

01/10/1712 Richard TAYLOR of Blencogo

11/05/1683 Richard of Richard TAYLOR of Blencogoe

24/05/1654 Thomas TAYLOR of Crookdaike

22/04/1666 Thomas TAYLOR of Crookdaike

14/07/1714 Thomas TAYLOR of Allanby

14/01/1687 William TAYLOR of Bromfield

22/12/1698 William TAYLOR of Newton

27/08/1791 Charles son of Stuart TAYLOR of Langrigg 7

16/06/1774 Robert TAYLOR of Blencogo 80

24/11/1808 Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow of Wigton Parish 78

01/06/1808 Richard TAYLOR Yeoman of Wigton Parish 87

23/08/1749 Margaret TAYLOR Widow of Mealrigg

27/03/1737 William TAYLOR Householder of Newton

10/10/1745 John TAYLOR Householder of Blencogo

27/01/1746 Robert TAYLOR Householder of Whyrigg

01/05/1803 John (The Reverend) TAYLOR A.M. Vicar of Sparshalt Berks 46

18/04/1784 Jane TAYLOR Mrs Widow of Dundraw 69

16/07/1701 Anne TAYLOR# of Crookdake

04/12/1697 Elizabeth TAYLOR# of Blencogoe

11/06/1714 Jane TAYLOR# of Blencogo

04/06/1714 Mary TAYLOR# of Newton

13/05/1659 Ann TEMPLE of Newton

26/03/1684 Henry TEMPLE of Allanby

22/10/1724 John of Mungo TEMPLE of Newton

27/12/1716 Joseph of Mungo TEMPLE of Mealrigg

22/01/1731 Mungo TEMPLE of Newton

22/10/1732 William of Mungo(late deceased) TEMPLE of Newton

15/06/1808 Mary wife of John TEMPLE of Parish of Workington 27

14/12/1791 Joseph TEMPLE Farmer of West-newton 67

20/05/1735 Jane TEMPLE pauper of Crookdake

03/06/1701 John TEMPLE# of Newton

21/07/1723 AbrahamTENANT of Scales

10/02/1723 Abraham of Abraham TENANT of Scales

05/02/1723 John of Abraham TENANT of Scales

26/04/1716 Mary of Jeremiah TERRIWESTEL of Langrigg

28/06/1724 Mary TERRIWESTREL of Langrigg

07/06/1719 John of Jeremiah TERRYWESTEL of Langrigg

30/01/1730 Ann THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

19/11/1707 Catherine of Mr THOMLINSON of Blencogo

26/11/1725 Catherine wife of John THOMLINSON of Whyrigg bt=Blencogo

16/04/1682 Edward THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

08/12/1703 Edward of John THOMLINSON of Langburn

12/05/1713 Edward of John THOMLINSON of Blencogo

12/01/1656 Frances THOMLINSON of Blencogoe

25/01/1723 Isabel THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

08/12/1683 Jane of William THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

29/03/1722 Jane the wife of John THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

25/01/1735 Janet THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

08/02/1688 John THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

24/11/1709 John THOMLINSON of Moorraw

02/02/1705 John of John THOMLINSON of Blencogo

29/01/1732 John of Robert THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

15/11/1672 Mabell THOMLINSON of Blencogoe

16/03/1730 Margaret THOMLINSON of Blencogo

25/08/1667 Mary THOMLINSON of Blencogoe

07/07/1709 Mary of Mr THOMLINSON of Blencogo

07/06/1736 Mary of Robert THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

29/06/1670 Nicholas THOMLINSON of Mealrigg

19/02/1733 Robert of John THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

19/05/1736 William of Robert THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

09/05/1739 Dinah of Robert THOMLINSON of Whyrigg

29/04/1755 John THOMLINSON of Wheyrigg

22/03/1777 Mary THOMLINSON Widow of Wheyrigg 91

26/05/1750 HannahTHOMLINSON Widow of Wheyrigg

14/09/1742 John THOMLINSON - Householder of Blencogo

09/03/1750 Margaret Mrs THOMLINSON Widow of Blencogo

08/03/1743 William Mr THOMLINSON - Householder of Blencogo

25/05/1736 Robert of Robert THOMLINSON *of Whyrigg

20/08/1687 Edward THOMLINSON bt=Tomlinsono f Blencogoe

16/03/1750 Robert THOMLINSON Householder of Wheyrigg

27/05/1670 Edward THOMLINSON Junior of Blencogoe

18/03/1703 William of William THOMLINSON Mrof Blencogo

17/10/1723 Margaret THOMLINSON Senior of Blencogo

28/10/1697 Edward THOMLINSON# of Moorraw

04/07/1702 William THOMLINSON# of Whyrigg

10/05/1682 William THOMPSO bts=Tompson of Newton

07/05/1676 Ann THOMPSON of Allanby

08/04/1663 Anne THOMPSON of Blencogoe

19/03/1666 Anne THOMPSON of Dundraw

20/04/1669 Anne THOMPSON of Dundraw

26/05/1657 Dorothy THOMPSON of Dundraw

09/03/1670 Elinor THOMPSON of Newton

24/08/1703 Jane THOMPSON of Dundraw

22/01/1726 Jane wife of William THOMPSON of Dundraw

24/01/1656 John THOMPSON of A Traveller

23/10/1657 John of Cuthbert THOMPSON of Blencogoe

19/12/1665 John of William THOMPSON of Newton

11/05/1736 Joseph of James THOMPSON of Kelsick

20/09/1712 Mary THOMPSON of Dundraw

29/01/1728 Mary THOMPSON of Newton

03/06/1733 Mary of James THOMPSON of Kelsick

08/10/1712 Mary of Nicholas THOMPSON of Newton

11/06/1726 Nicholas THOMPSON of Newton

22/03/1667 Richard THOMPSON of Moorraw

17/09/1729 Sarah wife of James THOMPSON of Blencogo

12/05/1665 Thomas THOMPSON of Mooreraw

05/03/1692 ThomasTHOMPSON of Newton

04/04/1731 William THOMPSON of Scales

30/06/1734 William THOMPSON of Scales

26/04/1674 William of William THOMPSON of Newton

01/07/1765 David of Robert THOMPSON of High Scales

27/12/1741 James of James THOMPSON of Bank-side

09/03/1753 John THOMPSON of Blencogo

20/12/1769 Mary wife of Robert THOMPSON of High Scales

10/04/1791 Richard Illegt of Mary THOMPSON of an infant

14/12/1798 Thomas son of Robert THOMPSON of West-newton an infant

01/12/1736 Anne THOMPSON Widow of Newton

08/01/1776 Mary wife of Richard THOMPSON Yeoman of Urngill Westnewton 69

29/06/1787 Richard THOMPSON Widower of Urngill Westnewton 78

10/04/1748 William THOMPSON Pauper of Blencogo

29/07/1781 Anne wife of Robert THOMPSON Shoemaker of High-Scales 42

10/04/1780 Grace of Robert & Anne THOMPSON Shoemaker of High-Scales an infant

30/09/1659 Lucy THOMPSON a poor Traveller

07/07/1714 Henry of Nicholas THOMPSON bt=Thomson of Urngil

02/01/1719 Nicholas of Nicholas THOMPSON bt=Thomson of Newton

09/08/1741 James THOMPSON Householder of Bank-side

25/10/1712 Anne THOMPSON bts=Thomson of Dundraw

06/02/1705 Margaret of Nicholas THOMPSON bts=Thomson of Newton

25/04/1685 Ann THOMPSON bts=Tomson of Blencogoe

09/08/1667 Henery THOMPSON Esq of Brumfield

11/01/1669 John the son of John THOMPSON Junior of Dundraw

29/06/1659 Dorothy THOMPSON Mrso f Brumfield

09/03/1706 Nicholas THOMPSON# of Newton

02/04/1721 Anne THOMSON of Crookdake

19/12/1689 Cuthbert THOMSON of Blencogoe

08/01/1690 Elizabeth THOMSON of Moorraw

25/07/1720 Hannah of William THOMSON of Scales

23/03/1720 Jeremiah of William THOMSON of Dundraw

21/05/1721 William THOMSON of Crookdake

04/02/1751 Jane THOMSON bt=Thompson of Blencogo

18/12/1700 Susan wife of Nicholas THOMSON bts=Thompson of Newton

30/12/1721 Nicholas THOMSON Senior of Newton

10/03/1745 Margaret THORLEY -Servant atof Bromfield

10/08/1716 James THORNTHWAITE of Allanby

06/10/1690 Jane THORNTHWAITE of Allonby

21/04/1736 Mary wife of Edward THORNTHWAITE of Newton

18/01/1728 Robert of Daniel THORNTHWAITE of Mealrigg

01/09/1743 Daniel of Daniel THORNTHWAITE of Mealrigg

02/05/1771 Hannah wife of Daniel THORNTHWAITE of Mealrigg

19/02/1776 Daniel THORNTHWAITE - Widower and Yeoman of Mealrigg 87

25/01/1739 Edward THORNTHWAITE Pauper of Newton

07/06/1751 Thomas son of George THORNTHWAITE * at Allonby Chapelof Low-mire

31/03/1747 Jane THORNTHWAITE Widow Pauper of Newton

02/05/1664 Adam TIFFEN of Blencogoe

26/01/1709 Anne TIFFEN of Gill

30/09/1711 John TIFFEN of Gill

27/03/1711 Elizabeth TIFFEN# of Dundraw

08/12/1697 John TIFFEN# of Moorraw

07/03/1719 Eleanor TIFFIN of Moorraw

25/05/1681 Isabell TIFFIN of Gill

22/02/1730 Joseph TIFFIN of Dundraw

17/03/1667 Lucy TIFFIN of Langrigg

08/02/1658 not stated TIFFIN of Mooreraw

26/12/1721 Thomas TIFFIN of Moorraw

27/10/1738 Amy TIFFIN of Moorraw

04/05/1796 Daniel TIFFIN of Waver Bridge 55

22/04/1760 Jane of John TIFFIN of Scales

19/02/1751 Janet of William TIFFIN of Crayrigg

10/12/1757 William TIFFIN of Crayrigg

16/02/1768 Mary TIFFIN Widow of Crookdake

06/07/1705 Anne TIMPERAN of Newton

18/12/1720 Janet TIMPERAN of Newton

16/03/1695 Robert TIMPERAN of Newton

26/12/1702 John TIMPERAN bts=Temperan of Newton

12/01/1706 Frances TIMPERAN# of Newton

27/04/1707 Isabel TIMPERAN# of Newton

06/12/1765 John of Matthias TIMPERON of Westnewton

13/01/1789 Matthew TIMPERON of Aspatria late of Westnewton 74

12/12/1765 Matthias Peat of Matthias TIMPERON of Westnewton

31/12/1798 Sarah wife of Joseph TIMPERON of Kelsike 77

07/04/1810 Sarah TIMPERON Widow of Plumbland Parish 79

01/01/1755 Mathias of Mathias TIMPERON Mr of Newton

06/02/1787 Elizabeth TINDALL Widow of Kelsike 64

31/07/1657 Henery TINDELL of Langrigg

23/02/1662 Margrett TINDELL of Langrigg

07/04/1664 Jennett TINDELL *of Mealrigg

09/09/1734 ElizabethTINIAN of Low Scales

14/05/1735 Catherine wife of Joseph TODD of Beck

16/03/1685 Elizabeth TODD of Dundraw

23/12/1689 Ellen TODD of Whyrigg

28/02/1708 Henry TODD of Mealrigg

08/12/1720 John TODD of Langrigg

12/04/1729 John TODD of Newcowper Holm Cultram

26/01/1705 Joseph of Henry TODD of Mealrigg

18/09/1734 Joseph of Margaret TODD of Langrigg

06/04/1661 Julian TODD of Mealrigge

27/02/1690 Margaret TODD of Mealrigge

25/03/1713 Margaret TODD of Mealrigg

12/12/1707 Mark TODD of Mealrigg

03/07/1662 Michel TODD of Whyrigge

29/03/1665 William TODD of Mealerigg

09/04/1743 Anne of John TODD of Langrigg Bank

03/02/1757 Elizabeth wife of William TODD of Langrigg-bank

26/02/1739 Joseph of John TODD of Bromfield

24/01/1788 William TODD of Langrigg Bank 74

26/07/1746 Anne TODD Pauper of Mealrigg

25/10/1745 Ann TODDSpinster of Bromfield

12/05/1742 John TODD Youngman of Langrigg Bank

09/10/1771 John TODD Householder of Blencogo 48

25/06/1743 Joseph TODD Householder of Blencogo

16/10/1745 Margaret TODD - Widow -Householder of Langrigg

07/08/1734 Catherine of Joseph TODD Junior of Beck

24/02/1730 Joseph TODD Junior of Beck

16/01/1767 Sarah TODD Mrs of Bromfield

25/02/1811 Jane dau of Joseph TODHUNTER of Bromfield 7

14/05/1663 John TOMLINSON of Whyrigg

04/08/1691 Richard TOMLINSON of Whyrigg

22/11/1689 Jane TOMSOM of Newton

04/10/1691 Margaret TOMSON of Newton

21/12/1689 Mary TOMSON of Newton

10/03/1687 Ann TOMSON* of Dundraw

14/06/1720 Catherine TOPPIN of Langburn

17/01/1710 Thomas TOPPING# of Bromfield

30/09/1769 Isaac of Joseph & Jane TORDIFF of Blencogo

14/01/1762 Martha wife of Joseph TORDIFF of Bromfield

30/04/1769 Nancy of Joseph TORDIFF of Blencogo

24/11/1770 William of Joseph & Jane TORDIFF of Blencogo

21/04/1787 James Boucher of Isaac TORDIFF Yeomanof Blencogo 11

28/06/1773 Frances wife of Isaac TORDIFFE of Bromfield 64

21/03/1661 A TRAVELLER of not stated

27/04/1694 A Child of a TRAVELLER#

17/03/1735 Joseph of Joseph TREMBLE of Whyrigg

09/09/1736 Thomas of Joseph TREMBLE of Whyrigg

15/08/1769 Benjamin of Benjamin & Mary TREMBLE of Wheyrigg

28/04/1767 Isabel wife of George TREMBLE of Wheyrigg

28/12/1749 Jane wife of Thomas TREMBLE of Newton

24/11/1796 Joseph son of Joseph TREMBLE of Pastureside 29

04/01/1806 Martha wife of Joseph TREMBLE of Blencogo 72

10/01/1743 Jane TREMBLE # Spinster of Bromfield

31/03/1687 Thomas of William TREMBLE bt=Tremell of Bromfield

30/07/1764 Thomas TREMEL of Gillmoor End

20/07/1728 Elizabeth TREMMEL of Bromfield

07/05/1717 Mary TREMMEL of Bromfield

08/03/1706 Susan TREMMEL# of Bromfield

14/05/1695 A child of William bts=William TREMMELL of Bromfield

25/04/1697 Thomas of William TREMMELL of Bromfield

01/05/1701 William TREMMELL of Bromfield

07/01/1704 Catherine TROUGHEAR of Langrigg

15/06/1733 Thomas of William TROUGHEAR of Langrigg

02/02/1689 William TROUGHEAR of Langrigge

31/01/1749 Mary TROUGHEAR Widow of Langrigg

04/02/1736 William TROUGHEARHouseholder of Langrigg

12/09/1734 William TROUGHEAR Junior of Langrigg

11/02/1660 Isabell TROUGHEARE of Langrigge

19/03/1760 Joseph of Richard TUBMAN of Newton

03/04/1795 Richard TUBMAN of West-newton 74

11/11/1658 Ann TULLY of Langrigg

25/04/1661 Isabell TULLY of Gill

23/11/1660 Symond TULLY of Scailes

13/09/1661 Anne TURNER of not stated

24/01/1800 Isabella wife of Thomas TURNER of Maryport Crosscannonby Parish 28

10/12/1674 Ann TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe

14/01/1690 Edward TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe

05/09/1684 Edward of Edward TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe

14/09/1661 Grace of Edward TWENTIMAN of Dundraw

07/12/1689 Janett TWENTIMAN of Dundraw

20/06/1691 John TWENTIMAN of Dundraw

05/11/1656 Mary TWENTIMAN of Dundraw

29/03/1661 Mary TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe

06/02/1672 Robert TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe Bankend

01/04/1662 William TWENTIMAN of Blencogoe

04/01/1674 William TWENTIMAN of Dundraw

11/02/1673 William of Thomas TWENTIMAN of Whyrigg

03/01/1807 Frances wife of Henry TWENTIMAN of Wigton 61

15/06/1787 Robert TWENTIMAN of Eaglehill-Aspatria Parish 79

18/07/1786 Johannah of John & Frances TWENTIMAN Farmer of Blencogo 5 months

10/06/1705 Dinah of John TWENTIMAN Schoolmaster of Bromfield

27/06/1705 Grace of John TWENTIMAN Schoolmaster of Bromfield

06/02/1707 Robert of John TWENTIMAN Schoolmaster of Bromfield

15/07/1663 A Child of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

20/01/1729 Ann TWENTYMAN of Allanby

26/12/1721 Anne of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

11/04/1664 Edward TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

17/04/1712 Edward TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

23/03/1711 Isabel TWENTYMAN of Kelsike

10/03/1714 Jane TWENTYMAN of Kelsike

24/11/1724 Jane TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

03/03/1737 Jane wife of Robert TWENTYMAN of Newton

03/03/1664 Jennett TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

28/03/1712 John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

04/07/1737 Joseph of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

17/05/1729 Margaret TWENTYMAN of Newton

24/01/1730 Mary TWENTYMAN of Kelsick

09/12/1715 Robert TWENTYMAN of Langrigg

06/07/1721 Robert of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

20/12/1738 Jane of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

11/01/1741 John of Robert TWENTYMAN of Crossridge Newton

23/06/1763 Katherine TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

01/03/1738 Robert of John TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

10/07/1760 William TWENTYMAN of Dundraw

25/07/1744 Mary wife of Jonathan TWENTYMAN Widow of Bromfield

25/02/1781 Martha wife of Thomas TWENTYMANYeoman of Dundraw 45

26/06/1718 Edward TWENTYMAN died at Edderside Holm Cultram of Mealrigg (late of)

03/02/1737 Edward TWENTYMAN Householder of Whyrigg

23/01/1745 John TWENTYMAN Householder of Dundraw

30/08/1698 John of John TWENTYMAN Schoolmaster of Bromfield

29/01/1742 John Mr TWENTYMAN Schoolmaster of Bromfield

02/02/1747 Sarah TWENTYMAN Widow Pauper of Wheyrigg

29/03/1707 Anne TWENTYMAN# of Langrigg

30/01/1667 John TYFFIN of Langrigg

25/04/1670 Widow TYFFIN of Blencogoe

03/04/1660 William TYMPERON of Newton

06/01/1662 James of William TYMPON of Newton

10/01/1657 William TYMPON Younger of Newton

03/08/1673 ElizabethTYMPRAN bts=Tymperon of Newton

21/10/1673 Ann TYNDELL of Langrigge

16/06/1666 Francis TYNDELL of Langrigg

11/01/1666 Jane TYNDELL of Langrigg

14/01/1667 Margrett wife of John TYNDELL of Langrigg

16/11/1660 Robert TYNDELL of Mealrigge

10/02/1655 William TYNDELL of Langrigge

16/07/1682 Mary TYNDELL# of Langrigge


04/06/1804 Mary dau of Jonathan UNDERWOOD of West-newton an infant

30/06/1667 Mary URWEN of Brumfield

07/06/1660 Richard URWEN of Newton

23/10/1665 Richard of John URWEN of Brumfield

18/02/1684 John URWIN of Bromfield

04/02/1757 Mary daughter of James URWIN of Langrigg

03/05/1674 Jane wife of John WAITE of Whyrigg

26/01/1713 John WAITE of Blencogo

15/06/1707 none given- of John WAITE of Whyrigg

15/05/1733 Richard WAITE of Whyrigg

19/11/1705 Ruth of Richard WAITE of Whyrigg

22/10/1739 Anne wife of Joseph WAITE of Blencogo

05/03/1749 John of John WAITE of Kelsike

21/11/1752 Mary of Robert WAITE of Blencogo

06/11/1765 Mary wife of Robert WAITE of Blencogo

07/02/1766 Robert WAITE of Blencogo

15/06/1746 Mary WAITEWidow of Blencogo

20/04/1772 John WAITE Widower of Blencogo 76

19/10/1744 John WAITE Householder of Blencogo

24/02/1780 Joseph WAITE - Widower- Yeoman of Bromfield 78

10/12/1692 John WAITE# of Whyrigg

02/10/1692 Joseph WAITE# of Whyrigg

28/01/1769 Sally of WAITES of Embleton nursed at Langrigg

22/08/1795 Sarah dau of Alexander WALACE of West-newton 23

16/04/1801 Thomas WALBY of West-newton 68 bts = 78

08/03/1785 Mary WALBY Widow of West-newton 90

10/03/1751 Thomas WALBY Householder of West Newton

26/12/1705 Elizabeth wife of John WALKER of Allanby

24/07/1722 John of William WALKER of Allanby

02/02/1665 Mary WALKER of Blencogoe

02/03/1783 John of Alexander & Margaret WALKER Labourer of West-newton Born 14th Feb last

23/11/1803 Alexander WALLACE of West-newton 78

11/02/1791 Ann daug of Alexander WALLACE of West-newton 27

09/03/1802 Mary wife of Alexander WALLACE of West-newton 61

04/12/1809 Sarah dau of John WALLACE of West-newton 10

19/06/1795 Agnes dau of Margaret WALLACE bts = Walace 11

13/07/1712 Anne WALLAS of Crookdake

16/10/1752 Walter WALSH - A Servant of West Newton

02/05/1688 Mary WAND of Newton

04/02/1692 Matthew (date bts=5) WAND of Newton

24/07/1758 Anne WARWICK of Bromfield

05/10/1758 Mary WARWICK of Bromfield

16/11/1792 Thomas son of Robert WATMAN of Moor-row 5

15/02/1666 Ambrosse of John WATSON of Crookdaike

07/06/1655 Ann WATSON of Whyrigg

15/03/1685 Ann WATSON of Whyrigg

15/12/1726 Anne WATSON of Blencogo

24/11/1725 Anne wife of John WATSON of Moorraw

27/03/1658 Anthony WATSON of Dundraw

23/09/1691 Barbara WATSON of Dundraw

26/12/1716 Daniel of Joseph WATSON of Dundraw

07/07/1672 Edward WATSON of Whyrigg

02/03/1705 Edward WATSON of Holm Cultram

11/10/1667 Elinor WATSON of Moorraw

06/07/1658 Elizabeth WATSON of Dundraw

20/04/1669 Elizabeth WATSON of Whyrigg

15/01/1674 Elizabeth WATSON of Whyrigg

10/02/1657 Jane WATSON of Crookdaike

22/01/1716 Jane wife of William WATSON of Dundraw

25/06/1719 Janet WATSON of Moorraw

02/03/1655/ Janett WATSON of Gill

21/01/1656 Janett WATSON of Mooreraw

06/03/1660 Janett WATSON of Dundraw

05/01/1686 Janett WATSON of Kelsike

17/03/1673 Janett WATSON of Whyrigg

24/08/1667 Jannett WATSON of Kelsike

27/04/1669 Jannett WATSON of Crookdaike

21/02/1671 Jannett WATSON of Blencogoe

07/01/1665 Jennatt of John WATSON of Crookdaike

14/05/1663 John WATSON of Dundraw

15/10/1709 John WATSON of Dundraw

25/06/1711 John WATSON of Kelsike

07/08/1726 John WATSON of Moorraw

27/02/1688 John WATSON of Crookdake

13/05/1663 Margrett WATSON of Blencogoe

13/04/1656 Mary WATSON of Whyrigg

18/08/1667 Mary WATSON of Kelsike

14/06/1669 Mary WATSON of Kelsike

04/08/1684 Mary WATSON of Blencogoe

25/02/1696 Mary WATSON of Dundraw

08/02/1714 Mary WATSON of Dundraw

11/02/1720 Mary WATSON of Kelsike

19/07/1656 Mary of John WATSON of Blencogoe

23/02/1723 Mary of William WATSON of Dundraw

13/01/1672 Robert WATSON of Dundraw

28/02/1681 Robert WATSON of Kelsike

15/10/1693 Thomas WATSON of Whyrigg

09/09/1705 Thomas WATSON of Kelsike

20/01/1673 Widdow WATSON of Dundraw

31/12/1656 William WATSON of Mooreraw

23/06/1662 William WATSON of Mooreraw

08/05/1688 William WATSON of Moorraw

29/04/1700 William WATSON of Dundraw

15/07/1711 William WATSON of Whyrigg

24/04/1659 William a child of John WATSON of Dundraw

21/02/1671 William of John WATSON of Kelsike

27/10/1755 Anne wife of Daniel WATSON of Moorraw

20/08/1767 Daniel WATSON of Moor-row

07/05/1759 Jane of John WATSON of Dundraw

28/06/1740 Jane wife of John WATSON of Dundraw

03/09/1770 John WATSON of Dundraw

17/02/1751 John of Daniel WATSON of Moorraw

23/10/1743 Mary wife of Daniel WATSON of Dundraw

08/10/1748 Mary wife of William WATSON of Dundraw

24/01/1763 William WATSON of Dundraw

08/12/1809 Mary WATSON Widow of Holm Cultram Parish 80

30/04/1799 Joseph WATSON Yeoman of Dundraw 63

06/06/1801 Thamar dau of John WATSON Yeoman of Abbey Holm 42

19/04/1748 Margaret WATSON Widow of Dundraw

01/06/1738 John WATSON Youngman of Dundraw

13/11/1771 Mary WATSON - Widow at Allonby Chapel of Allonby 102

18/01/1711 John WATSON Junior of Moorraw

19/04/1670 John WATSON Junior* of Kelsike

25/01/1774 Daniel WATSON Mr - Lieutenant of Marines. Formerly of Dundraw 54

25/01/1669 John WATSON younger of Crookdaike

07/02/1693 John of John WATSON# of Kelsike

26/09/1697 John of William WATSON# of Dundraw

14/03/1727 Joseph WATSON# of Dundraw

26/10/1693 William of John WATSON# of Blencogoe

1679 Mary WATSON*

05/01/1758 AliceWATT of Mealrigg

02/03/1761 no name given of Elizabeth WEAR of Traveller

13/06/1657 Anthony WEILD - in the parish of of Scotland

22/02/1780 Eleanor WELSH Widow of Blencogo 77

21/01/1785 Ann WELSH Spinster & Pauper of Blencogo 46

30/03/1778 Thomas WELSH Senior of Blencogo 72

03/08/1770 Margaret WESTRAYWidow of Langrigg 84

27/08/1736 Jeremiah WESTRAY pauper of Langrigg

20/01/1728 Mary of Samuel WESTRON of Langrigg

10/05/1754 Joseph WHINFIED* at Alloby, Chapel of Allonby

03/09/1718 Jane WHINFIELD of Allanby

09/04/1722 John WHINFIELD of Allanby

06/03/1753 Joseph WHINFIELD * Pauper at Allonby Chapelof Allonby

15/12/1754 Esther WHINFIELD* at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

01/03/1728 Anne WHITE of Langrigg

01/05/1700 Ellen WHITE of Langrigg Bank

11/07/1681 Francis WHITE of Langrigge

14/03/1693 George WHITE of Newton

14/01/1670 Isabell WHITE of Langrigg

23/04/1721 Jane WHITE of Newton

09/12/1671 John WHITE of Langrigg

17/01/1689 Margaret WHITE of Langrigge

01/04/1729 Margaret of Humphrey WHITE of Newton

09/04/1735 Margaret wife of Humphrey WHITE of Newton

15/07/1733 Robert of Humphrey WHITE of Newton

27/12/1664 Thomas of William WHITE of Langrigg

19/04/1686 William WHITE of Langrigge

25/02/1707 William WHITE of Langrigg

01/09/1797 Mary dau of Humphrey WHITE of West-newton 18

09/06/1743 John WHITE Pauper of Langrigg Bank

04/10/1682 Catherine (Bts=Kath) wife of Will: WHITE of Langrigge

23/11/1669 William of William WHITE Junior of Langrigg

1679 Mary WHITE*

1679 Mary WHITE*

28/08/1679 William son of William WHITE* of Langrigge

14/09/1746 John WIGAN Householder of Scales

09/03/1728 James WIGGAN of Scales

07/01/1704 Jane of James WIGGAN of Scales

08/08/1674 Jane wife of John WIGGAN of Scales

22/01/1662 John of John WIGGAN of Scailes

26/02/1658 Katheren WIGGAN of Scailes

29/06/1675 Thomas WIGGAN of Scales

17/01/1722 Elizabeth WIGGIN of Scales

16/10/1717 Margaret of James WIGGIN of Scales

03/03/1794 John son of Joseph WIGGIN of Scales 37

15/06/1769 Thomas of Joseph & Mary WIGGIN of High Scales

24/04/1803 Mary WIGGIN Widow of Scales 70

16/12/1801 Joseph WIGGIN Yeoman of Scales 72

08/03/1772 Mary WIGGIN Widow of High Scales 68

16/02/1683 William WILDRIDGE of Crookdake

06/06/1729 Jane wife of John WILDRIGE Senior of Scales

27/12/1726 Elizabeth WILKINSON of Crookdake

08/01/1662 Jane wife of Richard WILKINSON of Crookdaike

16/10/1690 John WILKINSON of Crookdake

29/02/1667 Lucy of William WILKINSON of Langrigg

02/05/1705 Mary WILKINSON of Crookdake

02/01/1687 Mary bt=Margaret WILKINSON of Crookdake

06/01/1662 Richard WILKINSON of Crookdaike

03/05/1720 William WILKINSON of Crookdake

31/05/1759 Isaac of Joseph WILKINSON of Bromfield

30/03/1757 Richard WILKINSON of Langrigg

06/12/1759 Robert of Joseph WILKINSON of Bromfield

14/12/1760 William WILKINSON of Bromfield

30/10/1674 not given WILKINSON# of Crookdake

14/07/1684 Ann wife of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Blencogoe

27/12/1664 Bridgett WILLIAMSON of Scailes

27/12/1682 Edward of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Blencogoe

19/04/1687 John of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Blencogoe

28/06/1708 John of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Newton

22/01/1721 Joseph WILLIAMSON of Newton

28/05/1712 Joseph of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Newton

11/01/1711 Mary WILLIAMSON of Blencogo

24/04/1685 Thomas of Joseph WILLIAMSON of Blencogoe

07/02/1713 William WILLIAMSON of Newton

25/01/1753 Frances WILLIAMSON of Newton

06/06/1781 Isaac(Batchelor) WILLIAMSON Servant of Brayton Hall 66

22/01/1697 Joseph WILLIAMSON Junior# of Blencogoe

05/04/1768 Sarah wife of William WILLIS of Crookdake

09/12/1803 Joseph WILLS of Dundraw 71

27/11/1804 Mary WILLS of Dundraw 73

13/12/1803 Mary WILLS Widow of Dundraw 66

01/08/1670 Ambrosse of Mungo WILLSON of A Traveller

04/02/1667 Anne wife of John WILLSON of Mealrigg

10/05/1667 Elizabeth WILLSON of Whyrigg

11/11/1682 John WILLSON of Whyrigg

10/12/1670 Robert the son of John WILLSON of Blencogoe

15/05/1667 William WILLSON of Whyrigg

05/11/1687 Ann WILSON of Whyrigg

26/10/1708 Anne WILSON of Blencogo

09/04/1709 Anne WILSON of Whyrigg

01/05/1712 Anne of John WILSON of Blencogo

18/03/1720 Anne of John WILSON of Blencogo

18/07/1718 Elizabeth WILSON of Dundraw

15/10/1686 George WILSON of Scales

22/12/1688 James (date bts=24) WILSON of Mealrigge

15/02/1719 Jane WILSON of Mealrigg

15/10/1689 John WILSON of Mealrigge

15/01/1711 John of Thomas WILSON of Whyrigg

23/01/1673 John of Mungoe WILSON of Newton

25/10/1683 John of Robert WILSON of Blencogoe

06/02/1688 Joseph WILSON of Whyrigg

08/06/1720 Joseph WILSON of Bromfield

19/10/1723 Margaret WILSON of Blencogo

09/04/1720 Margery of Andrew WILSON of Traveller

02/03/1695 Mary WILSON of Thornby

24/06/1711 Mary WILSON of Whyrigg

11/11/1725 Mary WILSON of Blencogo

25/03/1683 Mary of John WILSON of Blencogoe

30/03/1721 Mary of John WILSON of Blencogo

11/11/1686 Mary wife of James WILSON of Mealrigge

19/07/1683 Rebecca of James WILSON of Mealrigge

15/05/1659 Richard a child of Will WILSON of Crookdaike

18/05/1724 Robert WILSON of Blencogo

05/01/1713 Robert WILSON of Blencogo

20/01/1733 Robert of Joseph WILSON of Beck

17/12/1714 Sarah WILSON of Crookdake

02/04/1705 Susan WILSON of Newton

04/04/1699 Thomas WILSON of Crookdake

26/01/1712 Thomas WILSON of Whyrigg

23/04/1656 William WILSON of Crookdaike

01/02/1673 William WILSON of Whyrigg

30/11/1761 Anne WILSON of Greenhow

21/12/1761 John WILSON of Bromfield

27/10/1809 John WILSON of Mealrigg 72

20/03/1809 John son of Robert WILSON of Holm Cultram Parish 1

14/01/1755 Jonathan of Jonathan WILSON of Bromfield

10/01/1798 Joseph WILSON of West-newton 63 (bts= 66)

25/12/1762 Katherine wife of Thomas WILSON of Wheyrigg

22/08/1744 Mary of Jonathan WILSON of Langrigg

09/01/1762 Mary of Jonathan WILSON of Bromfield

09/01/1771 Priscilla of Jonathan & Ruth WILSON of Bromfield

26/09/1769 Ruth of Jonathan & Ruth WILSON of Bromfield

12/06/1746 Thomas of Thomas WILSON of Blencogo

27/01/1751 Tomasim of Joseph WILSON of Blencogo

10/04/1787 William WILSON of West-newton 80

28/05/1793 William son of John WILSON of Mealrigg 22

04/08/1785 George of John & Isabella WILSON Farmerof Mealrigg 6

16/01/1789 Bridget WILSON Widow of Blencogo 84

07/05/1811 Elizabeth WILSON Widow of Mealrigg 73

15/04/1780 JonathanWILSON Yeoman of Bromfield 76

10/04/1791 Joseph WILSON Farmer of Bromfield 45

20/05/1781 Andrew of John & Isabel WILSON Labourer of Westnewton 13

18/02/1800 Ann WILSON Widow of Bromfield 70

23/07/1802 Dinah WILSON Widow of Wigton Parish 88

28/12/1800 Elisabeth WILSON Widow of Crossrigg 64

01/02/1788 Ruth WILSON Widow of Bromfield 74

22/10/1784 Joseph WILSON Yeoman of Blencogo 82

05/03/1795 Samuel WILSON Bachelor of Bromfield 46

21/01/1803 John WILSON Servant of Moor-row 25

11/10/1775 Jane WILSON Spinster of Mealrigg 79

07/04/1784 Thomas WILSON Widower of Blencogo 93

20/05/1747 Dinah WILSON Spinster of Mealrigg

09/10/1783 Jane WILSON Spinster of Bromfield 25

27/04/1748 Dorothy WILSON Widow of Blencogo

16/01/1744 John WILSON Householder of Blencogo

06/06/1738 Amoras WILSON Householder of Langburn

17/02/1747 Eleazar WILSON Householder of Wheyrigg

17/12/1766 John WILSON at Allonby Chapel of Allonby

12/01/1775 Joseph (Batchelor) WILSON Jnr - Blacksmith of Blencogo 28

09/01/1683 Jennet bt=Janett wife of WILSON John of Blencogoe

28/12/1728 John WILSON Junior of Blencogo

08/12/1683 Jenett bts=Janett wife of WILSON William of Scales

17/11/1701 Frances WILSON# of Mealrigg

19/11/1679 Thomas WILSON* of Crookdake

1680 William WILSON*

10/10/1694 John (date bts=11) WINDER of Blencogoe

27/03/1721 Mabel WINDER of Manslaw

11/03/1734 Mary wife of Daniel WISE of Newton

07/01/1769 Martha wife of Daniel WISE of Westnewton

26/09/1759 Moses WISE of Newton

02/03/1775 Daniel WISE - Widower - Yeoman of Urngill Westnewton 81

29/01/1771 Ruth wife of Abraham WISE at Allonby Chapel of Bowscales

07/12/1775 Abraham WISE-widower & yeoman at Allonby Chapel of Bowscales

10/05/1668 Elizabeth WOOD of Whyrigg

28/07/1704 Ellen wife of Thomas WOOD of Whyrigg

12/06/1736 Frances of John WOOD of Dundraw

24/05/1692 Grace WOOD of Dundraw

01/07/1703 Isabel WOOD of Langrigg

30/07/1730 Jane of John WOOD of Langrigg

02/05/1685 Jane wife of William WOOD of Dundraw

14/07/1674 John WOOD of Langrigg

14/06/1723 Margaret WOOD of Langrigg

06/09/1658 Margrett WOOD of Langrigg

13/02/1730 Mary wife of William WOOD of Blencogo

04/04/1695 Mercy WOOD of Kelsike

30/12/1731 Richard WOOD of Kelsick

15/05/1716 Thomas WOOD of Whyrigg

14/12/1732 Thomas of Susan WOOD of Scales

28/05/1694 William WOOD of Dundraw

01/09/1711 William WOOD of Seamoor

01/05/1726 William WOOD of Brayton

09/04/1731 William of John WOOD of Dundraw

19/05/1736 William of John WOOD of Dundraw

16/12/1736 William of Jonathan WOOD of Greenow

10/05/1690 William of William WOOD of Bromfield

10/01/1760 Anne WOOD of Greenhow

07/10/1741 Anne of Joseph WOOD of Mire-side

27/12/1787 Elizabeth WOOD of Kelsike 74

07/08/1797 Jane dau of Joseph WOOD of Kelsike 5

24/07/1742 Jane of John WOOD of Langrigg

19/05/1790 Jane of Joseph WOOD of Kelsikean infant

01/06/1758 Joseph WOOD of Myreside Bromfield

01/08/1808 Joseph WOOD of Torpenhow Parish 25

24/06/1791 Margaret of Thomas & Sarah WOOD of Bromfield 11

26/07/1749 Mary of John WOOD of Dundraw

25/03/1758 Mary of Joseph WOOD of Myreside Bromfield

09/06/1790 Mary of Joseph WOOD of Kelsike 3

07/11/1745 Mary wife of William WOOD of Beck

04/07/1793 Peggy dau of Nicholas WOOD of Allhallows Parish 4

12/03/1799 Sarah WOOD of Greenah 63

12/12/1791 Sarah wife of Thomas WOOD of Bromfield 35

07/02/1770 Susan wife of Nicholas WOOD of Water-side Wigton Parish

12/09/1761 Susannah WOOD of Old Kiln Holm Cultram

05/03/1757 Susannah of Nicholas WOOD of Langrigg

04/05/1792 William WOOD of Akett Wigton Parish 80

27/08/1778 Margaret WOOD Widow of Langrigg 83

07/05/1808 Mary WOOD Widow of Kelsike 51 bts = 41

14/01/1810 Sarah WOOD Widow of Westward Parish 87

17/12/1774 Nicholas WOOD Labourer of Water-side Wigton Parish

28/05/1786 John WOOD Yeoman of Dundraw 59

30/06/1806 Joseph WOOD Yeoman of Kelsike 56

10/06/1812 Thomas WOOD Yeoman of Blencogo 70

13/05/1787 Ann WOOD Widow of Kelsike 88

07/04/1757 Frances WOOD Widow of Crookdake

05/01/1788 Jane WOOD Widow of Mealrigg 80

11/01/1787 Mary WOOD Widow of Dundraw 79

22/11/1767 Mary of Elizabeth WOOD Widow of Kelsike

13/04/1739 Sarah WOOD Widow of Kelsick

21/07/1776 John WOOD Yeoman of Kelsike 71

02/07/1772 Richard WOOD Widower of Kelsike 43

21/01/1783 Anne of Joseph & Anne WOOD Carpenter of Bromfield 16

31/01/1783 John son of Thomas & Mary WOOD Yeoman of Blencogo 18

19/02/1737 William WOOD Householder of Blencogo

07/06/1750 William WOOD Householder of Kelsike

16/12/1784 Mary WOOD Singlewoman of Langrigg 67

17/05/1746 John WOOD Householder of Dundraw

19/05/1742 Jonathan WOOD Householder of Langrigg/Greenhow

06/04/1777 John Batchelor WOOD - late of London of Bromfield 33

29/03/1790 Frances of John & Mary WOOD Maiden Lady of Kelsike 42

29/02/1735 Jane WOOD widow of Dundraw

19/05/1736 Ann of John WOOD *of Dundraw

15/05/1695 William WOOD Junior of Dundraw

11/02/1720 William WOOD Junior Schoolmaster of Alnwick Northumberland

18/04/1722 John WOOD Senior of Langrigg

15/01/1697 Thomas WOOD# of Kelsike

30/04/1728 Thomas WOOD# of Seamoor

21/02/1754 John WOOD* of Langrigg

27/09/1780 William WOOD-bachelo & weaver of Kelsike 43

23/06/1709 Janet WOODCOCK of Langrigg

05/04/1710 Joseph WOODCOCK of Bromfield

24/07/1669 Mary WOODCOCK of Langrigg

30/07/1682 Mary WOODCOCK of Langrigge

12/08/1715 Mary WOODCOCK of Langrigg

12/04/1662 Thomas WOODCOCK of Langrigg

11/08/1699 Thomas WOODCOCK of Langrigg

29/09/1734 Thomas WOODCOCK of Langrigg

25/02/1698 William WOODCOCK of Langrigg

21/01/1710 Catherine WOODCOCK# of Langrigg

22/05/1659 Ann WOODCOCKE of Langrigg

15/09/1656 John WOODCOCKE of Langrigge

17/08/1812 Mary WOODWIS Widow of Crookdake 76

02/10/1718 Jane WREN of Crookdake

22/02/1739 Jane WREN Spinster of Crookdake

20/12/1775 Mary of William & Mary WRIGHT Husbandman of Dundraw bpt29/6/1775

04/01/1684 Mungo WYSE of Whyrigg


27/08/1806 Elizabeth wife of John YOUNG of Crosscannonby Parish 63

08/05/1665 Anne YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealerigg

07/06/1667 Arthur YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

02/06/1695 Elizabeth YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

10/08/1704 John YOUNGHUSBAND of Newton

24/06/1699 Robert YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

21/03/1716 Robert of John YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

18/03/1716 William of John YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

14/10/1758 Jane YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

19/06/1760 Mally of John YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

22/12/1769 Thomas of John & Sarah YOUNGHUSBAND of Mealrigg

20/06/1742 John YOUNGHUSBAND Householder of Mealrigg

30/06/1778 John YOUNGHUSBAND Yeoman of Mealrigg 54

15/09/1710 Elizabeth YOUNGHUSBAND# of Mealrigg

04/08/1701 Thomas of Thomas YOUNGHUSBAND# of Newton

14/04/1800 William YOWART of West-newton 29